Razzle Dazzle Jumper - Topshop 
Accessorize Butterfly Earphones* - c/o Three Mobile 

"OHAI something's different about you! Did you... buy new clothes? Yes that's it, nice." 

There are few landmark moments in a persons life, for a lot of people this means anything from learning to ride a bike to having their first child. I like to think I've hit a milestone since turning 21 came with acquiring my very first touch screen phone (I came fashionably late to the party I know). Aside from not being able to get through a text without using autocorrect, I think I'm becoming somewhat of a touchscreen wizard. It's so cold outside now I refuse to take my gloves off to answer the phone so I've been using my nose instead (I don't think any one's sure what to make of that, but I like to think it's up there with the other great ideas of our time, like the invention of the wheel, and toast)... I also have instagram now which is pretty exciting (@citylightmaverick) along with downloading a tonne of other apps, including Shazam, which is now my favourite thing ever - no more bothering my brother with "hey bro, what song goes da-da-da-daaa nana-nana-NAAAH? Yeah, you know the one!"

Something else I'm loving right now are these super cute butterfly headphones I received from Three Mobile recently. They're a great size and have a built-in microphone for if you're taking hands free calls, which was something I didn't actually notice at first and when I did I'll admit, it blew my mind just a little. It's up there with owning a coat for six months and discovering it has pockets you didn't realise were there before (something that's definitely not happened to me, more than three times). They're also the kind with inner ear cushions which are ideal for stopping sound escaping, so when you're on the bus pretending you're not secretly listening to *insert embarrassing band name here* nobody will be any the wiser, mwahah. Also, this may be coincidence but so far, unlike all my other headphones, they haven't once magically tangled themselves up in my pocket. I swear it's like there's an invisible pixie-sized cub scout living in my bag practicing complex knot techniques every time I put my i-pod down (that's right mr pixie I'm onto you ¬.¬) Anywhoo, if you're looking for some new earphones these get a thumbs up from me. They come in a range of designs and are available online and at most Accessorize stores, for a bargain £12.00, pretty cute right?