It took me too long to think of a title so this one's gona have to do

What I'm Wearing; Shirt - Thrifted (£2.85), Vintage Levi Shorts - COW, Blazer - Debenhams sale (£15), Bowler hat - H&M, Brogues - Peacocks, Black ribbon - lying around the house, Badge - from a random jewellery shop (free!)

If you're wondering why the badge was free it wasn't because I used a cheeky five-fingered-discount, but because I bought a load of broken jewellery (for my college art project) and the woman behind the til was so grateful she let me have a set of faux military badges for free. Ah-woo-hoo!
Sorry for my moody expression in the last shot... and my daft posing in general, tehe. When the self timer starts flashing my brain fizzles out from normality, the realms of creativity seem to implode, leaving nothing but a kooky impulse pose and a dazed pout. So ermm, tah-dah!

I'm off to a pre-halloween sleepover soon - have a spook-tastic weekend everyone! ;)
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Just be glad you're not a turnip

This is my 'contemplating life' face aka. the gorm out... Sometimes my feels like a mundane replay of a cheesy teen sitcom, and what is my mothers advice to remedy this? "Just be glad you're not a turnip."
I love how she can make my most complicated musings suddenly unravel into something so simple and ridiculously whimsical.

What I'm Wearing; Lace tunic - topshop, Leather jacket + Bowler hat + Bat wing cardigan - H&M, Shorts - Dorothy's, Badass boots - New Look.

I went down to the woods with my tripod today, timer at the ready, and took some pretty radical shots of myself 'levitating'... haha, I'm doing a topic on staged photography at college and it's turning out to be quite a challenge, but my Photoshop skills are improving, so all's well that ends well I guess... I don't think I'll post the levitation shots on here, but I might upload a few of the other random snaps at a later date.

Hope you're all having a superb week my super-supreme readers!
(101 followers = WOW! You people make my life ;)
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Colour my life with the chaos of trouble.

The trees are burning with anticipation; whisping flames of orange and red ignite along the branches, then slowly fade to brown and flutter down onto the ground... Oh how I love autumn! It's such a fleeting season. The weather's in a constant state of flux, so knowing what to wear everyday is a bit of a challenge, (but I find it ever so slightly exciting ;) It seems to be the season which celebrates the fickle transition between summer and winter. Bright but deceivingly cold one minute, warm but insistently breezy the next. "Make up your mind Mr Sunshine!"

Today I am wearing; my lovely pink American Apparel hoody, Topshop lace tee, Primark tulle skirt, and my Accessorize 'eclectic fairytale' necklace (worn as headband).
I know I'm not the prettiest pea in the pod so I do apologise for swamping you with pictures of myself. I'll admit I'm vain, indecisive and a total perfectionist so I couldn't quite narrow down which image I liked best... which do you prefer?

I love this hoody - it's over sized fit keeps me nice and warm in the chilly weather. I really want to get another one in forest green (perfect autumnal tone) but a lot of people have it so I'm not sure. The reason I went for bright pink (instead of the classic grey or navy) was because everyone seemed to have gone for the muted tones, and with my overwhelming need to be different I decided to go for the brightest colour they had (... they'd run out of 'sunshine yellow' the day I went, which in retrospect I am pretty thankful for... I actually don't think I own a single piece of yellow clothing, oh but pink on the other hand...) tehe.

x x x

A glass slipper to break a glass heart

What intrigued me about this advert, other than the twisted fairytale theme (which I totally adore), is the ornate beauty of the ball. The decadent dresses, the pure couture styling, the classically refined setting... it's like a dream!
Those with a keen eye may have noticed the little wooden chairs weaved into their ugly sisters hair, seriously, is there anything more adorable?! Anyone who makes putting toy chairs in their hair stylish is all good in my books ;)

The styling of hair and makeup absolutely took my breath away - it helped to distinguish a contemporary edge from the classic fairytale ball scene, which in all respects appeals in a marketing sense and in that of fashion. The things we experience as children are bound to have an impact on our taste and style further on in life. Speaking as a girl who grew up aspiring to be a Disney princess, it's no surprise that fairytale balls intrigue me, along with many other young females who the product would be targeted at.
Personally, I've interpreted the advert as a springboard for inspiration - which just proves that classic designs can be remastered to create an awe-inspiring new generation of quirky refinement.

20 minutes later... Okay, I think I'm obsessed - I've watched this video at least six times now and each time I noticed different extras and their exquisite outfits. Oh, it kind of makes me wish the computer screen would just absorb me into their wonderful little world....

x x x



I've been spending a lot of time on polyvore lately (I swear it's addictive!) and I created some outfit combos on (what turned out to be) an autumnal / slightly militarian theme...

I actually started having palpitations whilst creating the last one; Marni Blazer + Burberry dress + McQueen clutch = major label swooning... and I couldn't resist including a classic Chanel bag, you know, for good measure. Not that I could possibly afford any one of these items, but hey we can all dream...

