Teenage Wasteland

Sorry to swamp you with pictures but I went to the SPLENDOUR festival in Nottingham at the weekend. We saw acts like Calvin Harris, The Noisettes, Athlete, OKGO, and The Pet Shop Boys. The Noisettes were incredible live! And we met one of the members of OKGO backstage - he was so friendly and down-to-earth. When you see people on stage it's like they're put up on a pedestal - like they're more than human, but when we spoke to the guy he just seemed... normal. I don't know why I was so surprised, I always thought that fame changes people, but he seemed pretty humble. You've all heard of OKGO right? Video with the treadmills? If not you absolutely have to check it out here.

This is the top I wore - when I first saw it I thought that it wasn't exactly my style but I tried it on anyway and really liked it. I've been trying to put a limit on my spending lately... as you can see, it's not working. Sometimes I feel like the girl from the movie 'Confessions of a Shopoholic' - living in a material world, where everthing I own somehow defines me. Except I don't imagine the manequins are whispering in my ear like sirens of the super store... not all the time anyway ;)
Do you ever feel paranoid that the manequins come to life at night? ...Nope? Oh, me neither then.

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  1. Looks amazing at splendour! I really like the top and the jewellery you paired it with.

  2. Oooh i love The Noisettes!

    Seen him live twice, and that's still not enough :(


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    With love, Samm

  5. i'mn incredibly jealous; i love the noisettes! <3

  6. THat's an incredible top. I wish I could have such fun here. We don't have any awesome festivals like this.

  7. it would be so funny!!!
    and the "music" bag? hahaha I like it!

  8. Love the layered necklaces over your shirt!

    xx Cristina

  9. I love all the pics. They are amazing!
    I follow u

  10. A fellow Notts lass right? :) I'm originally from near there, though had I any idea this fest was one I'd've been back like a shot! Looks like a wicked event, ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad