Oh fascination it's been in my frustration

It's my birthday tomorrow! Gaaaaah, I've been dreading it all week and suddenly I'm soo excited! "It's the big 1-8 mate!"

Onto other news... I've been oh so very good and I haven't been clothes shopping in over a month so I've saved up all my pennies to go on a 'lil old spree in topshop (I'm helplessly addicted to that place - I swear if I was rich I'd have a mini topshop store in my closet)...

These are my current "topshop must-haves" - I've already acquired the first two which I'm super pleased about. I went to go visit the baseball jacket 4 times before the petite version came out but I'm soo glad I waited because the petite jacket fits soo much better. Oh and the dress is a little masterpiece... the sequin flowers around the neckline reminded me of the current season Miu Miu dress embellishments (but obviously not reaching that same level of perfection) so I do believe after a few wears the sequins will starts to disperse and disappear but I don't really mind because the dress itself is still undoubtedly fabulous. It's a shift style with a sheer top layer, which makes an amazing bell shape when I spin really fast. I feel just a little magical when I wear it, so it's the perfect thing to wear to my birthday meal tomorrow night.

The cream cable knit jumper is oh-so cosy, but for £48 I think it's pretty steep so I'm gona hunt for a vintage one instead *fingers crossed*. The velvet leggings are really nice too, but I could only find the red version in store so I'm gona have to go check again soon.

I'm sure you all wana hear about my shopoholic-ism... I swear I could re adapt Alice in Wonderland and call it 'Spence in Spendsville' - a less successful, heavily clothes related ripoff of the classic tale, ivolving; adventure (wandering through new realms of fashion), love (of the clothes of course... and the attractive Topman shop assistant ;) and not over looking the endless series of death defying stunts (such as squeezing into a dress two sizes too small for me and bargaining an extra 10% off from the scary lady behind the till).

Personally I think it could be a best seller... maybe?
Ok, never.

- - - - -
This is what I wore today; sorry for the bad quality but due to the weather (and general laziness) I couldn't get any better shots. And yeah you guessed it, I'm in a changing room, but it was a spur of the moment idea and I do honestly already own the clothes I'm wearing, aha.

The bowler hat (folder over to look like a 20's style cloche hat) is from H&M, stripey cardigan from Topshop, lace crop top from New Look, and the skirt was thrifted.

Arghhh, I still can't believe I'm turning eighteen tomorrow! :O

TTFN sweethearts!

(p.s. you're utterly amazing is you read all that - like the Snoopy to my Charlie Brown ;) x x x


It's not what you say, what you say is too complicated

I took these photos two weeks ago but forgot to post them... I keep taking outfit shots and then get waaaaay too fussy about which ones make it onto the blog. I don't really like this picture of myself but it was the only decent shot I got of this outfit... apparently I look like a nymph, a dazed nymph at that - hence why I'm calling this my "uhh, has the camera taken the photo yet??" face. I'm not sure what provoked the daft pose either but I wanted to get my shoes in the shot somehow...

Oooh I'd like to introduce you to my topshop bird ring aka. my dear pal 'Perry' (affectionately named because he's periwinkle blue). I'd like to say he's a long distance cousin of Perry the Platypus, because he keeps disappearing at random moments - he's most likely off solving crime or something... aha, I've been brainwashed by Disneyy.

I wish I'd taken some better outfit shots because the print on the dress is really lovely; it's got teeny-tiny Eiffel Towers, flowers and an array of mini L'arc de Triomphe's... c'est très chic mes amis! tehe.
Most of the clothes are from primark; except the shoes (topshop), tights (new look) and the necklace (which I'm wearing as a headband) is from Accessorize.

Today's Anthem - '1901' by Phoenix. I get soo excited when I hear a song, have no idea what it was called and then randomly stumble across it ages later, do you ever get that too?? It's an amazing feeling, is it not? ;)

x x x


Where people are pleasantly strange

I've been volunteering at a youth theatre today painting sets etc, with my darling friend Grace. It was ever so slightly tedious because just when we thought the job was done, random splotches of black paint started appearing out of nowhere! It was as if some pesky stage faeries were playing tricks on us... or theatre gremlins, or is it painting pixies?? I swear it's a real theory!
Maybe, sort of... perhaps not.

