Through a stranger's eyes I'm everything but myself

I've got Paramore's "Turn it off" running through my head at the moment;
"I'm watching everyone I looked up to break and bending, it's getting harder to believe in anything than just to get lost in all my selfish thoughts..."
Gotta love Paramore - I have their RIOT poster on my bedroom door. It's upside down... the poster, not the door. It fell off a while ago and my mum put it back up the wrong way. At first I couldn't be bothered to fix it, but then I decided I actually prefer it that way :')
Just thought I'd share that little fact with you.

Anywayz, I went for a rumble through my grandparent's wardrobe yesterday. It's the best place to find vintage things really, and guess what?? No price tags! Wehey!
I'm practically broke right now, but I'm a shopping addict and I've got a week of spending (money I don't have) up ahead.
Eeeeeeep, I wonder if there's such a thing as shopaholics anonymous? Apparently there's a hot line for people who are addicted to jaffa cakes, not sure if it's true or not, but I think that's pretty awesome if it is ;)

Here's what I wore / unearthed from the closet...

My gran let me keep the bag! Awww she's adorable. I keep showing my friends pictures of her, she's got that 'regally photogenic' thing going on, haha. Yeah, I love my gran.
You know who else I love? You guys! Thanks so much for following - your comments make my day :')
T.T.F.N you beautiful people!
x x x


Nothing in particular.

Well yesterday I took time off from my 'oh so busy' schedule of doing nothing, to actually do some revision.
Whoopdeedoo, my life is soo dull.
I'm now in the process of making a brooch. I went to the haberdashery this morning to pick up some lace to customise a black clutch bag too. If it turns out ok I'll post pictures at a later date.

Anywhoo, here's what I wore today... Inspiration from here. :)

* My darling cloche hat - Acessorize @ Monsoon £25
(I know it's expensive for a hat, but I fell helplessly in love with it and simply couldn't resist ;)
* Blazer - 2nd hand
* Skirt - thrifted
* Black lace tights - £8
* Shoes - £7 thrift

I wish I was brave enough to cut my hair like a 1920s flapper. I'm actually really sick of it at this length... it's not short, it's not long, it's just kinda 'there'. I also considered dying it red. I don't know how dark, maybe the same shade as a postbox? tehe.
Sorry about ranting, it's just soo frustrating!

Wow. I love vintage photographs. I found some old photos from my grandparents wedding that I thought I'd share with you...

Hope you're all having a nice week!
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Abracadabra! Wow.

First off, song for the day: "Get busy Living or Get busy Dying" by Fall Out Boy.
Little more dramatic than the usual, but I liked the lyrics...
"Talking's just a waste of breath. And living's just a waste of death. And why put a new address on the same old lonliness."

I'd noticed that quite a few people were doing their own versions of 'Cassie's Therapy Video' . For any of you who don't know, Cassie's a character from the original cast of 'Skins' . I believe the chain began at 'The Little Blog of Happiness' << click for more deatils :)
Anyway I thought I'd give it a try myself... If you fancy it too then copy the words below that are in bold and make your own post :)
Here goes nothing, or perhaps, something...

I like boys with sweeping fringes. I like girls with fairy-like charm and floaty dresses.
I like wearing pearls, they make me feel fancy.

I like exploring.
I like taking photos.
I like finding beauty in things that others rarely notice.
I like reflections, just not my own.
I like snowdrops on spiders’ webs - laced around old black fences.
I like watching movies.
I like spending time on my own, but I don’t like being alone.
I like strangers and the strange things they say.
I like doing nothing for hours so it becomes something.
I like facing my fears.
I love it when it feels like you’re alive.
Today, I don’t want to waste another day being afraid. I wish to be brave. If I close my eyes tight enough, hold my breath long enough, wish, wish hard enough, then maybe, just maybe, I'll open my eyes again, and feel... different.

In some ways, I love everything. It’s less, it’s less of a thing to like, it’s less distinct, it’s less particular. I like things that I like, but I love everything. There’s more choice in like, cos even the worst things have things you love in them. I don’t know what you mean about things I hate.

I hate wearing my glasses.
I hate awkward conversations and talking on the phone.
I hate the taps in public toilets.
I hate lip gloss... it tastes strange.
I hate that feeling of vulnerability, when you know you’ve let them too close.
I hate salt and vinegar crisps but in a way I love salt and vinegar crisps because I can smell them before even opening the packet.
I hate fake tan.
I hate being hated, but it’s better than being loved for something you’re not.
I hate this, wow. . . Sorry.

