I want a pet dragon!

I don't have a vast collection of mythical creature photography - so this photo of a dragon at chinese new year will have to do :)

I saw the movie "How to train your dragon" today, and because it's a kids film I wasn't expecting to like it, but honestly, it wasn't too bad.

So, I've come to the conclusion that having a pet dragon would be rather cool, or hot actually... you know, cuz they breathe fire

(...bad, bad, baaaad joke, I know)

It would deffinately save on bus faire because I could just fly everywhere - soaring through the skys whilst the people below grind their teeth through the rush hour traffic.
There's an abandoned men's club behind our house so I could keep Sydney there (yes, I shall name my dragon Sydney, and he shall be mine) and there's a park nearby where we could play frisbee during those warm summer evenings.
He could feast on the pigeons which keep falling down our chimney (it's rather haunting having to listen to them die but once they've fallen in, sadly, there's no way out.... hmmm, we should really get that seen to).

Now for the negatives...
If he ever got sick we couldn't take him to the vets without the fear that one look at a needle and he'll roast the vet and gobble him whole. He could even turn rogue and eat me, "baaaad Sydney, very naughty dragon". He could accidentally set the men's club on fire and become a public menace and then we'd get exiled and have to join a travelling circus - which might not be so bad... but I'd miss my home luxuries too much.

So chances of getting a dragon don't look good. Maybe I'll get a lizard instead....

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