All the talk is standard fare, walk the walk if it gets you there

Today was rather glorious so me and Abi went to the Arboretum. Here's what I wore...

* Chiffon & lace blouse - H&M
* Envelope necklace - vintage fair
* Shorts - Dorothy P'
* Decorative tights - Topshop
* THE Ava bag - Marc B.
* Brogue shoes - thrifted

We were meant to be taking photos, but then some perv started following us and kept asking where we lived. So instead of saying something incredibly witty and inappropriate... we ran away. Yep, that's the stuff superheroes are made of... FEAR. Fear that if I was left talking to that creep for too long, I would unleash my (currently unexistant) superpowers and KA-POW! mwahaha ;)
Not long after our heroic power-walk I realised my shoes were killing me toe-by-toe, so we went to Primark to buy some plimpsoles. Yet I came out with a pair of ballet flats, a chunky floral ring and a pair of sparkly socks... the socks were an impulse buy, near the til, you know what it's like, hehe.

Even though I was determined to avoid my manic shopaholic habits I ended up putting a teeny-tiny dent in my cash card;
I bought a black water-fall draped cardigan from H&M - which I can't really wear until autumn because of the weather :( but it was too perfect to leave in the store collecting dust! So for now it's going to live in my wardrobe, collecting dust... tehehe.

I also got a navy blazer from Debenhams. Fate was calling me in two major ways...
1) The blazer leapt off it's coat hanger as I walked past - as if it was trying to catch my attention, and my heart, haha...
and 2) It was 50% off - bargain matey!

Anywhoo dears, I'm off to bed, nighty night! x x x


Strawberries & Cream

I went to Starbucks today to try the new Strawberries and Cream Frappucino - it was surprsingly refreshing. I couldn't really taste the Frappe-ness, it tasted more like an iced strawberry milkshake, but it was seriously yum!

Here's what I wore today...

* Lace crop top - New Look
* Clocket necklace - Topshop, £15
* Belt - American Apparrel
* Ballerina skirt - Primark, £8
* Shoes - Topshop, £40

- I liked that last one so much so I decided to post it in sepia too ;) Ahh I really love that skirt - can't believe what a bargain it was... it's actually two sizes too big for me, but the waist is elasticated so it doesn't make much of a difference.

Hope you've all had a nice weekend!
I'm on study leave (once again!) I've only been back at college two weeks and now I've got another week off - which for an arts student like moi means a week of freedom and throwing my cwk to the wind - wehey! Ok, ok, so maybe I should atleast try to do some work... maybe.

TTFN m'dears! x x x


I'm now becoming like a self fulfilled prophecy

"TV taught me how to feel now real life has no appeal..." Oh how I love Marnia & the Diamonds ;)
Today's Anthem: 'LES Artistes' by Santogold.

I was supposed to start my art cwk 2weeks ago, but instead I started it last night... I hope my teacher's don't read this, but at least I'm being honest. I finally have some sort of direction for my new project, it's gona be like dreams / fairy tales (original right?) but with a slightly darker twist, so I'll be using stuff like dead flowers, burnt letters and story pages, light & shadow, cut-out silhouettes and the characters trying to escape their tales.
So far this is all I've done but I'm pretty happy with it...

The shoes in the picture above are my most recent purchase. They're from TOPSHOP and I've been lusting after them for the past two months. So I went to Topshop on Thursday in the hope of finally buying them, only to find out that they'd SOLD OUT! I was flabbergasted! Seriously, that was the only way to describe it! So I ask the shop assistant if they'll have any more coming in and she said it was really unlikely, but she offered to call the other store and see if they had any left. I stood there with baited-breath as she dialed the number... they had one pair left... ONE PAIR.... and they were my size!!! It was like fate was calling to me! So I dashed down to the other store and retrieved my darlings. So here they are, in all their glory....

Oooh I'm so happy! Hope you're all having a lovely weekend!
x x x


Enter Gem Fatale's Giveaway!

Hey guys, just a quick post to tell you all about this amazing giveaway which I've only just heard about but I absolutely had to share with you. There's a array of prizes to be entered for and the winners are being chosen TOMORROW so if you want to enter you better get your skates on!
If you'd like to know more than visit 'Gem Fatale's Giveaway' here.

Good luck everybody!
x x x

Birds pass by to tell me that I'm not alone

Today's Anthem - "Eyes" by Rogue Wave ...Below is a photoshop I did agesss ago but I still rather like it :)
Without a doubt that's the best photo I've ever taken of my eye - ofcourse I had purple splotches clouding my vision for a while after because of the little light that goes off (not the flash, I've done that before and it's really painful) but it was worth it, haha.

