Look at the wonderful mess we've made.

Sorry for the recent hiatus, I'm totally swamped with revision again this week but I just wanted to thank you all for the absolutely lovely comments on my recent posts. I'll be replying to you all soon as possible, but until then here's some of my latest fish eye photos, have an amazing week lovlies!

Today's Anthem: "FLAWS" by Bastille.
. . . I'm absolutely head over heels in love with this song!

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New York, I love you.

Umm yeah, so I went to New York, it was kind of alright you know, nothing special...

Psssh, nothing special?! Hah, I hope you know I'm kidding - it was the single most exciting week of my life! I took like a zillion photos, the best of which I've compiled into this (ridiculously lengthy) post especially for you, my lovely readers. So after much ado, here's to that utterly immense week I spent in...

New York City!

We went to all of the typical touristy places, such as; the Empire State Building, Times Square, Planet Hollywood, Central Park, Ground Zero, The Statue of Liberty, Museum of Modern Art and the Museum of Moving Image.

I fell in love with the Andy Warhol exhibition at the MoMA - which showcased a series of his living portraits (basically silent video recordings of Warhol's greatest muses (such as Edie Sedgwick) on loop projected against the wall). I've gota admit I was ever so slightly blown-away by it all, they actually reminded me of the moving paintings in Harry Potter (which meant they were awesome, obviously ;) And whilst we're talking magic I've gota rave about the view from the top of the Empire State Building ...We went at night and honestly, it was the most magical thing I'd ever seen - the city illuminated in the cloak of darkness, just like something out of a fairytale, except better, because it was real.

Now for the celebrity orientated capers... First off we went to a Knicks (basketball) game, at which we spotted Vanessa Hudgens (star of Disney's High School Musical), oh yeahh, wow. We were also lucky enough to go on a tour of NBC studios (aka. the amazing people behind "Friends"). We saw the set for "Saturday Night Live" - apparently Miley Cyrus and The Strokes were in the building somewhere 'cuz they were both scheduled to be on the show later that evening... Of course, I wasn't star struck or anything, although ok, crowd mentality may have got the better of me... running round the building like a total raving lunatic hunting for autographs was a little out of character after all... *awkward silence* ...yeahhh, so anyway, after the tour we stumbled into "La Maison Du Chocolat" and I finally tried an authentic French macaroon. (it was nice but I couldn't help but think maybe they're a teensy bit over-rated *le gasp* ...sorry, I'm sure there's people reading this who adore them, but I'm a fairy cake fan myself ;)

On our last day I went on a bit of a spending spree in American Apparel. I bought a pair of lace trim cycling shorts, cranberry chiffon skirt and a forest green hoody - all of which you'll probably be seeing in outfit posts pretty soon.
Aside from that I didn't do much shopping (which is kind of an achievement for me ;) However, on our way walking round Times Square one night, a group of us got coerced into buying CD's from a street merchant (aka. conman) who hustled us into buying 15 tracks of straight-up gangster rap, brap brap. So that was $20 well spent, or not as the case may be... But other than that, and the dreaded jet lag, it was an immensely epic adventure and I'd really love to go again one day.

Pheww, if you read all that you're a total legend, give yourself a pat on the back ;)

- All photos taken by me, do NOT copy or reproduce without my prior consent -
(or else the demon sea monkeys will hunt yo' down feast on yerr soul, boom-boom-pow!)

Today's Anthem: "Why Don't You" - Gramophonedzie
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