10 things I love.

I was tagged by the lovely Purdy from Kittenish Behaviour to post a list of "10 things I love", and these are the things I chose...

1. My Canon EOS 500D - it helps me to take some amazing photographs and the quality's way superior to any other camera I've used in the past. I would definitely recommend it to any aspiring photographers out there (who just happen to have a fair amount of cash to spare... but trust me, it's well worth the money!)

2. (500) Days of Summer. The more I watch this film the more I love it. In a way I feel a lot like Summer Finn, and in a way I don't. There are many characters I've felt connected to in the past from books I've read or films I've watched. I suppose I just love the escapism of it all.

3. Polaroids - there's something about them that feels a little more sincere than modern photo practices, which can be edited in excess, whereas Polaroids have that raw sense of nostalgic sentiment behind every shot.

4. Tights. I love decorative pairs soo much right now but it breaks my heart when they get laddered. Either way I don't think I could live without black opaque tights - they're a wardrobe staple for me, especially in winter.

5. Red hair - I've never dyed my hair before (except for one summer when I was 13, my hair got sun bleached and I ended up with blonde streaks, haha) But I really want to dye my hair red, just slightly, I fancy a change...

6. Topshop - I don't care if it sounds cliche, but I love topshop! I don't buy clothes from there all the time, sometimes I just go in too look around and gather inspiration, ('cuz lets face it, as a student I'm not made of money...) but oh their clothes are just so pretty it's hard to resist! Here are my current faves from their website...

7. Bokeh filters. I want a set for Christmas! They're a type of camera attachment, that create a really pretty effect by contorting blurred lights into fun shapes, such as hearts, stars, butterflies, etc.

8. Outer space. I look up at the sky at night and the stars remind me of how small I am, of how much more there is out there and that however I'm feeling there's probably an alien somewhere who's miffed off because he's forgotten where he parked his spaceship and he wants to get home before Planet-X-Factor starts, haha... I don't care if it sounds dorky but I'm fascinated by the stars, those unexplainable moments when science and magic seem to collide, and the whole idea of finding my place in this universe.

9. That there's still magic in the world. It happens at the wildest moments, in the unlikeliest of places. If you search for it too hard you might just miss it. Sometimes you just have to stop looking and let it find you.

10. Giles Deacon S/S 2010 collection. I know this was launched over a year ago but it's always in my heart. I absolutely adore his metallic dinosaur bags - they embody a whimsical sense of youthfulness; taking inspiration from the past and incorporating visions of the future to create something bold, quirky and ridiculously awesome.

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(Images 1,4,9,10 were taken by me, 7 via topshop.com, 11 & 12 from my google reader, 2,3,5,6,8 found via weheartit.com and are linked back to their sources.)

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Dreaming only leads to more nightmares

I'm off to see Harry Potter tonight! I know every one and their grandma has probably seen it by now...
I just can't believe the films are almost over - it's like the end of an era! ;(

Bowler hat - H&M . . . Carousel necklace - Accessorize . . . Brogues - Peacocks . . . Tapestry bag - thrifted

Anywhoo, I've had a pretty epic day at college... I got my friend a zebra-shaped piñata for her birthday and she was so excited 'cuz she's never had one before. For anyone who doesn't know a piñata is basically a party decoration filled with sweets which children bash with a stick until sweets fall out... haha, it's incredible fun! Here's the birthday girl with her beloved zebra...

Her hat in the second picture is amazing, is it not? We can't decide whether it's a bear or a snow leopard, what do you guys think??
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Shae Acopian Detar

Shae Acopian Detar is a photographer, stylist and artist who currently resides in NYC. All of her photos appear so delicately crafted; from the beautiful ensembles of clothing to her darling array of vintage props. The pure aesthetics present her images as if they were mirrors to a magical alternate reality. Looking at her photos, I feel immersed into a world of beauty, but with that deep set sense that darkness is looming. I can't quite explain why... but it's truly wonderful to look at an image and feel that compelling rush of inspiration.

Today's Anthem: "Catch My Breath" by Run Toto Run.
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Hey there, teddy bear

As I mentioned in Friday's post I'm going to a masquerade ball in two weeks. I'm really excited because I've absolutely always wanted to go to one! In anticipation I took some photos of the dress I'm going to wear because I don't think I'll have time on the night of the ball... ehh, I uploaded the first photo twice because I couldn't make up my mind whether I preferred it with the glittery light effect or not... Which do you prefer?

This dress makes me feel magical. It's strange how easy it is to attach emotions and memories to an article of clothing. I still have items in my wardrobe that I don't wear anymore because nostalgic sentiment overpowers me from giving them away. It's not that I'm simply hoarding clutter because I can't let go, but you never know, maybe in years to come the everyday fashion items we store in our wardrobes could become the new definition of vintage, the stand out pieces to define a generation... Ahh but for now I'm going to enjoy my dress and all the magical sentiment I've imagined for it.

TTFN lovelies ;)
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Fashion Icon: Jean Shrimpton

'60s revival is a big trend right now so I thought I'd do a post on one of my fave 1960s fashion idols...

Jean Shrimpton (aka 'The Shrimp') was a prominent face of modelling in the '60s and is considered to be one of the world's first supermodels. She was born in London on November 7th 1942, and she has grown to become known as the face of 'the swinging sixties'. Throughout her modelling years she was featured on the covers of magazines such as Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Glamour, Elle, Vanity Fair and Times magazine.
In 1965 she caused quite the sensation when she attended the Victoria Derby in Melbourne, Australia, wearing a white shift dress which stopped 10cm above her knees. Back then it was seen as scandalous for a hemline to reach any higher than a woman's knee. She also didn't wear a hat, stockings or gloves and wore a man's watch, which was highly unusual at the time. Shrimpton was unaware that her attire would cause such sensation in the media, and to this day she is known for being one of the early pioneers of the miniskirt.