On another note, 'Dirty Little Liars' starts tomorrow night (8pm) on Viva!
I'm pretty excited about it 'cuz it's been described as "Gossip Girl meets The Clique meets Desperate Housewives". I already know the plot of the book series that the show is based on, so I'm keen to see if it does them justice. Here's a taster of what to expect...

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White Sky

I'm feeling a lot better since my last post, so thanks for all the lovely comments! You guys are sweeter than apple pie ;)

I think the last photo looks ever so slightly spooky... I took about a zillion spinning shots today but this was by far the best. Oooh I love spinning! Anti-clockwise is always fun, it's like I'm racing the Earth, but backwards.
Umm, I guess that doesn't make much sense, but it does after you've spun round so fast for so long that you crash headfirst into a wardrobe... What? Huh? No, I didn't do that! At least I don't remember doing that.... wow, has my forehead always been purple??


x x x


We let them fly too high and they shattered too soon

Another outfit post I forgot about, but I've been absent from the blog for about a week so I thought I should update ya'...
Meh, well I'm ill, and not the fun kind of ill where you get to eat buckets of ice cream and watch endless hours of day time tellie, nope, this is the "bleurgh, I can't stop the walls from spinning" kind of ill, also known as the "I'm gona see my breakfast twice today" virus, I'm not contagious or anything, but I feel absolutely vile.

Anywhoo, alongside my lame sympathy rant I'm gona tell you where my outfit's from;
*Cranberry Jumper - thrifted, £2
*Peter Pan collar shirt (which creases terribly) - thrifted, £4
*Navy blue dress with lacey underskirt - gift, from New Look.
*Black ribbon - found it lying around the house...
*Brogues - New Look, £15 >> which I got over a year ago, before I thrifted my laaavly other pair which I wear to death because they're so amazing, whereas these are a size to big so I've gota put insoles in them. Nice little fact there.

Alrighty, I'm off to go wallow in my illness, hope you're all having a fab week (:
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I change shapes just to hide in this place

Hello dears, hows life? Good, great, awesome, wowww.
I went to the the fair this evening; there's always something I find a little sinister about funfairs, but after going on several rides (which made me so dizzy it felt like my head had been spun to the point of oblivion) I actually started to have fun. It's amazing at night; with the frenzy lights, music blaring from all directions, the manic roaring of strangers as they wrestle their way through the crowds, (not really knowing where they're going of course, but they like you to think that they do).

What I'm Wearing: Baseball jacket - Topshop, Necklace - birthday gift, Shorts - Dorothy Perkins, Tee & Tights - Primark, Boots - New Look... basically head-to-toe high street.

My awesome panda hat is from River Island. A lot of people commented on how well my hat matched my jacket, which to be honest I was pretty thrilled about... I've been listening to a Mike Snow song called 'Animal' (oh how appropriate ;) and when I nod my head from side to side the little bobble ears bobble around, as all good bobble ears do, tehe.

TTFN lovlies! x x x
(p.s. it's 2 minutes after midnight now, despite what the timestamp says... I only just realised it was wrong :S)


Cupid shot my heart with a Canon

Beauty didn't have a meaning until this day... I love my new camera, it's like the total and utter embodiment of photographic brilliance. I haven't taken any photos using my darling DSLR yet, but every time I pick it up my heart races, my palms sweat, my knees shake and suddenly the world makes sense, ahaha.

Canon EOS 500D, I love thee.

Thank you for all the lovely birthday wishes in my previous two posts! I shall be replying to you each individually, but at the pace of a cyber-snail because all my college work has got me in a total tizzy!
Yes I just said 'tizzy', it's a fun word... tizz, tizzy, tizzyo! I hope it doesn't have an alternate meaning (other than the one that I just made up in my head... one sec, I'm gona google it.... ahem, "Tizzy: a state of confusion, anxiety, or excitement", so yeah, sounds about right.

Anywhoo I'm immensely pleased with my Canon camera (if you couldn't already tell ;) now I just can't wait to use it - but there's one thing that stands in my way... photography coursework, bleurgh, I'm overwhelmed with the irony.

TTFN you beautiful people!
x x x


Tapestry Bag.

Hello lovelies!
So I'm finally 18 and I'm totally overwhelmed with excitement for my next post! I won't tell you why just yet, but I think I'm in love...

In the mean time, I wanted to show you my darling tapestry bag which I bought from a vintage market stall the over summer. All my friends have seen me with it by now and I'll soon become notorious for parading it around absolutely everywhere...

I think the stall owner who sold it to me was Polish (he had such a cool accent!) and seemed really excited when I picked up the bag - he even made a serious effort to pitch it to me, little did he know my heart was already sold... for the bargain price of £4! Which undoubtedly kicks the high street versions in the bum-chika-wa-haa!
I'm a little VERY hyper-active right now 'cuz I've recently scoffed an entire Millie's birthday cookie... ooh I'm so bad, but that cookie was soo worth it ;)

TTFN! x x x