OOTD: Grey Expectations

Grey cardigan & Basic hoody: H&M  | Dress: Topshotp | Pearl collar: Primark | Tights & Bobble hat: Topshop | Boots: New Look

Layering up different shades of the same colour - cuz who said dressing like a Dulux colour chart wasn't sexy?
No one, that's right. Because let's face it why would you.

I've been dressing to match my mood recently, which, with all the stress at uni has been pretty dull. I've had this post in my draftsbox for the longest time and cuz I can't deal with odd numbers I'm dating it to november or else I'll end 2012 with 37 posts instead of 38 and my world will quite literally implode, that is unless the Mayan calendar's wrong, which it won't will be.

Studying fashion at university's been uber intense, so if I don't post for a while that's why. Truth is I haven't been enjoying my course and it's kind of ruined blogging for me, I'll get my motivation back eventually but right now it's at zero. I just wanted to reassure you I haven't quit blogging, nor do I intend to, but thanks to all of you who've put up with me this long and those of you who've stayed with me over this bleak blogging period.
Til then you can keep up with me on twitter or drop me an email, or follow me around a shopping centre until you figure out where you know me from (cuz that happened and it freaked me out, so yh don't do that). On that note I've had quite a few messages off people who've seen me places but were too shy to come over, if you do randomly see me somewhere seriously feel free to come say hey cuz that actually makes my day / week / life *delete as appropriate* ... unless you're a serial killer, then maybe not. Okay, byeeeeee.


OOTD: Ghost in the machine

Grey cardigan: H&M | Sequin jumper: Topshop | Pearl collar: Primark | Chiffon skater skirt: Missguided | Tights: Topshop | Velvet boots: Dr martens

I'm on a roll guys... 3 posts in 3 days? What the...?! IKR. This is some sorta record for me, best not get too used to it though, the second I see something shiny I'll be off again. Good news though, I've finally done an outfit post! *woooo* I know these have become a rare feature on my blog but I'd really love to do them more often, university and my ugly yellow bedroom just keep getting in the way.
Photo credit for this post goes to my lovely friend Omara - whose hoping to get the black version of my velvet docs soon - stellar choice my friend, they really are an amazing investment. The response I got to these boots in my last post was just immense. They're my first pair of DM's and hopefully not my last... anybody else a fan?? Oooh also, as mentioned in my last post I'm doing a Q&A so it'd be absolutely lovely if you could submit a question you'd like to ask me as a comment on this post here. Pwetti pweez? k, thanks byeeee!


Velvet dr martens, ooft yeah.

Grfpfbgjdfmrdkdfs ...okay, wow.
Wait, more shoes?! Um yeaaah, but a girl can never have too many right?
How awesome are these boots? Like seriously, can this level of perfection be measured?!
I kind of just wana curl up in bed and cuddle them. Still can't believe they're mine... all mine, mwahaha.

Pretty purple boots and pretty purple fireworks aside, I was thinking of doing a Q&A post (excitement guys!) just for funsies, so it'd be awesome if you left a comment below with any questions you'd like me to answer. You don't have to take it too seriously, they don't even need to be fashion related... Anything from 'what did you have for breakfast this morning?' to 'hey spence, why do you always laugh at your own jokes?' (I'll answer that one now; err, because I'm hilarious ^.^ oh and totally modest about it, obviously) or even 'what's your social security number?' (okay maybe not that one) but yeah, be as creative as possible and I'll answer my faves in an upcoming post ... 'til next time folks!


x x x


Sometimes I think, sometimes I don't

1 - terrible picture but my ombre's looking uber blonde for once,  #ohyeah
2 - if I were five inches tall I'd totally live in this shop window
3 - topshop bat socks and glittery nails - 'cuz apparently halloween came twice this year
4 - ooh what's this? ohai crazy expensive but still totally awesome new boots... i.regret.nothing

Time for a life update guyz, what-up?! I've just realised I haven't done an outfit post in a super duper long time, but there is a very verrry good reason for this... I moved into halls last month and my bedroom walls are..... what? Covered in mold? Torn open to reveal a rift in the fabric of time and space? WHAT??!
They're yellow.

