Keep your head up, keep your heart strong

Introducing the phenomenal Katie Burns modelling my latest creation - a dip dyed sundress I made for my college print project. I was honoured with the task of modelling the dress Katie designed too, so hopefully I'll be posting a couple of her photos at the weekend.
Thank you for all the lovely comments on my last post btw, I know I can't say it enough but they really make me smile! I had my first uni interview yesterday and I'm relieved to say I think it went pretty well (that is aside from feeling like my arms were about to drop off from carrying my A1 beast of a portfolio around -.-) I've just started a new project so I'm gona be a busy bee for a while but I'll make sure to return comments as soon as poss... 'til then my dears!


  1. gorgeous! what university did you apply for and what course?

  2. what a gorgeous dress, loving the dip dye effect! you talented lady <3

  3. such a beautiful photos.. i love the pearls necklace goes with the red lipstick and red roses..
    look so dramatic, isn't it?

    Neon Attract