tell me what you're running from

... New years resolution? Get back to blogging!

So much has happened since I last posted... I went to Italy back in November (which is where I took zee photo above), ate lots of pasta, pizza ectra, ooh and we went to the Hard Rock Cafe - which was epic! haha, but aside from eating my weight in carbohydrates, the main reason for the trip was to see the 'biennale' which is this international art festival. It was, nice. Anyway, it's such a beautiful place, I'd definitely recommend a visit!

I had my hair dyed at the end of October buuuut have yet to show you guys. Ombre, dip-dye, whatever it is you cool cats are calling it, well, it’s on my head! IKR, wow. The stylist referred to them as ‘caramel starlights’ – which may sound like those questionable chocolates your aunt got you for Christmas, but turns out its hip hairdressing lingo for dying half my hair blonde. I know last time I posted I was babbling on about pink hair, but honestly I'm so happy with this style I'm thinking it's a keeper.


  1. Lovely outfit! So jealous you went to Italy, I bet the food was amazing and I love the Hard Rock Cafe too :) xx

  2. Ooh love the hair, and the pretty bow. V jealous of your Italy trip, Venice is beauuutiful. xx

  3. Great blog I'm following :) hope you will follow back



  4. Mmm I love Italy but I would definitely be a big fatty if I lived there!!!

    Love the hair, I love the style but don't have the guts or hair long enough to do it myself, but it looks fab on you!!

    Loving the blog too lady - now following :) xx

  5. I adore your hair! I've been to Italy, it's so, so beautiful.

  6. I just found your blog and I'm glad your new year resolution is to keep on blogging because your blog is great! You dress so beautifully, kind of romantic and dreamy ha xx

  7. Your great looks so so good! I've been wanting to have my done for-bloody-ever, but they say it's going to take like 3 appointments to get it to this stage which means lots of money, bad times!

    I love the collar poking out of the jumper - too cute!

  8. I wanna go italy too. You look great!
    I'm your new follower btw.

    Happy 2012 blogging! (:

  9. Your hair looks amazing, and I love your ribbon tie too :) xx

  10. Thanks so much for your comment :) Loving your blog! Where are your tights from, they are amazing!!xx

  11. Love that jumper and ribbon coming out over it!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog!

  12. Sorry it took me a while getting back to you, Thankyou for your lovely comment on my blog!