Keep your head up, keep your heart strong

Introducing the phenomenal Katie Burns modelling my latest creation - a dip dyed sundress I made for my college print project. I was honoured with the task of modelling the dress Katie designed too, so hopefully I'll be posting a couple of her photos at the weekend.
Thank you for all the lovely comments on my last post btw, I know I can't say it enough but they really make me smile! I had my first uni interview yesterday and I'm relieved to say I think it went pretty well (that is aside from feeling like my arms were about to drop off from carrying my A1 beast of a portfolio around -.-) I've just started a new project so I'm gona be a busy bee for a while but I'll make sure to return comments as soon as poss... 'til then my dears!


Currently Coveting #1

knitted tape stitch jumper, ariya skirt, over-knee tights, acid supersoft leigh jean, mesh collar necklace - all by topshop, moda in pelle heels, ray ban clubmasters.

Oh polyvore, what are you doing to me? I want NEED to go shopping like now! tehe.

I found out yesterday that I've been offered an interview for a top London fashion course and I couldn't be more psyched! Literally, I opened the email and screamed like a lunatic, haha. I mean I'm terrified, obviously, but so happy they're still considering me when I know they've turned down some really talented people already. Anywhoo, I'm in desperate need of wardrobe advice - what do I wear to a uni interview? Especially since I'm applying for a fashion course I need to look the part but without over doing it - I'd be so grateful of any advice, feel free to drop me a comment in zee comment box, merci mes amies!


just so you know, you'll never know

2nd hand denim jacket, topshop leather look backpack, american apparel forest green hoody, charity shop plaid shirt, american apparel tricot leggings, studded loafers.

I guess you could say I'm going for the 90s grunge look today, but really it's just my casual thursdays apparel. I've had that denim jacket since I was eleven, it didn't fit back then either so I don't wear it all that often - mostly 'cuz it looks like I've got biceps even this guy would envy.
I tried something a little different with the photos today; profile style and in the great outdoors - you like? It felt a bit odd doing outfit shots so publicly, hence the awkward grin, but it was definitely easier than running around my room with the self-timer. I got a couple of weird looks, mostly because between shots I was chowing down on a thornton's ice cream (in this weather?! yup, I'm a bonafide crazy lady) but it's pancake day next week, and eating inappropriate amounts of junk food is basically my way of warming up... yh it makes no sense, but neither does gcse maths and boy did I tackle a lot of pie back then :P

Off to watch a film with the family now, have a nice evening lovlies, byeeeeee!

x x x



What's this? Two posts in two days?! Nobody could be more surprised than me, but whilst I've got a bit of free time on my hands (I tell myself whilst procrastinating) I thought I'd give you a glimpse of what I wore today. I wasn't always a fan of fairisle prints but I've developed quite a love for this jumper. I'm wearing it with my rose peter pan cape blouse and burgundy jeans, which have been some of my favourite winter staples. Wish I had more to talk about right now, but turns out that counting the reindeer on my jumper's more effective than counting pretend sheep (who wuddav thought it ay?) time for a snooze - night lovlies!

x x x


you're just like plasticine

- Meadham Kirchhoff nail wraps & topshop lipstick in "Mischief"
- M'K article in Dazed and Confused

Since laying eyes on their Spring'12 collection I've fallen head over heels in love with Meadham Kirchhoff (if you could bottle genius, they'd be selling it by the truckload.) Given, they're not to everybody's taste, and don't get me wrong I used to think they were off-the-wall crazy, but if madness is genius and all that, then they're straight up boffins (oh love that word; boffin, boff-boff-boffin)
Amongst the wild array of crochet, pastels and girlish whimsy I couldn't help but detect a sense of playful irony. A lot of people have been raving about the Marie Antoinette inspired pieces, but I found one of the garments seemed to have a slightly different muse - (*que dorky game show voice)
"it's your favourite frenemy, and mine; Regina George!" Now I'm not saying this is necessarily what the dynamic duo were channelling when designing, but you've gota admit, the resemblance is uncanny....

Oh it's like so totally fetch, right?? (sorry, couldn't help myself :P) Anybody else feel a dyer urge to go watch Mean Girls now? haha, Anywhoo, fashion week's coming up and I can't wait to see what the Meadham Kirchhoff crew have got to offer - which shows are you looking forward to?


light me up

Oh is this a ghost I see? Nope, just me, although with my ice white skin I might as well be... Sorry for bailing on the blog once again, I've been uber busy with cwk lately and really haven't done anything of interest (other than having a concussion after getting caught up in a club fight - you know, the usual). Anywhoo, I wouldn't usually talk about my design work on here but seeing as this is all my life's been about lately I thought I'd give ya a sneak peak of what I'm currently working on....

I'm designing my first capsule collection, featuring prints inspired by tesla coil sparks. I've been doing some research into fabric development as I want to produce a specialist holographic material, but it's turning out to be a bit of a run around - and I'm presenting my 2D designs on friday so I gots to get a shuffle on...

Thank you to all the loyal readers who still follow my silly little blog, I know I don't post an awful lot but it means so much knowing that there's even a few people out there interested in my maverick brand of madness. Have a fab week lovlies!

x x x