All images found via my google reader. Text source via wikipedia.
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I escaped through a keyhole before they erased me

Forever Unique dress, Birger et Mikkelsen Night Balanchine velvet blazer, Vintage bowler hat, Rianna Black shoes, Mandy Coon bunny bag.

I'm going to a masquerade ball in a few weeks and I have come across THE perfect dress. Yup, that beauty up there is from Forever Unique (love the name ;) although it's a fair bit outa my price bracket...
Oh but what is money when I can imagine an entire night of magic in that dress?? With it's smokey lavender layers floating amidst the winter winds, the black crystals shimmering like starlight, the beautiful yet dark velvet vines creeping out from my waistline, enticing my spirit to a night of wanderlust and mystery... ahaha, getting a little carried away there, but it's all in the magic of the masquerade ;)

Ohhh, but despite my whimsical ramblings money is tight and I've already got a perfectly good outfit which I can wear. I've settled on the dress I got for my birthday - it's a simple black shift, but there's a touch of glamour in the sequin flowers around the neckline. Oh and I have a mask to match too but it makes my eyebrows itch, haha.

I spent too long on polyvore and came up with these other two outfits, which I thought I might as well post because I love the idea of wearing a black sequin dress with Doc Martens. It's classy, edgy and ever-so quirky at the same time ;)

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Today's Anthem - "Plastic Jungle" by Miike Snow.


Just don't let me disappear

I love the scalloped lace sides of these tights, they really are lovely but I'm terrified of ripping them. I got them from Topshop earlier in the year but they're not in stock any more so when they get laddered I'm gona be really sad.

I'm watching the film 'This Is England' at the moment. Some of the scenes were shot near to where I live, so every time I recognize somewhere I let out a smug squeal of surprise... that was the peak of excitement for my day really. And now I'm debating in my head whether it's possible to be smug and surprised at the same time, hmmm, yeah, wow my weekend's been pretty boring...

Hope you all have a fab week!

Today's Anthem: "Secrets" by One Republic.
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Queen of the rebel spark

Next time I feel insecure about the way people see me, you can quote me on this;
"I'd much rather be infamous than invisible".

Mehhh... I'm not sure about the shorts with this outfit, but it's just something I threw on and decided to photograph whilst the weather was half decent. I felt too nervous (& too cold) to wear them to college, so I switched the shorts for a black skirt and the pumps for my 'badass' boots, haha.

I went to the doctors this week and apparently I have "labyrinthitis" ... I swear, it's probably the coolest name for an illness I've ever had the adverse fortune to have. It's nothing too serious; it's basically an inner ear infection that's making me tired, dizzy, unbalanced, and even though I'm awake it feels like I'm still dreaming.
I googled the symptoms and one of them said it's like having "the constant feeling of being drunk" ...but without the hangover, like whoohoo!

Today's Anthem: "Black Champagne" by The Starlight Mints.

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Do you ever feel like a plastic bag?

Myself and Abi went to town today, I wanted to attempt some street style shots but only had the courage to ask one person, haha. This can be my mini photo diary for the afternoon; (1) standing in the freezing cold waiting for stylish people to appear, (2) fairylights emerging in the town centre, (3) chillaxing in Starbucks.

I'm a little lost for words at the moment as I'm supposed to be wrting a 2000 word essay for my photography cwk and so far I've reached the grand total of 75. "Huh, 75,000?!" Nope, just 75. It's clear to say it's not going well...

Ohhh dear, TTFN lovlies!
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If vision is the only validation then most of my life isn't real

I saw some fireworks at the weekend and I couldn't resist going a little loopy with sparklers and the slow shutter speed on my camera, tehe.
Fireworks are amazing... you think as you grow up they'd get boring or maybe the magic would fade, but I'm still ever so enchanted by their vivid whirring and the catastrophic eruption of lights.
Bonfire night is a bit of a tradition in my family; plus it's the only time I'll willingly eat a jacket potato (I hate the texture okay, haha). We sit on little white plastic chairs in the chilling darkness, and then magic sparks and the sky is illuminated with a wild array of technicolour falling stars. It's like making our own magic, or the closest thing we've got to it.

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Between the idea and the reality

As promised, some of the photos I took in the woods last week...

Okay, so I couldn't resist uploading one of the levitation shots, but some of them didn't turn out quite right, so I think I need to find a way to get myself higher off the ground (using step ladder maybe?)

The third shot looks as if I'm dancing with a ghost... I was actually afraid of encountering a wandering ghost (all good teen horror movies take place in the woods you know ;) and I was pretty jumpy because I kept hearing random thudding noises, which I later discovered were down to a pesky band of squirrels knocking conkers off the trees.
And that's not all for the animal capers, oh no! I was being watched by a deer at one point, A DEER! It came up ridiculously close to my tripod and I was scared he was gonna head but it (or me for that matter).
...They're such majestic creatures though; my darling deer chum had a pretty set of antlers, which made me think of chandeliers and how wonderful it would be if I could hang crystals from his beautiful bony branches. I would watch the suns rays illuminate my little crystal tears, scattering rainbows, to paint the landscape of this mystical charade. But alas, my deer friend galloped away before I had chance to accessorize those amazing antlers of his. I think he could detect that unnerving glint of inspiration in my eyes and of course he ran a mile. I have that effect on people, and animals I guess.

TTFN dearies! ;)
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