Gingerbread Earrings.

Just a quick update... I wanted to show you these adorable little earrings I bought last week (@ Claire's Accessories). They're the magnetic kind because I don't have pierced ears. To be honest the magnets pinch a bit if I wear them for too long... oh but they were just too cute to resist! (I would say they're 'sweet' but it's probably a little cliché, tehe)

I've been really weighed down with coursework stress lately that I've broken that unwritten taboo of not updating in over a week, so I really must apologise for neglecting you beautiful people and your ever so beautiful blogs. I should be back on blogger by Tuesday (after my art deadline) and will start replying to comments again then, but for now I've gota bury myself in my sketchbook... 'til then TTFN!

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Wandering down the rabbit hole.

Alice: "This is impossible!"
Mad Hatter: "Only if you believe it is"

Here's some of the photos I shot at Abi's Mad Hatter's tea party... including the epic dormouse cake (last photo) and my clock hat (which, just to note, doesn't cover my face like that all the time, I tilted my head to spare you the horror that is my face...) oh and just below that there's the cameo skirt that I wore it with (which you can see a little better in this post here).


Cranberry & Navy

What I'm Wearing; Cranberry Jumper - thrifted . . . Navy blazer - Debenhams (sale!) . . . Scrabble letter necklace - gift . . . Carousel necklace - Accessorize . . . Clock necklace - topshop . . . Cream scarf - Zara.

This was yesterdays outfit but I'm such a scatterbrain I forgot post it in time... along with my fave necklaces at the moment, which I decided to wear all at once, 'cuz I'm far too fickle to choose just one, tehe.

I'm off to a Mad Hatters Tea Party this afternoon. Now as we all know (or in my case, didn't know until earlier this week) it is customary at such an event, to wear your most outlandishly awesome hat, so I'll be wearing my vintage clock hat, which (other than my beloved bowler hat) is the most epic hat I own. I've also got a surprise for the birthday girl, which involves eating a mouse in a teapot... I bet you're all horrified now, but I don't want to ruin the surprise, as much as I don't want you to think I eat mice, so I might as well tell you... we've made her a cake, shaped like a teapot, with a little sugar mouse peeping his head out (oh and by "we've" I mean my mum did everything whilst I 'supervised' ;) ... yep, it was a real team effort *cough cough*

Today's Anthem: "Bird Song w/. intro" - Florence + the Machine.

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What did you learn from your time in the solitary cell of your mind?

"It's better when things aren't perfect... at least that way, you know it's real"

Today's Anthem: "The boy with the arab strap" by Belle & Sebastian.

All images via weheartit.com
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There's a ghost in this house, and when he sings it sounds just like you.

I was delighted to find my awesome new skirt had arrived in the mail the other day. I'd been craving this beauty for quite a while but talked myself out of it countless times due to the self-proclaimed 'Grand Sequin Debacle'. I'm not crazy enough to count each sequin individually (I lost count after about 250... ok so I am a little crazy... and currently facing the sequin equivalent of snow blindness) but the absolute second one of those little sequins drops off will mark the beginning of the end (not just of the skirt, but also of my so-called life).
So why did I buy it regardless? Well when the priced dropped considerably in the sales and the only size left in stock was mine, so it felt like fate was compelling demanding me to buy that skirt! And I didn't want to upset fate now, did I??
Although I was a little surprised by it's appearance; on the website it was a sort of lilac grey with silver sequins, which on closer inspection looks more like elephant grey with tarnished gold and grey sequins, but whatever, it's still incredible.

Thanks for all the lovely comments on my last post btw. I won't be replying to them straight away because all my cwk deadlines are this month, the first of which is coming up this week so I've really gota focus, sorry, I'll try to write back soon! Until then, have an amazing week!

Today's Anthem: "Ghost" by Robyn Dell'Unto.

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Those who don't believe in magic will never find it - Roald Dahl.

Whimsical (adj. whim·si·cal) : determined by chance or impulse rather than by necessity or reason. "Capricious, peculiar, playfully odd, spontaneous, light-hearted or amusing".

(Warning: pointlessly lengthy post, you have been warned...)
'Whimsical' is officially my new favourite word. (Uhh, you have a favourite word? Isn't that a little weird?... Yeah well, so's your face, aha-ha.)
Oh but seriously, I've come to think it describes my style / personality pretty well. I've been having a style dilemma recently (sort of torn between 'who I am and who I want to be') but after a while I realised, why do I have to stick to just one style? That's like only ever eating one flavour of ice cream *shivers at the thought*. Which is perfectly fine if you only like that one flavour, but I like to mix it up a bit from time to time, mostly because I'm impossibly fickle... So when the man in the 'Mr Whippy' van asks me which flavour of ice cream I want, I put the same level of thought into my answer as if a friendly shop assistant had asked me if I'm looking for a range / style of clothing in particular (which they never do, but theoretically) my answer is this; Raspberry sorbet (the equivalent of romantic, sweet, feminine) + triple chocolate (darker, richer, all be it a little messy) = the perfect ice cream / style combo in my whimsical little world.
Of course if I accidentally swapped these metaphors I get pretty bizarre expressions cast back at me. Asking Mr Whippy for something 'romantic but dark' I wouldn't be surprised if he leapt out of his van and threw himself into my arms... nope, not surprised, more like utterly horrified, as the average age a standard Mr Whippy ice cream vendor is about 45.
- - - -
Anywhoo, random rant aside, I've been feeling a little depressed this week (winter blues I suppose...) so how do I cheer myself up? By acquiring a rather 'spiffing' pair of metallic shoes of course! tehe. I'm wearing them here with a pair of iridescent tights that I got for Christmas, which are awesome (mmm-hmm, awesome, it goes without saying, but wow I said it anyway, just to stress my point. So yeah, awesome.)

I know I've posted this 'Just Jack' song before but I really like it. The sounds of violins makes me happy, I used to play myself, but dear old Rosie (that's what I named my violin, oh yes I name things) is tucked safely beneath a mountain of clothes on the off chance that musical pirates raid the house to kidnap her... it's not just because my room is untidy, nope, I'm much cleaverer than that... so cleaver in fact I just realised 'cleaverer' is not a real word, oohhh.

Today's Anthem: "Embers" by Just Jack.

(p.s. "Happy New Year!" to all you fabulous people who visit my blog, you have no idea how happy your comments make me, so spread a little joy, yeah? ;)

...(p.p.s sorry if I've confused / mortified you with my ice cream rant, I'm clearly on a sugar high, so if you managed to read all that than 'Congratulations you are a total legend!' but you've also lost about 5 minutes of your life... was it worth it? Meh, probably not, but I truly love you for your other-worldly level of enthusiasm. Cheers m'dears!)

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