Currently Coveting #2

Topshop denim shirt, H&M canvas bag, Zara scarf print blazer, Asos spotty skater skirt, Topshop petite collared shirt,
Asos over-knee socks, St Christopher charm necklace.

Hey guys, just a casual sunday post, with something I'd like to be wearing right now. A little preppy but I like it, think I might make the skirt and save myself some money, soo I can buy the bag, mwaha. Have a lovely weekend everybody!
x x x


peachy keen

Sorry for the blurry changing room photos (they're kind of a right of passage on style blogs) see I was way too excited not to show off my first pre-summer purchase. It's the girliest thing I've bought in years and with the ice cream colour trend monopolising the blogosphere this spring it's hard not to want to cover myself in pastel toned prettiness. But like everything I buy these days it has it's flaws; one of which is the back hook fastening which I've failed to master through all my want of trying. Another thing I bought recently was this glittery nail polish in "ice crush" by topshop. The photo doesn't do it justice at all, I've had so many compliments on it already. I had to apply about 4 coats to get an even covering but I think it looks best this way.

Anywhoo sweets it's the start of a new week, have a good 'un!
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please prove you're not a robot

Not to be one to state the obvious, but isn't it ironic that a computer keeps asking me if I'M a robot?? Mmm.
Sorry for going AWOL again, I've had a pretty chaotic week sorting out bits and bobs for my portfolio deadline which was this morning. Feeling like a definite weight's been lifted off my shoulders - that was until I had to carry my beast of a portfolio to another uni interview which has left so much tension in my shoulder I'm worried I'm gona end up with a permanently slanted posture. Not kidding, check the photo above - see how my right shoulder looks slightly higher than the left? Yeahh, it's stuck like that, and that's just the product of a 20 minute walk from the station to college. Just gota keep telling myself it'll all be worth it in the end... EDIT: wow, turns out it has been 'cuz I've just received an unconditional offer from said uni, nice one, haha.

I'm one happy bunny now, ah and speaking of rabits (um, were we? oh we are now...) just wanted to say I hope everyone who went to the Juicy Couture x Fifi Lapin party had a fab time the other night. For anyone who doesn't know Fifi is a little cottontail with some super snazzy style and she's doing a collaboration line with JC, if you'd like you can check out her blog and photos from the event here.
Ciao for now lovlies!
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At once I knew I was not magnifficent

Here's a couple of photos from the shoot I did with Katie earlier this week - did I mention she made this dress?! It's beyond stunning, from the aztec print to the drop back hem, ooh and the colour, have you seen the colour?! It's like a beautiful biscuit tone, good enough to eat even, haha, can you tell I'm excited? Damn straight.
Katie's such a talented designer so I was really honoured getting to model for her, although I hardly fit model proportions, what I lack in height I make up for in enthusiasm :') To see the photos I took of Katie modelling the dipdye dress I made feel free to check out the post below, or click here.