I brought a stick to a gun fight

It's an awkward moment when a plant in the garden seems to eclipse my entire outfit, oh dear, lol. Super casual look for today as I've been painting walls in the studio ready for our upcoming exhibition. Katie said my outfit reminded her of Maddona in the 90s, probably the bad ponytail and cross jewellery that did it... Auhh, I swear that ponytail has a mind of it's own - it started off at the back of my head and slowly creeped it's way round to the side. I've tried redoing it time and time again but I guess it just likes chilling next to my face (who wouldn't? :P) These photos kindof make me cringe, but perfectionism is exhausting, so guess I'm posting them anyway. Switching comments off for the time being cuz I'm immensely backlogged but feel free to comment the one below, later lovlies! x