Okay so it's not a good reason but yeaaah... I've tried to take photos but they come out all yellowy and I don't think my eyes could take it if I blind myself with the flash again. But whilst I'm not posting outfits I thought I should just reassure you that I am, in fact, still wearing clothes and haven't retreated to a nudist camp somewhere (as if that was every one's first suspicion :P) but I am back in my hometown this week (oh yeaaaah) so I'll try to get some outfit shots up soon as I can - until then lovlies, have an amazing week!


Currently Coveting #5

Dandelion dress - topshop | Lace blouse - topshop | Cult pleated skirt - lashes of london | Quilted bag - asos | Plaid jeans - river island | Skeleton tee - topshop | Acton boots - topshop
| Polkadot tights - topshop (but primark ftw) | Charcoal tee dress - topshop

Ohai lovlies, howz life? I had my first cwk deadline yesterday and to celebrate living through it I bought a couple of krispy kreme doughnuts and maybe kind of went a little crazy online shopping. Maybe kind of? Okay, definitely. I didn't end up buying everything above - I already got the dress on the left for my birthday and love it to pieces! But I figured I might as well treat myself to a few things since I needed a mood boost after this week of barely any sleep. So even if I have to turn up to uni feeling like a zombie I don't necessarily have to look like one... Oooh speaking of zombies did anyone else see the conclusion to "Derren Brown: Apocalypse" last night?! It was immense, not even kidding I'm actually a little bit obsessed with dear old Dezza. Anyone who didn't see it look it up on 4OD, seriously, it's so good.
Also I've just created a twitter account and I'd really appreciate it if any of you wanted to follow me :) I used to hate the idea of twitter (mostly cuz I know I'll get addicted) but turns out it's a pretty decent way to engage with people, especially since I'm becoming overrun with coursework, feels like I've been neglecting the blog a bit soo if you wana stay updated with what I get up to between posts it's twitter for the win yo'


Insert somehow relevant lyrics here

Hey there beauties! Wow it's been a while hasn't it? I've been really busy avoiding doing my coursework and failing at learning lines for a theatre production I'm in. I'm the girl who can't even get volunteer work (cuz apparently I'm the dictionary definition of incompetence) yet somehow I've managed to find acting experience, yeaah boi, turns out living in London has it's perks after all...
Onto other news; I was super duper immensely (verging onto bouncing off the walls territory) excited, when my cousin managed to get me a copy of Lula magazine for my birthday last month. For anyone whose never heard of Lula it's basically an infinitely beautiful compilation of pretty pictures, quirky interviews and sheer girly awesomeness. What makes it so covetable is how hard it is to find (there's people selling copies on ebay for anywhere up to £50). I was overjoyed when one of my teachers compared my uniblog to Lula, soo I knew I just had to get my hands on a copy and that's when I remembered I had a birthday coming up it felt like fate. These are some of my favourite pages, pretty right?


Have I ever told you how lovely you are?

Ola chicas, I went to the east midlands blogger meetup yesterday in Nottingham, which was soo nice as I got to meetup with my blogger bezzies along with quite a few new faces! The event collided with the 48hrs of fashion event in the town centre, which had a series of pop-up events and catwalk shows running throughout the day. We started the day by going to the the New Look new season showcase, which instead of just walking the models had a choreographed dance routine. We also attended a talk, which to be fair we weren't too fussed about but the second we heard there was gona be free cake we were onit like a shot, haha. I had no idea what the woman leading the talk was on about but those cakes, oooft, they'd drive anyone to distraction.
Me and Abi went into this 3D body scanner, which told me apparently I have 'a triangle' body shape (what every girl wants to hear, that she's shaped like a triangle :P) it was quite a bizzare experience standing inside this blacked-out booth, in my underwear, with opera music playing and flashing lights every where. I've never been probed by aliens, but I imagine this is what it's like.
Later we also went to check out the MiMM indoor market which played host to local upcoming indie and urban labels, one of which, Daisy Thomas, I am now completely in love with, thanks to their pretty epic custom headphones (which are now going straight on my christmas list - too early? Neverrr, haha). Anywhoo I've rambled long enough but if you fancy checking out the blogs by the other ladies who went to the event I've left links at the bottom of the post. Have a fab weekend lovlies!