I'm sorry I've been so slack on blogging lately - I'll be replying to comments as soon as possible - promise! I've been pretty ill this week, so unless you want to hear me tweet about how many times I've sneezed then it's really not worth posting about. So instead I'll leave you with these pics of my crafts tin - isn't it adorable?! I got it from Paperchase a few months ago and simply had to share it with you lovely people :)

I also have to mention these darling shoes which I have fallen absolutely, head-over-heels in love with! Jeffrey Campbell RAID Wedge @ revolveclothing.com
They're one of Jeffrey Campell's remakes of the famous Acne Atacomas. I realllly want to buy them but they've sold out in my size :( so this epic shoe romance may never be ignited, boo hoo.

TTFN m'dears!
x x x


Magic becomes art when it has nothing to hide

“I’m a victim, of this day and age, I’ve forgotten how to feel, I’ve forgotten how to change...”
Today's anthem - 'Choices' by The Hoosiers.

I had a little photoshoot with Abi yesterday and I thought I'd share a few of my faves with you...

I wish I knew how to make my pictures bigger on here... do I have to change the layout perhaps?

Ahh well m'dears, hope you're all having a nice weekend!

x x x


Confusion never stops, closing walls and ticking clocks

"You're mad!"
"Thank goodness for that, or else this would probably never work"

- Captain Jack Sparrow.

What I'm wearing today...
* Lace Dress - Dorothy Perkins
* Stripey Cardigan - Topshop
* Belt - American Apparel
* Ankle Boots - New Look
* Clock Hat - Vintage

I went to American Apparel today and found the most adorable skirt in the entire universe! I really, really love it! ... and I can buy love for the slightly ridiculous price of £50.
I have a pretty similar skirt in pale pink which was only £8 so the astronomic difference has me rather confuzzled.
Then again a lot of things confuse me... gravity, knitting, alphabetty spaghetti, how Joey got a turkey stuck on his head :O and the list goes on...
I also saw a pretty cool t-shirt in AA' which is supposed to change colour depending on the temperature. Apparently heat-sensitive clothing was a brief trend during the eighties but hasn't been revived since - I was told this by a coat-hanger though, so I'm not sure how reliable it is. The information... not the coat hanger, then again we all know how reliable they are.

Alright lovelies, I'm off to watch the end of 'Pirates of the Caribbean'. Hope you've all had a happy Thursday :)

x x x


Live to tell tell the tale

I was looking back through my sketchbook and thought I'd show you a few designs from my last art project.

I'm looking for inspiration for a new project right now... I've been to 2 student exhibitions today and next month I'm going on a uni fashion taster course (which I'm really excited about!) Other than that my life's pretty un-interesting atm but then again I'm lost in my own little world most of the time and that's interesting, I guess, in it's quirky little way.

Hope you're all having a nice week! :)

p.s. Does anyone else feel the slightest bit confused by the weather right now?! - freezing one minute, boiling the next?? Make up your mind Mr.Sunshine!

x x x


Watching through my own lights as it tints the shade of you

"And so I'm reaching out for the one. And so I've learned the meaning of the sun" ... Today's anthem: "Sleep" by Azure Ray.

The sky has never looked more beautiful today, I think there's something in the atmosphere. Wouldn't you just love to float away? Disappear into the sunset, your image drowning in a pool of light, you could just drift away... escape.

Violent waves tamed by light, sheltered under soothing heights.
Won't someone sing with me tonight, before I'm lost to blinding sights.
A heart so empty can only become whole, when filled with light it ignites the soul.
A sea so shallow was once so brave, before darkness fell and it lost it's way.
If I were a feather I'd float on the breeze, trailing through infinately.
Hear the light and see the sound, there's magic lying all around.


Dreaming outloud, such a sweet disposition

About a week ago I was announced as the lucky winner of Jazzabelle's giveaway, so I wanted to do a post to show you all my lovely prizes!
I was so excited when I got the package through the post (I never get mail, but I probably over-reacted when I started skipping about the room... it won't be like that when I'm 30 and opening bills, hehe) then out fell these darling little parcels, bound with string and wrapped in the gorgeous paper (below)

Inside the packages were.... this beautiful little notebook featuring an elegant vintage woman on the cover

Cath Kidston bath powder & tissues

This lovely Cath Kidston pocket mirror

And a beautiful box filled with crafty bits-&-bobs, including; lace, badge-pins, an impossibly cute wooden teapot peg, and an assortment of buttons & pearls. I can't imagine how much thought went into all this - I really can't stop smiling!

So there you have it folks! I just wanted to say thank you again to the lovely Jazzablle @ Jazzable's Diary. I'm soo grateful for my beautiful array of prizes! It's inspired me to do a giveaway once I get up to about 50+ followers - probably a while off yet, but stay tuned!

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to play chase (& destroy) the fly with my bonkers family...

x x x


Don't take life too seriously, nobody get's out alive anyway

I finished my last exam today! I am freeeee as a bird! Until Tuesday... then a whole new set of horrors begin ;) Whoopdeedoo.

