Your voice is like an echo of a lullaby

It's fair to say this black shirt and denim shorts have become part of my everyday look recently. But teaming them with pastel colours and an adorable little flower crown really helped enhancing my mood today, especially since I'm trapped in the house and I've pretty much lost my voice, boohoo.

Now this may be the strawberry strepsils talking, but I've been feeling strangely attracted to pink hair recently. With celebrities such as Ellie Goulding, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga looking pretty in pink, whose to say if this trend's to stay, or if it's to be stayed away from? Now in my potentially delusional state, dying my hair pink probably isn't the cleaverest idea, but I think if it's done right it can look really pretty. This isn't to say I'm gona rush out to the hairdressers, candyfloss in hand, and demand they bleach my barnet to match, but it is an idea I'll be toying with for a while...

pink hair images via weheartit.com

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You're an uninvited clown.

One of my favourite things about autumn is getting to wear my beloved grandad cardigan again... although I didn't love it so much this morning, when it made me sneeze 16 times in a row. I guess it was punishing me for leaving it in the dusty confines of my wardrobe for so long. Normally I wouldn't let myself be outwitted by winter wear this easily, but right now I'm too cold to care... I've been getting a lot of attention over my Union Jack nails this week - pretty patriotic huh? ;) I've been wanting to paint my nails like this for ages now, and since I bought a white nail art pen last week there was really no excuse not to. It was really time consuming though so I went with polka dots for the rest, buuut I might do a tutorial for the Union Jack design if any body's interested??

Anywhoo, on a quick fashion note, I just had to share with you my obsession for the SS'12 collection from "Band of Outsiders". I don't think there are enough words to describe how much I love this. I used to think that clothes had to be loud and unusual to be exciting, but I've grown to feel there's a certain beauty within the understated, and for me, this collection is the perfect embodiment of that. The thing that struck me the most about it was the wearability factor. I've had a thing for androgynous styling for a while now (*que epic rant on the brilliance that is D&G AW/11, along with the immense awesomeness of "The Kooples" - which I'll have to save for another post...) and seeing the way that different design houses adapt this trend has really inspired me. There also seems to be a slight Alexa Chung-esque aesthetic buried within the collection, which probably wasn't intentional, but it just makes me love it all the more.

... S'all for now folks. Enjoy the weekend!

EDIT: I've been trying to return comments but I'm having trouble posting on certain blogs. I have no clue why, the comment just doesn't load ...anybody else having a similar problem?? :/

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DIY△nosaur bag.

If there's anybody out there whose been reading my blog from the very beginning, you may recall my minor, okay major obsession, with Giles Deacon's metallic dinosaur bags from his SS'10 collection. Now although a genuine designer dino is waaaaaay out of my budget, one of my mum's friends made me a beautiful little DIY dino bag of my very own. I've called him Sebastian (out of all the random names in the universe, yes, I picked that one) and he's my new bestest friend.
Say "hello" Seb! ... Oh no wait, he can't, he has a head full of fluff - oh wow, just like me!
(see how we were made for each other :')

And here's the original dino bags in all their shining glory...

image via weheartit.com

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Stuck in her daydream, been this way since eighteen.

by Chris Little, image via weheartit

It's my birthday today!

Oh yeah, wow.

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Money can't buy back the youth of your life.

Myself and my dear friend Abi went shopping in Birmingham the other week and here's what I wore... I'm soo pleased with my new burgundy blazer (t'is from New Look), and it's rather snazzy if I do say so myself. Now autumn's on the way I just can't wait to wear this colour almost every day! (ooh that rhymed, tehe) it's so perfect, it's fair to say I'm a little obsessed.

I had an audition to be on a TV advert quite recently, it was soo much fun I was literally reeling from the excitement for hours later! Doubt I'll get chosen but just auditioning was a total thrill, and after my borderline depressing post last month on wishing I was still pursuing acting, it's given me a total confidence boost. I find out if I've been selected on my birthday of all days, but even if I don't hear back I'm just really happy I went for it all the same.

7 days til my birthday and I am totally psyched... most of my friends are off at uni now, which sucks, but I'm still determined to have a good time. I'm already pondering over what to spend my birthday money on... I could always invest it, in a very low yield bond, or maybe I should just go ahead and spend it on something ridiculous and fancy..... yeahh, think I'm gonna opt for the latter.
The only problem is I'm stuck between what to go for; Vivienne Westwood 'Melissa' shoes in rose glitter, floral Dr Martens, or Coco Mademoiselle Chanel perfume. The Melissa shoes are, let's face it, delightfully tacky; they're fun, sparkly, and not to forget ladies & gents they carry the simply scrumptious scent of bubblegum! Oh yeah, WOW. The DM's however would slip seamlessly into my wardrobe - they look great for walking in and my old boots are falling to pieces now so I need a new pair anyway. Ooh and then comes the Chanel perfume, which smells absolutely amazing, but however nice as it would be to smell like Kiera Nightly I think I've got my heart set on the shoes right now... the only problem is which pair?! The Melissa's have really got me excited, it's just being so expensive I can only afford one or the other :/ oh it's such a debacle, which shoes to choose??

