George @ Asda A/W Blogger Event

I went to the George at Asda blogger event on Carnaby Street last night. The team put together an amazing evening showcasing the new A/W clothing line and party pieces from their online exclusive range, G21. I'll be honest I'd never heard of G21 before but after seeing that burgundy velvet and tulle dress it's a name I won't be forgetting. I want need that dress in my wardrobe, like now. The detailing on some of the pieces were just amazing, far beyond what you'd expect for the price. In terms of trends; baroque's back with a bang, alongside some snazzy sequins and iridescent, um, everything. There was an definite element of Gatsby-inspired embellishment on some of the pieces, which is all over perfect for the Christmas party season.
The George guys were kind enough to let us try on some of their winter knitwear to take a group photo in - so I now know what Christmas jumper I'll be buying / living in for the next three months. It looks like one of those over-sized vintage / stolen from my deffinitely not imaginary boyfriend jumpers that everyone will be wearing soon.
It was so much fun I literally felt like a princess; being surrounded by so much sparkle, having my hair done by a professional stylist whilst the caterers plied me with more cake than Marie Antoinette. Oh aaaand there was a chocolate fountain, oh yes, a chocolate fountain. Although I think I ended up wearing more chocolate than I did eating it.  Eh I have my clumsy moments, but I hold no ill will as it lead me to one of THE GREATEST scientifc discoveries of all mankind; chocolate and pretzels are an amazing combination - I should really copyright that before someone else does... wait, what do you mean they're already a thing?! Uhh this is like heat sensitive nail polish all over again -_-
Anywhoo I had an amazing evening viewing the new winter pieces, everything was so well put together and the caterers / cocktail crew were just fantastic, thanks everyone and thank you Siobhan for inviting me!


Twenty One Candles

Hey guys it's been a while! I've been doing a live project for Banana Republic which is taking up a lot of my time but I've got quite a few exciting posts lined up so stay tuned (she says in a 90s kids TV show voice). I've been at the George at Asda blogger event this evening and taken like 10294043 photos (90% of which are of the chocolate fountain :3)
I also turned 21 since I last posted, which is err, crazy. I have the face of a child which has it's pros and cons since I get ID'd absolutely everywhere (I can't buy sharpie markers without my passport -_- seriously). But I actually had THE BEST birthday cake ever ever everrrr, check it out...

Anyone following me on instagram will have seen these already but even though my birthday feels like ages ago I still can't let go. My mum made it herself, she's so talented - the horses are made from icing and everything (people kept asking me if they were edible and yes, buuut I wouldn't recommend it as they're pure icing and all your teeth would fall out). But yeah my birthday was amazing, I'm thinking of doing a video post on things I've got recently as I did a massive birthday haul so if that's something you'd be interested in seeing lemme know! Even if it's just one person I'll do it haha, ooh also I finally have somewhere to live in London again, yaaay! New room tour coming soon...