FISHEYE (first attempt.)

This is a scheduled post as I'm off exploring New York this week (ahh it's like a dream come true!) If I've got my timings right then I'm at a basketball game right now, but no worries, I'll tell you all about my adventures when I get back.
In the mean time I thought I'd show you the results of my first fish eye lomography film. I got the camera for Christmas and developed my first film last week. I took some snaps in the daylight too but these are my faves, as I find everything looks more magical in the dark ;)
Hope you're all having an absolutely fantastic week!

Today's Anthem: "Paradise Circus" by Massive Attack.

x x x


The devil makes us sin, but we like it when we're spinning.

Why hello there m'dears.
Finally got round to doing another outfit post... I'm wearing a mass of layers, but I wanted to show you my midi skirt in all it's accordion pleated loveliness. The fabric has a subtle sheer quality, which looks a bit like the inside of a transparent mushroom, mmmm mushrooms.

Oh I've got some absolutely fantastic news to share with you - I'm off to New York tomorrow! I've never been to America before and I'm soo excited! We're leaving for the airport at 2am and I'm gona be soo jet lagged but I'll probably be bouncing around the whole time ranting on about this and that, ooh I can't wait... I'm going to be like a hardcore tourist; "I LOVE NY" tee shirt, flag shorts, giant foam finger and liberty crown at the ready, tehe.

Watch out America the maverick's on her way... (ok did you really just refer to yourself as 'the maverick'?? Wow Spence, you just can't get any cooler O_o)

Today's Anthem: "What the hell" by Avril Lavigne.

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