Charlotte of 'lilmisschickas'
Laura of 'Lauraxamy'
Emma of 'Style Splash'
Ugne of 'Ugne.K'
Amiiee of 'It's Amiieeism'
Jessie of 'The Bode Boutique'  
Freya & Sophie of 'Buttonnose Beauty'
aaaaaand there's me at the end ^.^


She'd never heard of Dylan, and the words she sung were wrong

Ohai there lilac hair... whaaaat! Nooo, you didn't?! 
That's right, I didn't - am just a photoshop wizard ya'know ;)
My old hair stylist (who was like the camp equivalent of captain hook) told me ages ago I'd look good with purple hair. At the time I laughed in his face, but now I duno, it's growing on me... or rather I wish it was, but I know if I bleach my hair it'll be ruined forever and I'm torn because I love my ombre ends. I doubt I'll ever have the nerve to dye it fully, ah well, we can all dream right?   

In other news, my course has started and I'm doing a knitwear module right now. I'm rarely proud of the things I make (perfectionist to the core yo') but I've never used a knitting machine before now soo this sample square I made, featuring ladders and lace holes, makes me rather happy. Even though it doesn't look like much I'm really proud of it - so much so it made it onto my notice board (ie the wall of all things awesome and weird) along with my new cat-ear alice band, which I've wanted for ages - and now my student funds came through I thought could at least treat myself to a new hairband... plus a jacket, two dresses and a metallic satchel, what am I like ay... Ah well, it's my birthday tomorrow (so I'm allowed to go a little crazy okay ;) I might do a video post on the things I've acquired recently, if that be something that interests you guys? On that note, these boots, yay or nay? I've never spent that much on footwear before but something about them make me want to squeal and jump into the air (like the cool cat I am :P).


The professor will see you now


Last week I received these rather specsy (geddit?? yes yes, we all know how funny you think you are) glasses courtesy of Firmoo. I'm actually supposed to wear glasses full-time, but I don't because I used to get picked on at school, (I was a nerd, what-up). I was gona go for classic hipster frames but I picked out these clear ones instead to try something a little different - 'granny cool' meets 'biochemistry chic', killer combo right?
I think I make it work :P
For those of you who haven't heard of them, Firmoo's basically an online optical store - selling a wide range of stylish and affordable frames which you can get whether you need to wear glasses or not. One thing I found quite cool about their website was the 'virtual try-on' app, where you have the option to upload a picture of yourself to get a better idea of what they'd look like on. I got distracted and ended up playing round with this for ages, fashioning myself out to be anything from a secretary to a celebrity (I'm a keen procrastinator, don't ya know). Something that I found pretty spec-tacular (oh yeah the jokes just keep coming) when the glasses arrived was that they came with a free case and a teeny tiny screw driver along with spare screws, in case they come loose. Speaking of a screw gone loose, no clue what was going through my mind when I took the photo below... Mmm, anywhoo, I found them to be really comfortable to wear and they fit my face perfectly. Firmoo are currently running a scheme offering free eyewear to first-time customers, all you have to do is pay for shipping, and viola! you too can look as specsy as me
(which let's face it, isn't hard really).

In other news I am now officially living in London  *que celebratory cheer* I won't go into avid detail just yet but it's definitely been an adjustment... I've been at war with the kitchen all week; currently the score is Kitchen: 6 - Me: 4, which isn't too bad really, although I have up to this point broken the oven, a knife and two can openers. I very almost burnt the place down last week, the only flipside was that I got to pretend I was a superhero running through smoke with a tea towel cape on my back. I wasn't even cooking anything, I just turned the oven on to check it was in fact a functioning oven, which it was, at the time... I used to think only smart people wear glasses, clearly I'm an exception to the rule.  Laters lovlies!


