OOTD: No place for heroes

Crochet Open Back Skater Dress (worn back to front) - Chicwish Embellished Ankle Boots - ASOS Silver Necklace & Bracelet - gifted. 

I spent this afternoon enjoying what's left of the sunshine in my new dress from Chicwish (it's more of a 'going out' dress but I was so far beyond excited when it arrived I couldn't take it off). Hmm but what's this? Oh that's right, I'm wearing it backwards - which was totally intentional and not the least bit by accident ¬.¬ yeeeah... Universe: 237989 Me: 0. On the plus side now I have two dresses in one, not like I don't wear enough black dresses already (what am I saying? a girl can never have too many LBD's). I also took some photos to show what it looks like 'the right way' round, I love the subtle way the crochet peeks out, one thing I don't love though is how gross my hair looks up, blaaah, c'est la vie.


What I Used To Wear

Last month the beautiful Ellie over at "Ellie's Favourite Things" did a post like this and in true blogger style I thought I'd try to make it a trend and do one too (you're welcome universe). One of the best, and sometimes worst, parts of blogging is having a visual diary to remind you of how your style's changed over the years so I thought I'd look back to embarrass myself and show you what my style was like between then and now.

I was one of those unfortunate girl babies who looked like a boy so my mum would put giant bows in my hair to end the confusion. However, this way of thinking was lost 3 years later when my brother was born and our mum decided to dress us like twins. Being a girl this never worked in my favour. She was never gona put my brother in a dress, so up until I turned 7 it was all shorts, polo shirts and corduroy trousers (with matching hats ofc). By the time I was thirteen I'd hit the obligatory teen emo phase, or as Ellie accurately called it "discovering the black section in Claire's Accessories". I was always in jeans and had an extensive collection of fingerless gloves which went with absolutely everything. We'd listen to heavy rock music, hung around the stone lion statues in the square and idealized Kurt Cobain, we were cool. 

In school I used to have plaits and wear glasses with an oh-so glamorous nose guard, which as you could guess made me reeeally popular. The plaits were generally how people would identify me since from the age of six to sixteen that's how my hair would look EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. It got so out of hand my friend Amy drew this little comic strip in my year book demanding I lose the plaits before college or she'd burn them off with acid (this was a joke... I think). The colourful hoody phase came about when I was about 15/16; whilst school ruled my weekdays I spent every weekend at the ice rink, wearing leg warmers and skater-style dresses. Coincidentally most of my clothes were from New Look (as I didn't realize any other shops on the high street existed :P). By the time I started college I was already addicted to Gossip Girl and started dressing like a combination of Jenny Humphrey and Blair Waldorf. I called it my vintage phase as I'd just discovered the joys of thrifting in charity shops and wore a blazer with practically everything cuz I thought it made me instantly sophisticated.

Eighteen came with the indie throwback phase, I was trying to go for 'girly grunge', which to me translated as wearing hobo boots and floral dresses beneath an over sized denim shirt. Dip-dyed hair had just become a trend but me and my friend Abi were too chicken to actually go through with doing it permanently so we started spraying the ends of our hair pink(ish)/purple with this really cheap colouring we got from Superdrug. The colour was barely noticeable, it smelt like strawberries but made my hair feel like straw so that didn't exactly last long... Eventually I took the plunge and got my hair dip-dyed blonde and I absolutely love it!I figured the colour showed up best over black and that's when the all-black-all-the-time phase kicked off (hmm, can I really call it a phase if I'm still in it?) It wasn't even intentional, I just love wearing black... and topshop, oh topshop. 90% of my wardrobe is from there, which some people would frown upon although I don't know why, I just love their clothes and I like to think they love me too - although maybe not as much as my mum loved making me wear this...

Aha I actually look like a doll ^.^ Soo that's my style chronicle so far, if you've got any embarrassing style stories of your own or fancy doing a post like this I'd love to see it, literally anything would make me feel better after looking back over the dreaded nose guard days *shudders*.