This title was going to blow your mind, instead it just blows.

Oversized denim Jacket: Vintage - Crimson Hoody: American Apparel - Regal print scarf: New Look - White shirt & high-waisted shorts: Topshop - Tapestry bag: thrifted.

OHAI GUYZ, been up to much? What, me? Oh well it's been a pretty standard wednesday really... woke up, washed my hair, went to hang out with the Queen in town square. Wait, what?! Oh yeah, haven't you heard? The Queen's on tour and she popped by my hometown today with Wills & Kate. I dressed for the occasion without even thinking; all kitted out in red, white and blue (patriotic to the core, yo). It was insanely crowded as everyone and their gran had come out to to see the royals. I ended up getting completely squished, and one woman even tried balancing her camera on my head, seriously, ON MY HEAD... "err hello, I have two legs, not three. I.am.not.a.tripod."
Needless to say I didn't see a thing. We still had fun though, and a few of us went on to 'Cookie Shake' afterwards. Cookie Shake is pretty much the milkshake shop equivalent of Disneyland. You pick a chocolate bar and they whip it up in a fantastic tornado of syrup, ice cream, and the most important ingredient, love :3. I can't say this is exactly healthy (mentally or otherwise) but it tastes soo good, ah what can I say - yolo! 

Shopping-wise I bought a watch from Urban Outfitters recently. It's perfect in every way, except it fails in it's basic function of actually telling the time. I would send it back but I'm too attached (literally, I did the strap too tight and now it's stuck to my wrist :P) I'm getting a new battery tomorrow though so it should be back in tick tock condition from there in.
I meant to show you guys ages ago but I've finally got round to posting a photo of my Meadham Kirchoff nail wraps. They're without a doubt the cutest nail transfers I've ever seen - that's excluding the one shaped like 'a ladies downtown area' (which I placed strategically on the middle finger of my left hand, woo badass). There's sixteen transfers in a pack - I imagine they're in case you mess up / lose the odd one, and to be fair they are a bit tricky to apply if you've never used Nail Rock products before, but I'd definitely recommend giving them a go if you haven't already.


Dip dye shorts △

Ooooh ooh looket, dip dyed shorts (and by short I mean borderline bum exposure short… heyhey, I said borderline okay José). I won’t be wearing them without black opaque tights, so as long as I avoid bending and err, breathing too much, then it’s totally chill... << what I tell myself to warrant spending the last of my EMA on a pair of shorts -_-   

Sorry I haven't been around once again, my internet’s on the fritz right now. Straight up, I’ll have connection for about 30 seconds and then KA-POW, gone again. I’ve grown up as part of the social media generation, which means without internet I might as well not exist. To most people this may sound like a gross exaggeration, but I lack the basic social skills required to make friends in the ‘real world’, all I have is facebook and my blog, oh and my blackberry, but that thing's got a mind of it's own, (when machine's take over the world, I swear it'll be the thing that inevitably kills me).
Anywhooz, I've hijacked the bro's connection (legally of course... I'm one of those straight laced types you see) so I'm back online and feeling fine (apart from the paranoid delusion that my phone's conspiring to kill me, but hey that's totally normal, right?)
In music related news I've fallen in love with a band called 'School of Seven Bells', I'd recommend 'em especially if you like 'The Naked & Famous', I don't know what it is I like about their music so much, it's kindof hypnotic I guess, but hey have a listen if you've got a bit of time to kill...