You're also supposed to tag three other lovely people to do it too, so I'm gona tag....
Jazzabelle, Olivia and Shannon.

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Stars shining throughout the day ★

Today I am loving Diana Vickers new song 'Notice' - I was watching her perform on the hollyoaks music show on t4 and was surprised to see that she was actually wearing shoes whilst performing, which was a rare thing to be seen on her back when she was on the x-factor ;)

Anywhoo, I had a truely amazing day yesterday! I went down to London with some friends to see a fashion show by the exceedingly talented Osman Yousefzada - which I heard about via the lovely Jazzabelle @ Jazzabelle's Diary.

(Sorry about the picture quality but here's) What I wore....

* Lace Dress - Dorothy Perkins, £25
* Blazer - 2nd hand
* Hat - Vintage (from my granny's cupboard)
* Belt - New Look, £5
* Shoes - thrifted, £7

The show was being held at London's famous Victoria & Albert Museum.

It was utterly stunning and we were lucky enough to get front row seats!
There were two dancers at the beginning of the show who were displaying the way Osman's clothes move on human form. The male dancer leapt around like a deer, whereas the girl twirled around as if caught in a whirlpool of silky blue chiffon. It was breathtaking! What I was most fascinated by was the shoes - the structure and embellishment were so inspired.

However, not very conventional for a trip to the supermarket... every time a model stumbled I held my breath. The models were all so well focused, yet you could see that glimmer of disappointment in their eyes when they wobbled. It must be absolutely terrifying being a catwalk model; having everyone staring at you with adoration and at the same time sheer jealously - sat with baited breath waiting for you to fall.

It was great to see Osman at the end of the show. He seemed so modest but the little smile on his face shone brighter than all the catwalk lights - you could tell he was thrilled with the outcome. Plus, I loved him all the more because of his fluorescent pink socks - which were pulled triumphantly over his trousers.

Afterwards we sat in the beautiful garden, surrounded by a flurry of lemon trees and the glaring sunlight.

We then went to see the Grace Kelly exhibition which was so lovely; packed with an array of her most beautiful ensembles.

I particularly liked the orange (yes that's right, orange) dress with lavish crystal embellishment around the chest, and what appeared to be a chandelier headdress.
Grace Kelly was commonly seen with a pair of white gloves as part of her daytime charm. And I debated for ages over whether I should buy a GK' inspired pair from the gift shop. In the end my friends talked me out of it, tbh they were a tad pricey for me, so I might have to hunt down a vintage pair instead.

We also had a look around the fashion zone which surrounded the exhibition. They had one of Alexander McQueen's dresses from his final collection.

I spotted it from a distance and actually ran over squealing in disbelief! Just a sheet of glass separating me and an original McQueen! Oh Mr.McQueen, a shining star of fashion, cut down in his prime. R.I.P.

Here's some more pics I took in the surrounding gallery...

You comments are like little drops of sunlight peering through a clouded sky :)
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The world's so much better when you don't fit

I went to the garden centre with my darling grandmother this afternoon - she was on a hunt for plant pots. I however got distracted by some rather groovy cacti' ....

My song for the day - "Ladder in my Tights" by Amy Studt. I used to love her music; it's so down-to-earth and pleasantly aggressive. Her lyrics make me smile because I can relate, but not to the extreme of wanting to blow up houses, though that does sound fun... just kidding. Mwahaha. n_n
The song's mostly about not fitting in, which is something that a lot of people experience, and undoubtedly so do my darling cacti' - they look different and are therefore easily dismissed, but the fact they're unusual makes them all the more beautiful. What do you think true beauty means? Feel free to leave a comment and discuss :)

On to other unusual and beautiful things...

My new necklace that I am absolutely in love with! It's from Dorothy Perkins - I also saw a silver 'Happily Ever After' necklace in the same style from Topshop a while ago (which was nearly twice as expensive!)

I went on a hunt for cameo jewellery today; after the disappointment of missing out on the most gorgeous belt in the universe - it was on sale for £45! Ridiculous right?! But it was by a designer called Galliano and it was electric pink with a chunky cameo at the front. My mum gasped at the price and demanded I make my own instead... and so I shall.
I bought a few more similar cameo's in different colours as they were only £1 from this vintage jewellery shop near my Gran's house. I'll probably turn them into brooches or an eclectic necklace (with ribbons, pearls and other sparkly things..) tehe.

x x x


I can see your eyes turn blue, I can see the weather change in you

Blog title: 'Cold Summer' by Seabear - really loving this song atm.

