You musn't be afraid to dream a little bigger darling

I've been in show rehearsals all week, so tired, yet I'm still hauling myself outa bed to go musical theatre class. I had my final show yesterday, and now it's two weeks of nothingness until the big move, scary stuff...
I popped down to London last weekend (my soon to be new home ^.^) dropped by a few of the usual spots; Covent Gardens, Oxford Street, Tate Mod... Ooh and I went to the Ballgown exhibition at the V&A, which I've been really excited about - I wasn't allowed to take photos of it but the ones above are from the surrounding fashion section. I wasn't too fussed about the dresses downstairs (wait whaaat?! ikr.) they were all so pretty, but I think I'm tiring of pretty... just a little bit. I can still appreciate the historical side of fashion and how it's evolved, but since I've started studying it full time I'm more excited to see something, I duno, different. Upstairs however was quite spectacular - with some of last season's more outstanding pieces by the big names in contemporary fashion design. I could waffle on forever about the wonders of McQueen and Mary K, but actually my favourite piece was the Felicity Brown dress, which was displayed on a revolving platform (holla) it was pretty darn spesh (the photo in the link doesn't do it justice...)

I still have ombre hair but it's barely noticeable now, I'm gona get it cut and re-dyed next week, excited! This is what I wore...

Lace blouse - Topshop | Black Dress (worn underneath) - H&M | Floral Tights - Vintage Market | Biker Boots (unseen) - New Look


This isn't everything you are

Black Waterfall Cardigan - H&M | Men's Black T-shirt - Thrifted | Leather-look Backpack and Dip-dyed Shorts - Topshop | Glitter Tights - Unknown | Biker Boots - New Look  

Hey there lovecats, what's hizzy tizzy happening yo?! Sorry I haven't been posting recently, I was in hospital two weeks ago and havn't felt in the right mindset for blogging. I've also been pretty busy rehearsing for a local theatre production of "West Side Story" in which I play Rosalia, one of the Shark girls. Anywhoo, I guess now's the golden opportunity to share some pretty big news of mine, since this September...

I'm moving to LONDON baby! *boo-yar*

I'm gona be studying fashion design at uni, so I'm moving down there this time next month, which is a ma-hoosive deal for me, especially since I'm not domestic in the slightest. I worry for the future of my clothes, I'm just one red sock away from accidentally dying everything pink. I've also been set a summer project by said uni to start a blog. I was gona submit this one but they want me to post about specific things (like practitioners etc) which probably won't interest anybody on here, soo I'm starting up a second blog - which I'm not too thrilled about, but hey, when life gives you lemons - take 'em with tequila ;)