I have no social life, but at least I have pretty clothes

Wow I'm having so much fun. Look at me and my friends in these photos having so much fun.
Life's a constant party, we're always having fun, lots of fun, see.

Facebook makes me sad.

So I'm going to spam my blog with poor quality photos of myself pulling faces in a rather pretty new acquisition of mine. Enjoy!

A smile is the prettiest thing a girl can wear, except she wears it for every one but herself.


black velvet & lace collar

Hey there lovlies! Sorry I haven't been around this past week, I started my final major project at college, which is like an eight week long exam period (and I thought gcse's were hard) so I'm gona be pushed for time these next two months, but as it's the easter hols now I'll try to fit in a few extra posts here and there.
This dress is pure magic, I'd go as far as saying it's absolutely wizard (oh as if my slang couldn't get any cooler) I'm watching Harry Potter and the half blood prince right now so I'm kinda vibing on wizardy words... I really do love this dress though, the little sparkly spots scattered on top of the velvet fabric look so enchanting under the right lighting. Initially I wore it as a going out dress but summer's on the way, and I'm guessing desperately hoping it'll be too warm to be sporting velvet, so I want to get as much wear out of it now as possible. I'm wearing it with a detachable lace collar which I made recently (and by 'made' I mean I got some lace and stitched a press-stud onto it). Pure skill there homeslice. Anywhoo, I'm off to go be wizard cool in my kitchen and magic up some chocolate covered strawberries, ooft yh, later dudes!

EDIT: The beautiful Sammy over at Sammy Scribble illustrated me, how cool is that? She's a real a talent - you can check out her post here.