HOW TO: Galaxy Nails // Pylones ring

I love anything and everything galaxy related (from stars to chocolate bars... ooh now I want chocolate, damn it brain). Anywhoo, I did a Galaxy Nails how-to forever ago and felt like trying it again (with purple instead of blue this time so it's totally different okay ;P) I was inspired by this image of the Carina nebula [via]. I decided to use Barry M nail polish as they're quick drying, well pigmented and come in an amazing range of colours, plus they're really inexpensive which is always a win.
Sooo quickfire tutorial time; I started with a clear basecoat, painted all my nails black, then sponged some purple ontop about halfway down the nail. When that dried I dabbed some pink polish onto the edges to create a more tonal effect and finished with a coat of glitter. Eh voila!
I always get compliments when I do this but it really isn't too complicated, just a little time consuming waiting for the polish to dry between layers. I also find it useful to do a coat of clear afterwards to preserve it, or sometimes add a second coat of glitter.
The specific shades I used for this were; Barry M' 47 black, 302 fuchsia, 303 bright purple, and Rimmel lasting finish in "disco ball".

I also wanted to show you this ring I bought from a little shop on Carnaby Street. It has tiny fragments of enamel encased inside a glass cube. It's made by a French brand called 'Pylones', who also have a similar range with coloured ink trapped inside. Check them out on their website here.


  1. I'm obsessed with anything galaxy too! Thanks for the tutorial I'll definitely be trying it out soon :)


  2. They look so cool, not sure if I have the patience for that!

    Water Painted Dreams

  3. oh woww those nails are absolutely amazing! i remember when you did them in your other post and was totally mesmerised aha! definitely need to try this out once i get my hands on more nail varnish!

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    I'd really appreciate it!

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  5. Perfect. I want to try it.