Hope you all have an absolutely fantabulous weekend lovlies!
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The face that you wish was a ghost

Sometimes I wonder if I even have a style or if I just dress based on my mood. I'm not even sure how much I like this outfit anymore, but it's always fun experimenting, right? The leather-look backpack is a recent purchase, along with the tights and sparkly black nail polish (all from topshop). I haven't had a backpack for absolutely ages, and now I remember why - it's near impossible finding things at short notice and I'm always on edge that I'm an easy target for passing pickpockets. There's also the bizarre flashback I get from simply hearing the word 'backpack' - in my first year of secondary school I was known for sporting a giant backpack that made me look like a teenage mutant ninja turtle - and as cool as that sounds, it wasn't. But backpacks do have their benefits or course; they hold a surprising amount of stuff and they come with nifty little zip pockets (which come in so handy, especially when they don't work -_-) But the thing I really like about this backpack is the crackled leatherette texture; I find it gives off a slightly aged / distressed edge that I can't help but love. I know it's probably not to every one's taste but my mind's reeling now with all sorts of quirky styling ideas...

Have you made any random purchases lately?
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And are you cool? Symmetrical, analytical.

Soo it's my first day at a new college... I'm studying an art foundation course, and as expected I've got those dreaded first day jitters. I'm excited but at the same time I'm in a totally tizzy over what to wear - are ankle socks too cool for school? Should I have my hair up or down? And is turning up in my birthday suit making a statement or making a mahoosive mistake? (umm, I think we all know the answer to that one O_o)
Anywhoo, good luck to every one whose starting back at school / college / uni around now. I'd say if you get nervous just imagine everyone naked, but in my case you might not have to...

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Miu Miu Fall 2011 Campaign.

Images via.

Model: Hailee Steinfeld.
Photographer: Bruce Weber.

Ooh I really fancy some glittery shoes this a/w... I rather like these photos, mostly because I'm intrigued by the potential narratives behind them - as if by investing the clothes you become a character some tragic love story, yet the only thing tragic here is my easy attraction to sparkly objects and hopeless lusting over things I can't afford... ah well, we can all dream.

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We compliment each other like colours.

Really casual outfit today but I thought I might as well post it as I haven't shared an outfit in quite a while... I seem to be building up a little collection of American Apparel hoodies now, s'pose I wear this crimson one the most though.
I know most people don't exactly see hoodies as "high-fashion" but I think no matter what it's important to feel comfortable in what you wear, especially in this pathetic excuse for an English summer - it's cosy clothes ftw!

I'm off to the hairdressers later on this week. I have something in mind but I'm a little apprehensive how it's gona turn out. I've always been hopeless with making decisions and actually sticking to them, so I'm still unsure if I'm gona go through with it or not, but ah well we shall see mes amis...

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If we build a Utopia will you come and stay?

I was totally psyched to be back in London again this week. I went shopping around Oxford Circus, spent a rainy day wandering around the V&A, and then of course the primary purpose of the trip - I went to see "Wicked" the musical (oh it was without-a-doubt absolutely fantastic!) It reminded me just how much I love (and severely miss) acting... aside from being ridiculously shy, I used to love performing, it's always been something I've wanted to do, but I want to do so many things I'm finding it hard settling on a single direction. I need to figure out what it is I want the most, and soon... I was supposed to start applying for University last year but I've put it off to do an art foundation (which, don't get me wrong, I'm immensely excited about) it's just I don't know where to go from there.
It's like I'm making the biggest decision of my life, and I still feel like a child... uhh, I'm not ready for this.
Where's Peter Pan when you need him to whisk you off to Neverland, ay??

Today's Anthem: "Shangri-La" by Yacht.
(I've listened to this song soo much it's kindof getting on my nerves now O_o)

Ooh, btw just wanted to say a quick "hi" to my new followers (and the older ones too!) Sorry for the sombre tone of this post, I didn't intend for it to turn so personal, I just hate being this indecisive, but anyone thinking about uni / their future will get what I mean.
Hope everyone whose been getting GCSE / A level results recently got the grades they wanted - have a fab weekend lovlies!

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Since Christopher Kane released his galactic resort collection last year I have been absolutely obsessed with galaxy prints, and although I keep telling myself I'll DIY one of his magnificent t-shirts myself one day, I never seem to get around to it, but something that was more to my talents crossed my eye again quite recently... galaxy nails, oh yeahh, wow.

They're not too tricky, but I think it's an effect that requires a fair bit of patience.
So here's me trying to give you the low-down on how to create this look yourself but I'll probably end up making it sound more complicated than it actually is, so I'm sorry bout that lovlies, but here goes...

After applying clear varnish as a base coat I proceeded with a layer of purple polish. (I tend to go for Barry M' cuz they have a great range of colours to choose from and it's not too expensive.) I then sponged some indigo polish on top - making sure not to go all the way down and keep it darker towards the tip of each nail to create a sortof tonal impression. After that I applied a layer of glittery polish, and then finished with several coats of clear varnish, in the hopes of maintaining my nail art for as long as humanly possible... (when I say 'several' I actually applied about 6 coats, which is probably why they look so shiny, but it was really just an extra precaution, so one or two coats should be fine) ...aaand that's it! Umm, ta-dah!

