OOTD: Grey Expectations

Grey cardigan & Basic hoody: H&M  | Dress: Topshotp | Pearl collar: Primark | Tights & Bobble hat: Topshop | Boots: New Look

Layering up different shades of the same colour - cuz who said dressing like a Dulux colour chart wasn't sexy?
No one, that's right. Because let's face it why would you.

I've been dressing to match my mood recently, which, with all the stress at uni has been pretty dull. I've had this post in my draftsbox for the longest time and cuz I can't deal with odd numbers I'm dating it to november or else I'll end 2012 with 37 posts instead of 38 and my world will quite literally implode, that is unless the Mayan calendar's wrong, which it won't will be.

Studying fashion at university's been uber intense, so if I don't post for a while that's why. Truth is I haven't been enjoying my course and it's kind of ruined blogging for me, I'll get my motivation back eventually but right now it's at zero. I just wanted to reassure you I haven't quit blogging, nor do I intend to, but thanks to all of you who've put up with me this long and those of you who've stayed with me over this bleak blogging period.
Til then you can keep up with me on twitter or drop me an email, or follow me around a shopping centre until you figure out where you know me from (cuz that happened and it freaked me out, so yh don't do that). On that note I've had quite a few messages off people who've seen me places but were too shy to come over, if you do randomly see me somewhere seriously feel free to come say hey cuz that actually makes my day / week / life *delete as appropriate* ... unless you're a serial killer, then maybe not. Okay, byeeeeee.


OOTD: Ghost in the machine

Grey cardigan: H&M | Sequin jumper: Topshop | Pearl collar: Primark | Chiffon skater skirt: Missguided | Tights: Topshop | Velvet boots: Dr martens

I'm on a roll guys... 3 posts in 3 days? What the...?! IKR. This is some sorta record for me, best not get too used to it though, the second I see something shiny I'll be off again. Good news though, I've finally done an outfit post! *woooo* I know these have become a rare feature on my blog but I'd really love to do them more often, university and my ugly yellow bedroom just keep getting in the way.
Photo credit for this post goes to my lovely friend Omara - whose hoping to get the black version of my velvet docs soon - stellar choice my friend, they really are an amazing investment. The response I got to these boots in my last post was just immense. They're my first pair of DM's and hopefully not my last... anybody else a fan?? Oooh also, as mentioned in my last post I'm doing a Q&A so it'd be absolutely lovely if you could submit a question you'd like to ask me as a comment on this post here. Pwetti pweez? k, thanks byeeee!


Velvet dr martens, ooft yeah.

Grfpfbgjdfmrdkdfs ...okay, wow.
Wait, more shoes?! Um yeaaah, but a girl can never have too many right?
How awesome are these boots? Like seriously, can this level of perfection be measured?!
I kind of just wana curl up in bed and cuddle them. Still can't believe they're mine... all mine, mwahaha.

Pretty purple boots and pretty purple fireworks aside, I was thinking of doing a Q&A post (excitement guys!) just for funsies, so it'd be awesome if you left a comment below with any questions you'd like me to answer. You don't have to take it too seriously, they don't even need to be fashion related... Anything from 'what did you have for breakfast this morning?' to 'hey spence, why do you always laugh at your own jokes?' (I'll answer that one now; err, because I'm hilarious ^.^ oh and totally modest about it, obviously) or even 'what's your social security number?' (okay maybe not that one) but yeah, be as creative as possible and I'll answer my faves in an upcoming post ... 'til next time folks!


x x x


Sometimes I think, sometimes I don't

1 - terrible picture but my ombre's looking uber blonde for once,  #ohyeah
2 - if I were five inches tall I'd totally live in this shop window
3 - topshop bat socks and glittery nails - 'cuz apparently halloween came twice this year
4 - ooh what's this? ohai crazy expensive but still totally awesome new boots... i.regret.nothing

Time for a life update guyz, what-up?! I've just realised I haven't done an outfit post in a super duper long time, but there is a very verrry good reason for this... I moved into halls last month and my bedroom walls are..... what? Covered in mold? Torn open to reveal a rift in the fabric of time and space? WHAT??!
They're yellow.

Okay so it's not a good reason but yeaaah... I've tried to take photos but they come out all yellowy and I don't think my eyes could take it if I blind myself with the flash again. But whilst I'm not posting outfits I thought I should just reassure you that I am, in fact, still wearing clothes and haven't retreated to a nudist camp somewhere (as if that was every one's first suspicion :P) but I am back in my hometown this week (oh yeaaaah) so I'll try to get some outfit shots up soon as I can - until then lovlies, have an amazing week!


Currently Coveting #5

Dandelion dress - topshop | Lace blouse - topshop | Cult pleated skirt - lashes of london | Quilted bag - asos | Plaid jeans - river island | Skeleton tee - topshop | Acton boots - topshop
| Polkadot tights - topshop (but primark ftw) | Charcoal tee dress - topshop

Ohai lovlies, howz life? I had my first cwk deadline yesterday and to celebrate living through it I bought a couple of krispy kreme doughnuts and maybe kind of went a little crazy online shopping. Maybe kind of? Okay, definitely. I didn't end up buying everything above - I already got the dress on the left for my birthday and love it to pieces! But I figured I might as well treat myself to a few things since I needed a mood boost after this week of barely any sleep. So even if I have to turn up to uni feeling like a zombie I don't necessarily have to look like one... Oooh speaking of zombies did anyone else see the conclusion to "Derren Brown: Apocalypse" last night?! It was immense, not even kidding I'm actually a little bit obsessed with dear old Dezza. Anyone who didn't see it look it up on 4OD, seriously, it's so good.
Also I've just created a twitter account and I'd really appreciate it if any of you wanted to follow me :) I used to hate the idea of twitter (mostly cuz I know I'll get addicted) but turns out it's a pretty decent way to engage with people, especially since I'm becoming overrun with coursework, feels like I've been neglecting the blog a bit soo if you wana stay updated with what I get up to between posts it's twitter for the win yo'