I've lost my camera (again), so I didn't actually wear this outfit today, but I had this to spare for such an ocassion (oh I'm so clever, haha I'm not, or I wouldn't have lost my camera in the first place...) Soo, in this outfit I'm wearing:
* Cream Chiffon Shirt - H&M, £20
* Navy Skirt - £10
* Skinny Brown Belt - Primark, £2
* THE shoes - thrifted, £7
* THE bag - vintage
* Silk Sailor Print Scarf - Acessorize, £15

Today's one of those days where you expect it to be bad, but you go along for the ride and somehow find that silver line.

My Little List Of Bad Things
1) My umbrella handle falling off, just as the clouds started to cry.
2) Hearing that the moon ISN'T in fact made of cheese. :O
3) Paul reminding us that the world's gona end in 2012... it's really not - as my bro says "ROLL ON 2013!"
4) The length of my hair... it needs to grow faster or I'm chopping it off in a fit of fury! Ooh alliteration ;)
5) I've misplaced my baby (*referring to my camera) again... but it'll turn up, eventually.

My Little List Of Good Things
1) The fact my exam was about feminism and sabertooth tigers << which just happen to be my two specialist subjects, paha.
2) Listening to old songs I used to adore and still knowing the words.
3) Watching Big Brother (which I sortof hate) but the way they've decorated the house is amazing... a bit of an eye-sore, but still verrry cool.
4) Seeing grafiti on a building condemned for demolition, which read; "No matter how bad it seems right now, somebody somewhere cares" :')
5) It's not about being friends forever, but rather sharing these moments - because it's the memories that last forever... unless you get amnesia because your best friend drops a brick on your head - now that's not a moment, or a friend, you want to remember ;) tehehe.

x x x
(p.s. Jazzabelle - I have recieved your lovely present, thankyou soooo much! I shall post about it as soon as I find my camera. Promise ;)


Life is a maze and love is a riddle

The lovely Abigail and I went to a vintage fair today at a place called 'Spanky Van Dykes'
It was packed to the roof; with stylish students hectically thrifting their way around from stall to stall, silk scarfs bursting out of wicker hampers and wrapped around floral lampshades, vintage purses and belts piled triumphantly on top of a brown leather sofa, fairy lights draped across the walls above endless rails of vintage clothes (accompanied by that vintage smell ;)

I bought a vintage brooch, and an adorable little necklace shaped like an envelope - with a little brass letter inside reading 'I love you'. I'd seen necklaces like that before selling for about £15, however my dears I managed to blag this little beauty for £8 - bargain!

Afterwards we spent like 3hours in Cafe Nero... as this shot was taken we both shouted 'Naa Na Nieeyy!' and burst into a fit of giggles, purely because it was just 'one of those moments' tehe. << I simply had to share that with you :')

Hope you're all having a nice weekend!
x x x


Model it like a curse half disguised

Title lyrics "Parallel Lines" by the Junior Boys.

It was my mum's birthday today and we're off out for dinner than to the cinema. Here's what I'm wearing:

'scuse my daft expression, but I honestly didn't realise it was being taken...

* Leatherette Jacket, £40, Unknown
* Lace Dress, £25, Dorothy Perkins
* Belt, £5, American Apparel
* Stocking tights, £8, Topshop
* 'Once Upon A Time' necklace, £15, Dorothy Perkins
* Shoes, £7, Thrifted

My look was kind of inspired by Taylor Momsen, mostly because of my new suspender tights - which fit perfectly into the current 'underwear as outerwear' trend that's been featured on this season's catwalks by the likes of Jean-Paul Gaultier and Dior.
Soo, Underwear as Outerwear ayy??? Well, it's doesn't mean doing a Superman and wearing bright red undies over your leggings (you could try it... though I wouldn't really recommend it)
Some ways you could achieve this trend; teaming delicate babydoll dresses with bold tailored jackets, lace bodices, corsets, crop tops, slips, camisoles, silk petticoats, stockings / over-knee socks, and most importantly confidence! The look can also be toughened up a bit with bold zips, ripped tights and biker boots.

Warning: This is a pretty head-turning trend that may pose certain risks to those of the opposite sex... potentially causing an increased heart beat, which may result in them shouting random sexual comments at you in their distracted state, as they walk directly into a lampost.... not that lil' old me could ever cause such an incident ;) ahaha.

I just opened a christmas cracker (yes, I know we're in June ^^) but my family pull out the christmas crackers on every possible occasion. Oh they're amazingly cool... anyway, I got a joke for ya'

"What do you get if you cross a fridge and a stereo?"
- Cool music.

ahahaha :') .... yeahhh, I know, it's not funny.

Ahh well my darling bloggers, have a lovely evening!
"See y'all on the flipside, aiight!" .... naaah, I'm not cool enough to pull that off.
x x x