Welcome to the island of misfit toys

Melting Chanel Tee: Unicorn Apparel | Chiffon Skirt: Misguided | Bowler hat & Belt: H&M | Gormless expression: courtesy of me ^.^
Like my t-shirt? I got it online from a brand called Unicorn Apparel, who make custom tie-dye and printed tees, this one's my fave and it was a steal for only £10. Not many people have heard about them as I guess they're still up and coming but yeaaah, if you fancy it you can check out their facebook page here.
I had my ombre touched up the other week but you can hardly tell in these photos, ah well. This is gona be my last outfit post in front of my beloved white wardrobes before I move to uni, I'm feeling nostalgic already :'( I'm moving into halls tomorrow and I've just been sorting through all my clothes, deciding what to take and stuff. Being a fresher seems to be all I can talk about lately, almost can't believe it's happening! I probably won't be online much over the next two weeks as I'm settling into uni, but will still try to fit a post in here and there.
Ooh but I am pretty stoked right now because... I've just ordered business cards ^.^ they're nothing too flash but I feel rather snazzy just being able to hand someone a business card ya know, like a boss, haha. Should be good for when I'm going to the blogger meet up in notts next month, which is something else I'm really looking forward to. Anywhoo lovlies I'm off to go finish packing, wish me luck, cuz I'm sure as Chanel gona need it...


Currently Coveting #4

Hey guys and dolls, soo with less than a week before I start uni I've been busy stocking up on some snazzy new autumn apparel. I've acquired everything above - aside from the blink cat shoes since they're out of stock :'( and the bag on the lower right (changed my mind cuz it's too small). Pretty much everything (aside from the shoes - New Look, and the cardigan - H&M) came from topshop, surprise surprise.
I know most people love summer but I'm definitely much better at autumn dressing. Is it bad that I'm actually a little psyched for the cold weather to come along? I want to wear my bobble hat without looking like a crazy person... aw who am I kidding, I don't need to be wearing a hat for people to realise I'm crazy :P 
I actually screamed when I saw the 'London' belt - mostly because it's modelled around the infamously reblogged 'Moshino' belt, which I've secretly been coveting for the past two years, but to no avail since I can't justify spending £120 on a belt, I don't think I've spent that much on any single item to be honest. I never really buy this much stuff at once, but I found some birthday / christmas money hidden in cards from last year which I forgot to spend, so I thought I'd splurge now before I have to worry about important adult stuff like food and electricity bills, ugh, being grown up is gona suck.


Welcome to the inner workings of my mind

Ariya Skirt: Goldie London | Diamond knit jumper: thrifted | Bowler hat: H&M | Polkadot tights: ASOS | Bunting: courtesy of my dear old gran  

This is currently my absolute favourite skirt - I love it so much it makes all my other skirts hang their hems in shame (hems... geddit? yeahh,that was bad, even by my standards :P) Originally I bought it to wear to uni interviews but it's so beautiful I've started wearing it as a daytime piece too. There's so many versions on the high street now - found identical ones in New Look and H&M for roughly £15 - woo bargain! 

Today I'm wearing it with a chunky knit cream jumper, teamed with my beloved bowler hat. Tonight I could wear it with my mesh sequin blouse and black strappy shoes stilts - then I'd be ready to partay! Now if only I had a social life... although I guess that won't be a problem once I start uni. Is it crazy that I want to join the sky diving club?!  I'm actually terrified of heights, but it's my favourite fear because I feel so much more alive afterwards. I was watching "Big Bang Theory" earlier (I ♥ geeks) and I think 'secret agent laser obstacle chess' would be a pretty epic idea for a society at uni - any takers?? I'm actually pretty useless at chess so maybe 'secret agent laser obstacle lunch' is more my thing... Watch here and here :D

I'm so sorry I haven't been replying to comments and such lately, I've done 19 posts on my other blog this past month AND a video, which is like somesort of record for me. For any one who doesn't know my university's set me a summer project to do a design blog, so it's a little different from what I post here, mainly on my inspirations and whatnot. I've set it to private for now but if enough people are interested in seeing it I may pop up a link sometime...?  I don't want to confuse anybody because this is and will always be my main blog, the other one's just a project which I doubt I'll continue after september, but anywhoo, lame as it is that's all I've been up to lately.