If anyone tries to create this effect at home then please let me know cuz I'd love to see how it turns out for you.

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They stare at me while I stare at you

Wow, sorry I haven't posted in a while, time flies when you're having fun though right? ;)

I went to a festival a few weeks ago, saw Eliza Dolittle who was literally ah-mazing! Here's a little faux-laroid I snapped of her...

Faux-laroid's just my hipster way of saying that although it may look like a polaroid, it's not, sadly... I used an online Polaroid app. Check out poladroid.net if you fancy transforming your everyday digital photos into a quirky kitsch pola-ola-olaroids, oh yeahhh.
Hope your all having an amazing summer so far! Sorry I've been such a useless blogger of late,I'm switching the comments off for now cuz I'm so behind on replies but I should be back to regular posting soon, *fingers crossed*
... Ciao fo' now and all that jazz.
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Look at the wonderful mess we've made.

Sorry for the recent hiatus, I'm totally swamped with revision again this week but I just wanted to thank you all for the absolutely lovely comments on my recent posts. I'll be replying to you all soon as possible, but until then here's some of my latest fish eye photos, have an amazing week lovlies!

Today's Anthem: "FLAWS" by Bastille.
. . . I'm absolutely head over heels in love with this song!

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New York, I love you.

Umm yeah, so I went to New York, it was kind of alright you know, nothing special...

Psssh, nothing special?! Hah, I hope you know I'm kidding - it was the single most exciting week of my life! I took like a zillion photos, the best of which I've compiled into this (ridiculously lengthy) post especially for you, my lovely readers. So after much ado, here's to that utterly immense week I spent in...

New York City!

We went to all of the typical touristy places, such as; the Empire State Building, Times Square, Planet Hollywood, Central Park, Ground Zero, The Statue of Liberty, Museum of Modern Art and the Museum of Moving Image.

I fell in love with the Andy Warhol exhibition at the MoMA - which showcased a series of his living portraits (basically silent video recordings of Warhol's greatest muses (such as Edie Sedgwick) on loop projected against the wall). I've gota admit I was ever so slightly blown-away by it all, they actually reminded me of the moving paintings in Harry Potter (which meant they were awesome, obviously ;) And whilst we're talking magic I've gota rave about the view from the top of the Empire State Building ...We went at night and honestly, it was the most magical thing I'd ever seen - the city illuminated in the cloak of darkness, just like something out of a fairytale, except better, because it was real.

Now for the celebrity orientated capers... First off we went to a Knicks (basketball) game, at which we spotted Vanessa Hudgens (star of Disney's High School Musical), oh yeahh, wow. We were also lucky enough to go on a tour of NBC studios (aka. the amazing people behind "Friends"). We saw the set for "Saturday Night Live" - apparently Miley Cyrus and The Strokes were in the building somewhere 'cuz they were both scheduled to be on the show later that evening... Of course, I wasn't star struck or anything, although ok, crowd mentality may have got the better of me... running round the building like a total raving lunatic hunting for autographs was a little out of character after all... *awkward silence* ...yeahhh, so anyway, after the tour we stumbled into "La Maison Du Chocolat" and I finally tried an authentic French macaroon. (it was nice but I couldn't help but think maybe they're a teensy bit over-rated *le gasp* ...sorry, I'm sure there's people reading this who adore them, but I'm a fairy cake fan myself ;)

On our last day I went on a bit of a spending spree in American Apparel. I bought a pair of lace trim cycling shorts, cranberry chiffon skirt and a forest green hoody - all of which you'll probably be seeing in outfit posts pretty soon.
Aside from that I didn't do much shopping (which is kind of an achievement for me ;) However, on our way walking round Times Square one night, a group of us got coerced into buying CD's from a street merchant (aka. conman) who hustled us into buying 15 tracks of straight-up gangster rap, brap brap. So that was $20 well spent, or not as the case may be... But other than that, and the dreaded jet lag, it was an immensely epic adventure and I'd really love to go again one day.

Pheww, if you read all that you're a total legend, give yourself a pat on the back ;)

- All photos taken by me, do NOT copy or reproduce without my prior consent -
(or else the demon sea monkeys will hunt yo' down feast on yerr soul, boom-boom-pow!)

Today's Anthem: "Why Don't You" - Gramophonedzie
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She's not phased by the darkness in her soul

Finally time for a new outfit post! I don't know if my style's changed in any way since my recent absence but I'm just happy experimenting with different looks for now, so today I went for a "sombre sophisticated" kind of look. I find it refreshing that I feel pretty in such a simple outfit 'cuz usually I'd be piling on the accessories or finding a way to add a whimsical twist, I guess the 'new minimalism' trend has finally struck me (almost a year after everybody else...) but what do you lovelies think?

Lace-insert jumper - Topshop . . . Navy skirt - Primark . . . Pocket watch necklace - Miss Selfridge.

Today's Anthem: "Night bus" by Lucy Rose... if you like acoustic music then you'll love this girl, her lyrics are just beautiful.

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