She's not phased by the darkness in her soul

Finally time for a new outfit post! I don't know if my style's changed in any way since my recent absence but I'm just happy experimenting with different looks for now, so today I went for a "sombre sophisticated" kind of look. I find it refreshing that I feel pretty in such a simple outfit 'cuz usually I'd be piling on the accessories or finding a way to add a whimsical twist, I guess the 'new minimalism' trend has finally struck me (almost a year after everybody else...) but what do you lovelies think?

Lace-insert jumper - Topshop . . . Navy skirt - Primark . . . Pocket watch necklace - Miss Selfridge.

Today's Anthem: "Night bus" by Lucy Rose... if you like acoustic music then you'll love this girl, her lyrics are just beautiful.

x x x


As the plans turn into compromise the promises all turn to lies

Hey there, wow, I'm alive.

Life's been a bit of a whirlwind lately and I've been struggling to get my head together and back on the blog. First up, New York was boom-flippin-ah-mazing! (an immensely photo-heavy post is on the way...) The rest of my life's been pretty mundane, endless reams of coursework and procrastination, but at least I've got my friends and my lovely boyfriend to get me through... wait, what?? boyfriend?! Ooer, fancy that. Yup, I'm no longer a single pringle, but I'll quit my babbling now and show you some photos to catch you up on life as of late.

Sorry for the dodgy webcam shot but I just had to show you the amazing sunnies that my boyfriend got for me (yes you have a boyfriend now shut up about it). And I wanted to show off my attempt at the Barry M' nail effect - it's beyond awesome, as is the leather winged waistcoat in the photo above, worn by DJ Yasmin. It's from Adidas, in the men's section as it happens, but it's waaay out of my budget so unless I embark upon a tricky DIY mission it looks like a bit of a no-go.
I doubt many people will see this 'cuz I've been absent for so long, but thank you to any of you reading this, your sweet words never cease to make me smile. I've really missed blogging but I've been feeling a little insecure about myself lately so I don't know if it's time for a little rethink perhaps...

S'all for now lovlies. x x x