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Hey there beauties! Wow it's been a while hasn't it? I've been really busy avoiding doing my coursework and failing at learning lines for a theatre production I'm in. I'm the girl who can't even get volunteer work (cuz apparently I'm the dictionary definition of incompetence) yet somehow I've managed to find acting experience, yeaah boi, turns out living in London has it's perks after all...
Onto other news; I was super duper immensely (verging onto bouncing off the walls territory) excited, when my cousin managed to get me a copy of Lula magazine for my birthday last month. For anyone whose never heard of Lula it's basically an infinitely beautiful compilation of pretty pictures, quirky interviews and sheer girly awesomeness. What makes it so covetable is how hard it is to find (there's people selling copies on ebay for anywhere up to £50). I was overjoyed when one of my teachers compared my uniblog to Lula, soo I knew I just had to get my hands on a copy and that's when I remembered I had a birthday coming up it felt like fate. These are some of my favourite pages, pretty right?


Have I ever told you how lovely you are?

Ola chicas, I went to the east midlands blogger meetup yesterday in Nottingham, which was soo nice as I got to meetup with my blogger bezzies along with quite a few new faces! The event collided with the 48hrs of fashion event in the town centre, which had a series of pop-up events and catwalk shows running throughout the day. We started the day by going to the the New Look new season showcase, which instead of just walking the models had a choreographed dance routine. We also attended a talk, which to be fair we weren't too fussed about but the second we heard there was gona be free cake we were onit like a shot, haha. I had no idea what the woman leading the talk was on about but those cakes, oooft, they'd drive anyone to distraction.
Me and Abi went into this 3D body scanner, which told me apparently I have 'a triangle' body shape (what every girl wants to hear, that she's shaped like a triangle :P) it was quite a bizzare experience standing inside this blacked-out booth, in my underwear, with opera music playing and flashing lights every where. I've never been probed by aliens, but I imagine this is what it's like.
Later we also went to check out the MiMM indoor market which played host to local upcoming indie and urban labels, one of which, Daisy Thomas, I am now completely in love with, thanks to their pretty epic custom headphones (which are now going straight on my christmas list - too early? Neverrr, haha). Anywhoo I've rambled long enough but if you fancy checking out the blogs by the other ladies who went to the event I've left links at the bottom of the post. Have a fab weekend lovlies!


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aaaaaand there's me at the end ^.^