Can't remember when I last saw you laughing

Your true coulours are beautiful like a rainbow :)

We had a little picnic earlier in the week and Paul bought us these lovely fairycakes :)


It's hard to tell someone that you miss them when you've been drifting apart for so long. I wish I was braver, so I could find a way to be honest with people without hurting them. I guess I've been reminiscing a lot lately, too much actually, but I'm gona start living in the moment from now on. Even if I end up in my ditzy day-dream world from time to time, which is a rather fascinating place if I say so myself ;) but I suppose you've got to get a little lost sometimes - to find answers to unanswerable questions and such, hehe.

The conversion of fear into bravery.

I think I've been brainwashed by consumerism...

I swore I'd never buy anything from Jack Wills because I don't agree with the stereotype associated with it and don't even get me started on the prices.... but I've been looking at their site a lot lately and feel increasingly drawn to some of their items. I like that it's all vintage university outfitters, but the whole point of being vintage isn't to dress like everybody else.

Oh dear... £20 for a pair of socks! pffft... then again I adore the socks / tights by miu miu which are like £250 - but they have real crystals sown into them! ;D ofcourse I'd only ever buy them if I won the lottery - giving me a '1 in a gazillion' chance of ever being able to afford those bedazzled masterpieces :(

Hehe, I might have to DIY a pair of socks with sequins - add a bit of glamour to my black & white wardrobe.

I bought a pack of strawberry bon-bons this week - they taste lovely but they're one of the most awkward candies you could possibly eat whilst trying to have a conversation with someone...
They're also very messy - I left the packet half open in my bag only to find the powder had gotten all over my books. What made it worse was that I opened my bag in the wind and the powder poofed into my face :O pshhh.


Excuse the sarcasm deary

This week I've been raving to...
Ellie Goulding's
CD 'Lights', which I bought last week, which I have not stopped listening to! I love her all her songs, but the one going through my head most atm is 'Wish I Stayed' :)

Feeling Creative

I'm very proud of myself lately- seeing as I 'lack motivation' with my artwork it's been one of those rare ocassions where I actually managed to focus and make a mask for my festivals project! It took me ages but it was soooo worth it :)
I could only upload the pic of the motif, but anyway - ta-dah!

Filmaker Extrodinaire
In media we've been working in small groups to make a short horror movie.
We were quite panicked as we had to reshoot part of our film last week, but we've finished editing and now we're just syncing the music and adding the title sequence, then voila!

Here's a sneakie peak of our future blockbuster ;).....

The real thing's not in black and white, but I think the photos look spookier that way.

We were meant to have eerie, children's laughter at one point but everytime I hear it the laughter reminds me of the sun baby from teletubbies (c'mon, you know you used to watch it!) and suddenly I'm drawn back to the days when teletubbies were cool (face it dear, they were never 'cool'... now pokemon - they were super cool! It's not like you could find and collect a thousand different species of teletubbie...)

I'm as mad as a hatter
Ooooh, I saw the Alice in Wonderland movie at the weekend, in 3D!
It was amaziiiiing! Johnny Depp is a total legend, although I didn't quite get his on/off scottish accent, but I guess it just added depth to the character.
I'm still a little hyper because we went to pizza hut afterwards and we made the epic discovery that toffee popcorn + ice-cream = yummm!