Harry Potter Studio Tour, RAWRRR

Just a little bit excited.
WOW WOW WOW WOW ...Sorry what was that? WOW um, okay.

I'm still reeling over the excitement of going to the Warner Bros Studio Tour in London yesterday - oh it was absolutely amaze-balls! Anyone who hasn't heard about it yet, it's basically a collection of the Harry Potter film's most famous props, sets and costumes - all the magic behind the magic. There was everything from prosthetics to anamatrons in the creature shop, along with all the green screens and genuine sets where J.K.Rowling's famous stories were brought to life. I got to ride a broomstick in front of a green screen, which was entirely awesome, and then I went outside and had a butterbeer (which tastes like butterscotch, oh and it's non-alcoholic in case anybody was wondering).  Anywhoo, I'll avoid ranting like the crazy fangirl I am (I want to live there now, haha) and show you some of the pictures I took instead... enjoy!

The gift shop was also pretty darn epic, I managed to resist loading up on excess merch and limited myself to buying a couple of deathly hallows key chains (one of which I will be giving away to a lucky reader in an upcoming posty post, so keep your eyes peeled for that ;)

Later that day I rushed home to go to the alternative fashion show with some of the lovely blogger girlies I met at the LUSH event last week. Haven't quite decided on whether I'm doing a post on it or not as my photos aren't that great, but we shall see mes amies...
Anywhoo I'm off out for drinks with some peeps from my foundation fashion course now, should be replying to comments by the end of the week (sorry for being such a cyber snail lately always, tehe) Enjoy the sunshine everyone!

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S'up guys, guess who went to her very first blogger event last night?! It was so cool meeting the girls behind the blogs I'd loved for so long and a few new faces too. The event was to celebrate the launch of LUSH cosmetics new colour line 'Emotional Brilliance'. The line consists of 30 liquid colours which can be applied to the face any which way you like; as mascara, eye liner, lipstick or blush - it all depends on what mood you're in. One of the most exciting parts of the new line is the in-store experience, which involves having a colour reading taken based on how you're feeling that day. The colours you pick and the order you chose them in supposedly say a lot about your personality. For the reading you have to close your eyes and clear you mind as the colour wheel spins and when it stops you have to pick the first three colours that jump out to you. The first colour gives a reading on your strength or weakness, the second highlights your subconscious desire, and the third is your defining talent which will help you achieve your subconscious desire.

For my reading I picked out Incharge, Decisive and Drive. Now I know a lot of people will be quite sceptical about the process but it's genuinely a lot of fun and I was quite surprised to find this was a really accurate reading for me.
As many of you may already know, LUSH cosmetics pride themselves on naturally based ingredients and anti-animal testing ethics. Where most facial cosmetics contain four or five preservatives, the 'Emotional Brilliance' range only contain one; making it a safe synthetic pigment, ideal for sensitive skin. You can test the products in store, and it doesn't just have to be the ones from your personal reading. I went home with "Decisive" red which has more of a liquid consistency as it's primarily a liquid lipstick (patent pending) but you can pick up different makeup wands free in store and use it however you like!

I don't usually wear lipstick, especially not red as I feel it's too bright for me, but after wearing this one for a while it really started to grow on me. I'm not saying that by wearing this lipstick it suddenly made me more decisive (quite the opposite really, it took me an hour to decide which colour I wanted, but only 'cuz they're all so appealing ;)
The range officially launches today and each colour goes for £14.50, get yours now and prepare to feel emotionally brilliant! (haha, I'm such a cheeseball). Also check out LUSH on facebook & twitter for more exciting info on current and upcoming lush products.

Oooh and don't forget to check out these lovely ladies blogs:

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Currently Coveting #3

Pintucked shift dress - Forever21 | Cat Eye Sunglasses - Asos | Studded Tapestitch Jumper - Topshop | Marina Dress - Goldie London | Sam Edelman 'Zoe' Ankle BootsCross Earrings - Vivienne | Nikon Coolpix S3100 | Leather Studded Handbag - Topshop

Total Stud Blouse - Nastygal

Seem to have a bit of a fetish for studding at the mo'... I've just ordered some spike studs off ebay to do a few DIY's with, which should create hours of fun in an otherwise lacking summer break. I know a lot of other bloggers have done the same and it's such a great alternative to the generally overpriced pieces on the highstreet. Plus I feel it creates a more personal touch, adding a cool offbeat edge to almost any outfit.

I loved these sunglasses ever since I saw Camilla from Into the fold sporting them. The combination of cat-eye and 90s circle frames (two big trends in terms of sunglasses this summer) create a look of quirky cool which I seriously can't get over. They're on sale right now so I snapped them up without a second thought.

The Sam Edelman 'Zoe' boots are utterly amaze-balls, I saw them ages ago but sadly never in my size, or price bracket for that matter. They're modelled after a pair of Balenciaga boots (circa 2007) famously seen on the Olsen twins. So with style icon status behind them it's no wonder they've been blogged to death, but there's no denying how awesome they are. If any one sees a pair - SIZE 4 in black - floating across the interweb, hook me up and I will be eternally grateful. It would genuinely make my life and we'd be bestest friends forever more... me and the shoes that is ;)  

I put earrings on the wishlist and I don't even have pierced ears O_o but they add to the girlie grunge vibe I'm unwittingly building on right now. Also I've fallen in love with the trend where people wear one cross earring and one stud - it's like some sort of nu-wave pirate chic for guys and dolls alike. Proudlock from Made In Chelsea (oooft yeah) looks to be a proud pioneer of this trend.  

Now I for one go through cameras faster than most people change phones. The Nikon Coolpix made it onto the list purely because I need a new sidekick / pocket camera for when I move to uni and ceebs to carry my DSLR around. I'm not particularly fussed about this model, but if any one could recommend an affordable digital camera currently on the market then that would be absolutely ace.

What's on your wishlist right now?

Today's Anthem: "Signs" - Bloc Party.

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If I could speak the language of rabbits, they would be amazed and I would be their king

This post has absolutely nothing to do with rabbits. Time for a general life update folks... so I've finally finished my art foundation course (didn't think I'd make it out alive for a while there.) The exhibition's done and dusted and we had our finale catwalk show last week which was utterly amaze-balls. I was backstage dressing models throughout most of it but I got to watch my section from the upstairs balcony which was pretty cool. I couldn't really take any photos, but when the official ones are posted hopefully I'll be able to share them here.

Pretty simple outfit for today; these shorts are my new best friend, we're pretty much joined at the hip, so expect them to feature heavily in future posts... Anywhoo I had a pretty nice day wandering round the shops with my friend Eleanor. Best part of the day was Starbucks - I had a mocha cookie crumble frappuccino (my new obsession) HOLLA.
I also picked up a few bits & bobs round the shops, including; lace ankle socks (cuz I go through these things like nobody's business), Marina & the Diamonds new album 'Electra Heart', a studded makeup bag, alphabet beads, a moustache ring, and a mystic crystal pendant (I'd like to think it's magic, but it's quite obviously not). When I was twelve I went through a teen witch phase (is it really a phase if you never grow out of it though?) so I guess you could say the crystal's secretly paying homage to that. I wanted still want to go to Hogwarts so bad, dammit dumbledore. But I'm going on the Warner Bros studio tour at the end of the month which I'm pretty psyched about, so every cloud ay...  


The cutest phonecase everrrr, it's so CUTE!

OHAI GUYS, soo I haven't been around much lately (bad blogger, baaad) and was quite surprised to return to an influx of new followers. Umm, wherever you've come from "hi" and I love you. Oh geez, did I say the L-word too soon? Well it's true, I love you guys, all of you, which is why I've got a surprise in store for next week, so stay tuned people!

Wow, so I'm in an unusually girly mood today, and I'm gona put it down to my new floral phone case. As I've mentioned before, my blackberry hates me, but I'm trying to win back some love by giving her a makeover (yes, my phone's a she... if not, buying a pretty pink phonecase will probably lead to some sort of radical malfunction, that and my phone won't be too happy either)
Cath Kidston designs are like the epitome of girly, sweet, floral, loveliness (great summary there chief). You see I'm desperately trying to avoid using the word "cute" from now on - I went to topshop every day last week (twice on tuesday) and every time I turned a corner I felt compelled to scream
"oh my gosh this soooo CUTE!" I didn't realise how often I use that word, and now I know I've gota cute... I mean, cut it out.

Something tells me this is gona be harder than I thought.

hey look at this, a line of white font that nobody noticed but you, congrats! oh btw THE GAME. mwahaha