Bouncy hoppers could cut carbon emissions

Using a slow shutter speed is magnifficent, hehe.

First off I just wanted to state how happy I am after discovering I have 2 followers! hehe. Thankyou Michelle and Omara (I'm not sure how to tag people in posts but I guess you'll see this eventually) so thankyou guys! :D

Alrighty then, down to business.... politics!
Oooh, hope I haven't put you off! Well I thought I might as well talk about something 'of meaning' as my life isn't all that interesting atm and everyone keeps talking about the political debates.
Now in the world of politics as I am still under 18, I am apparently too young to have an opinion on who determines the fate of our country - our beautiful little country which sits quite happily upon slowly eroding ground on the ticking time bomb which we call mother earth.

So I've been doing my research, and I discovered the most outrageous political party in the history of strange...
Introducing; "The Monster Raving Loony Party" duh-duh-duh-duhhhh!

I read their manifesto and some of their policies include:
To reduce children's fear of needles nurses will be provided with tranqueliser riffles to issue injections
The Loch Ness Monster should put on the 'endangered speices' register
Socks to be sold in threes (incase one gets eaten by the washing machiene)
School dinners to be scanned regularly for radioactivity
And if more than 3 pigeons are found in the main corridor the school should be closed (pigeons, grrrr, my old foes!)

If I was a politician I would have some pretty incredible policies, such as....
* One day a year everyone should travel around on bouncy hoppers instead of in cars to combat carbon emissions.
* People who always say LOL instead of laughing should have their face hi-fived.
* Homework should be banned to save paper.
* Save electricity by getting someone in your family to run around in a giant hamster wheel.
* People who graffitti should have whatever they write tatooed on their forehead.

* There should be a ban on boys wearing Ugg boots... it looks strange.
* Millie's cookies should be made cheaper! 99p for a cookies :O c'mon millie be fair!
* Extreme PDA in public places should be banned! (I don't mean just kissing, I mean the whole sha-bang; hands down pants, dry humping.... *shudders* it's traumatising for the rest of us! :P) As punnishement they should be givven ESBO's (Excessively Sexual Behaviour Order).
* As 'The Big Issue' is approximately the size of a regular magazine it should be renamed 'The Regular-Sized Issue" (lame, but I'm running out of ideas...)
* To combat obesity laughing should be classified as a sport - seriously it burns calories! (Someone told me that chess is an A level sport at our college... c'mon, no one's ever broken an arm by playing chess! maybe the occasional muscle cramping / spasm after waiting an hr for the other person to make their move, but I highly doubt that anyone's gona turn it into a global spectator sport in the near future.... sorry if I've offended any of you chess players, I only discriminate cuz I can't play :P)

Just a note to any politicians (who I doubt will) read this - but I am an expert spin doctor. My friend Yvonne ran for student exec treasurer at our college and I wrote her a campaign rap, including our tagline "Spread the word like butter on toast, cuz Yvonne's the one that you want most!" whoooo ;) ....and guess what??... SHE WON! Not saying that it was becasue of my rap, I'm just saying it may have helped somewhat in an imperative manner.

Alrighty then I'm off to watch the end of The Devil Wears Prada. Hope you all have a lovely weekend! :)

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