Anywhoo, I found some stop animations on YouTube, which I can only describe as utterly captivating! The amount of time and energy and creativity which must have gone into making these videos is just amazing.

I rather love this first video; it's such a beautiful concept and the sequence is so well put together. I wish I was even half as talented to create something this serene and magical...

This second video is especially incredible; the vibrant pool of colours, and the almost enigmatic dreaming world seems so bold, vast, and impossibly alive! As if the character's imagination was so strong she suddenly became immersed in her own dreaming reality, tehe.

Aren't they amazing?! Hope you've all had a lovely weekend!

TTFN x x x


What's new pussycat?

Thanks for all the super lovely comments on my previous post! I'm still impossibly back-logged on replying to comments - sorry dears, you're more precious than stardust. Seriously, you light up my world in the darkest hours, aha, I love the universe.
...Ohh please excuse the uber cheesy tone of this post, sometimes I get so hyper I actually convince myself that I'm somewhat humorous, then reality strikes and I remember how ridiculously dull I am... oh how I love being me, and then I don't.
Wow, I need sleep.

I've gotta say this new Paul & Joe lipstick is beyond adorable! I don't wear lipstick myself but if I did I'd definitely buy one of these babies... then wouldn't use it because I'd be too afraid of smushing the poor kitty's face, tehe.

It comes in 3 shades (pink beige, pearl orange, and exotic pink) and costs £16 at asos.com (EDIT: currently out of stock ):

... So whadd'ya guys think? Is this the purrrfect lippy for you, or an utter cat-astrophe?
(yep my cat puns are terrible... you could even say they're rather clawful, hahaha... ok I'll stop now)

TTFN lovlies!
x x x

(p.s. I do not claim ownership for this image, I found it on my google reader)


Oh everybody's starry eyed...

Hey everybody, hope you've all had a lovely weekend!
I can't believe how fast summer's gone by - I've only got one more week now before college starts again, eeek!
In the mean time though I've got an outfit post for you - mostly because the bowler hat just couldn't wait to make another appearance, along with my favourite skirt which I've finally got around to photographing.

I think my eye looks a bit manga-like through the magnifying glass, tehe.

Bowler Hat - H&M . . . Cameo Skirt - Topshop . . . Batwing Swing top - New Look . . . Lace body - Ark . . . Brogues - thrifted

I adore everything about that skirt; the shape, structure, texture, fabric,... the second I saw that darling cameo print I just knew I had to have it! On closer inspection I discovered the cameo's have a raised felt-like texture, which just added to it's charm.

I'm pretty tired now, nighty-night lovlies!

x x x


Just because you know my name, doesn't mean you know my game

Me and Abi went to the art gallery today and popped down to the 'world's biggest photo booth' (which has it's own exhibit in the basement space) because it's leaving this week :( nawww, I'm really gona miss it.
Mr. Zebra joined us too - he's a total legend. You can see him at the back of most of the shots... tehe, I think he's supposed to be like the art gallery's mascot of something. He's a zebra of very few words, but I like to think he's just a good listener.

Afterwards we went round the vintage shops and I took some photos. If I didn't I think my camera would have felt a little neglected... sitting in my bag all day whilst myself and Abi posed and pouted for a bigger camera. It's like I was cheating with a bigger, flashier camera - seduced by it's smooth exterior and flashy hardware... ahaha.

We went to COW Vintage and found these pretty epic jackets. I had to show you this photo - purely because that level of awesome-ness just needs to be unleashed unto the world, or some fancy hoopla like that...

Sexy much? ... yeah, the jackets are nice too ;)

What's the craziest vintage find you've come across? I think these jackets are pretty high-ranking for me, they're totally ah-dorkable, hehe.

x x x

(p.s. 3 words... 'Chanel Mademoiselle Paris' << I need that fragrance in my life)