Money can't buy back the youth of your life.

Myself and my dear friend Abi went shopping in Birmingham the other week and here's what I wore... I'm soo pleased with my new burgundy blazer (t'is from New Look), and it's rather snazzy if I do say so myself. Now autumn's on the way I just can't wait to wear this colour almost every day! (ooh that rhymed, tehe) it's so perfect, it's fair to say I'm a little obsessed.

I had an audition to be on a TV advert quite recently, it was soo much fun I was literally reeling from the excitement for hours later! Doubt I'll get chosen but just auditioning was a total thrill, and after my borderline depressing post last month on wishing I was still pursuing acting, it's given me a total confidence boost. I find out if I've been selected on my birthday of all days, but even if I don't hear back I'm just really happy I went for it all the same.

7 days til my birthday and I am totally psyched... most of my friends are off at uni now, which sucks, but I'm still determined to have a good time. I'm already pondering over what to spend my birthday money on... I could always invest it, in a very low yield bond, or maybe I should just go ahead and spend it on something ridiculous and fancy..... yeahh, think I'm gonna opt for the latter.
The only problem is I'm stuck between what to go for; Vivienne Westwood 'Melissa' shoes in rose glitter, floral Dr Martens, or Coco Mademoiselle Chanel perfume. The Melissa shoes are, let's face it, delightfully tacky; they're fun, sparkly, and not to forget ladies & gents they carry the simply scrumptious scent of bubblegum! Oh yeah, WOW. The DM's however would slip seamlessly into my wardrobe - they look great for walking in and my old boots are falling to pieces now so I need a new pair anyway. Ooh and then comes the Chanel perfume, which smells absolutely amazing, but however nice as it would be to smell like Kiera Nightly I think I've got my heart set on the shoes right now... the only problem is which pair?! The Melissa's have really got me excited, it's just being so expensive I can only afford one or the other :/ oh it's such a debacle, which shoes to choose??

Hope you all have an absolutely fantabulous weekend lovlies!
x x x


The face that you wish was a ghost

Sometimes I wonder if I even have a style or if I just dress based on my mood. I'm not even sure how much I like this outfit anymore, but it's always fun experimenting, right? The leather-look backpack is a recent purchase, along with the tights and sparkly black nail polish (all from topshop). I haven't had a backpack for absolutely ages, and now I remember why - it's near impossible finding things at short notice and I'm always on edge that I'm an easy target for passing pickpockets. There's also the bizarre flashback I get from simply hearing the word 'backpack' - in my first year of secondary school I was known for sporting a giant backpack that made me look like a teenage mutant ninja turtle - and as cool as that sounds, it wasn't. But backpacks do have their benefits or course; they hold a surprising amount of stuff and they come with nifty little zip pockets (which come in so handy, especially when they don't work -_-) But the thing I really like about this backpack is the crackled leatherette texture; I find it gives off a slightly aged / distressed edge that I can't help but love. I know it's probably not to every one's taste but my mind's reeling now with all sorts of quirky styling ideas...

Have you made any random purchases lately?
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And are you cool? Symmetrical, analytical.

Soo it's my first day at a new college... I'm studying an art foundation course, and as expected I've got those dreaded first day jitters. I'm excited but at the same time I'm in a totally tizzy over what to wear - are ankle socks too cool for school? Should I have my hair up or down? And is turning up in my birthday suit making a statement or making a mahoosive mistake? (umm, I think we all know the answer to that one O_o)
Anywhoo, good luck to every one whose starting back at school / college / uni around now. I'd say if you get nervous just imagine everyone naked, but in my case you might not have to...

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Miu Miu Fall 2011 Campaign.

Images via.

Model: Hailee Steinfeld.
Photographer: Bruce Weber.

Ooh I really fancy some glittery shoes this a/w... I rather like these photos, mostly because I'm intrigued by the potential narratives behind them - as if by investing the clothes you become a character some tragic love story, yet the only thing tragic here is my easy attraction to sparkly objects and hopeless lusting over things I can't afford... ah well, we can all dream.

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