What I wore at BAR 1884

Ola chicas... I'm feeling a vintage vibe today so thought I'd add a bit of razzmatazz to these photos by adding a lomo effect in editor, cool right? These photos are so old now, they've been sat here in my drafts folder for so long I thought I might as well unleash them onto the blogosphere. My MTV tee is from River Island - I don't usually shop there (I'ma hardcore topshop girl, what-up) but for this I made an exception, when in Rome ay... I also picked up another little gem, in the form of a rather garish handbag I've affectionately named 'Nigel'. It's just a little bit ugly and strange, but I think that's why I like it. Plus it looks super next to my burgundy coat so I think it'll be ideal this autumn. Oh geez, I've just realised it's september! When did that happen?! The summer's just flown by... 14 days til the big move, bring.it.on.


You musn't be afraid to dream a little bigger darling

I've been in show rehearsals all week, so tired, yet I'm still hauling myself outa bed to go musical theatre class. I had my final show yesterday, and now it's two weeks of nothingness until the big move, scary stuff...
I popped down to London last weekend (my soon to be new home ^.^) dropped by a few of the usual spots; Covent Gardens, Oxford Street, Tate Mod... Ooh and I went to the Ballgown exhibition at the V&A, which I've been really excited about - I wasn't allowed to take photos of it but the ones above are from the surrounding fashion section. I wasn't too fussed about the dresses downstairs (wait whaaat?! ikr.) they were all so pretty, but I think I'm tiring of pretty... just a little bit. I can still appreciate the historical side of fashion and how it's evolved, but since I've started studying it full time I'm more excited to see something, I duno, different. Upstairs however was quite spectacular - with some of last season's more outstanding pieces by the big names in contemporary fashion design. I could waffle on forever about the wonders of McQueen and Mary K, but actually my favourite piece was the Felicity Brown dress, which was displayed on a revolving platform (holla) it was pretty darn spesh (the photo in the link doesn't do it justice...)

I still have ombre hair but it's barely noticeable now, I'm gona get it cut and re-dyed next week, excited! This is what I wore...

Lace blouse - Topshop | Black Dress (worn underneath) - H&M | Floral Tights - Vintage Market | Biker Boots (unseen) - New Look


This isn't everything you are

Black Waterfall Cardigan - H&M | Men's Black T-shirt - Thrifted | Leather-look Backpack and Dip-dyed Shorts - Topshop | Glitter Tights - Unknown | Biker Boots - New Look  

Hey there lovecats, what's hizzy tizzy happening yo?! Sorry I haven't been posting recently, I was in hospital two weeks ago and havn't felt in the right mindset for blogging. I've also been pretty busy rehearsing for a local theatre production of "West Side Story" in which I play Rosalia, one of the Shark girls. Anywhoo, I guess now's the golden opportunity to share some pretty big news of mine, since this September...

I'm moving to LONDON baby! *boo-yar*

I'm gona be studying fashion design at uni, so I'm moving down there this time next month, which is a ma-hoosive deal for me, especially since I'm not domestic in the slightest. I worry for the future of my clothes, I'm just one red sock away from accidentally dying everything pink. I've also been set a summer project by said uni to start a blog. I was gona submit this one but they want me to post about specific things (like practitioners etc) which probably won't interest anybody on here, soo I'm starting up a second blog - which I'm not too thrilled about, but hey, when life gives you lemons - take 'em with tequila ;)