Not sure if I really like this picture, but I wanted to do a 'What I'm Wearing' post, and for that to be done I needed a photo. So here goes....
* Denium shirt - New Look, £20
* Hareem shorts - Topshop, £30
* Vest - Peacocks, £1.50
* Grey socks - Primark, £2
* Plimpsoles - New Look, £5,
* Shopper bag - Topshop (obviously) free!

Tbh. this look was inspired by yesterday's episode of 'Fock Me' on T4. Everyone seemed to be wearing a lot blue - afterall the episode's theme was 'the Americana look'. Which means a lot of; high waisters, double and triple denium, (classic hi-top) trainers, Grease inspired, varsity jackets, stars and stripes, over-the-knee socks teamed with short shorts, baseball caps... all swamped in a pallet of red, white & blue.
I absolutely can't wait for next weeks episode! Romantic look + Nottingham + Ellie Goulding = perfection.

So it's the begining of study leave and well.... I get easily distracted. Who studies during study leave anyway? ......ermmm, EVERYONE!
Ah well, I guess I'll be the hopeless exception then.... although, I only have one exam and it's not til next month. So one day off doesn't realllly make a difference. Riiiight?
Yh, I knew you'd agree :D tehe.

I went for a walk and took some photos. In a cunning attempt to make the weather look warmer than it is, I put my 80's sunnies infront of the lens as I was taking the photos to give them 'a warm summer glow'.

These would look great as polaroids. I really want a polaroid camera, I saw one for £200 not so long back, but I'm useless wih saving up... I fall in love with clothes too easily and spend all my money on them instead (that and fabric for my own designs, which I rarely get round to finishing... oh and millie's cookies!) - proof that money can buy love. Expensive love mind you ;)

I'm really looking forward to going to London this Friday! I'll explain more later, but the words; Fashion, Show, Grace, Kelly, 'Oh-Em-Geee', simply make me want to explode with excitement! Hope you're all having a lovely Monday! :) xox


Return to the Medieval Fair

First off, I must apologise for the length of this blog post. I know long blocks of text put some people off, but this post is mostly pictures so it's worth a look all the same - hope you enjoy!

Today I actually made the effort to drag my lazy self out of bed to go skating on a Saturday. It's so out of the blue it's slightly unsettling. Although before Christmas I used to go skating every Saturday for the past two years. That's commitment for you! Anywhooo... after skating me and my friends went to our fave Thai restaurant for lunch.

This beautifully-crafted vegetable flower was carved out of a Swede! The first time I went to that restaurant I thought it was made of mango and tried to take a bite out of it... if you've ever tasted Swede, thinking it was mango you would share my disappointment.

Then we went to the medieval-themed craft fair that was still happening in town square. I dragged mt friends down to the Pure Indulgence cupcakes stand (which I mentioned in a previous post...) and we bought a little box, including; mint chocolate, passion fruit and white chocolate, black forest gateau, and lemon meringue. Oh we're such naughty things ;)

I had a proper look at the other stalls this time and saw some pretty cool and kitsch stuff...

Fair trade owl backpacks. Aren't they sweet? A quirky fashion statement, but who am I to talk! I wanted a metallic dinosaur bag not so long back...

These hairpins (above) were made in Thailand. They were just too cute not to buy one, so I loosened the purse strings and dashed my cash (what am I talking about?!) basically they were a little more than I'd like to spend on hairpins, or food... but I couldn't resist.

We thought these models were adorable and really well crafted. If you fancy taking a look at their other items, then you can visit them at www.tincanmodels.com

A hanging basket shaped like a pig, awww.

After that we were quite hot and wanted to sit down indoors, so we headed over to Starbucks. However, we were too lazy to walk all the way around the fountain, so we ran though it instead. Definately NOT a clever idea if you're wearing plimpsoles. Haha. I had to leave them to dry in the window...


Trying to stimulate a mind that is slowly starting to decay

I had my photography deadline today, so I thought I'd show you some of my best pics, oh you lucky things! The topic was on reflections and my primary focus was shooting mannequins in shop windows.

I am absolutely gutted because my camera got trodden on the other day and now the screen's cracked and insurance won't cover it! :( And though my mother is having what Miss Georgia Nicholson would call a 'nervy b' - I simply shrug my shoulders and say "Oh what a pity...."
My camera is infact my pride and joy, yet I have an unusual habbit of drastically underreacting to such a tragic demise. What's wrong with me?! Woooow, you don't wana go down that route, we'll be here for hours...

Feel free to leave a comment, they're muchly appreciated. Ta-ta dearies! x