And are you cool? Symmetrical, analytical.

Soo it's my first day at a new college... I'm studying an art foundation course, and as expected I've got those dreaded first day jitters. I'm excited but at the same time I'm in a totally tizzy over what to wear - are ankle socks too cool for school? Should I have my hair up or down? And is turning up in my birthday suit making a statement or making a mahoosive mistake? (umm, I think we all know the answer to that one O_o)
Anywhoo, good luck to every one whose starting back at school / college / uni around now. I'd say if you get nervous just imagine everyone naked, but in my case you might not have to...

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  1. Ooh hope it went ok, it's normal having those nerves but everyone's in the same boat :) Hope you didn't go in the nude, maybe slightly too much of a statement ;) xx

  2. I hardly remember people from the first day, so that might be a source of comfort. Haha, with all jokes about my memory aside, I hope you had a good first day of classes!

  3. You're such a super duper cute person... I'm saying this and I don't even know you!
    I love your blog.. It's perfect. really perfect.. Hope you like mine ;) You've got a new follower(I suppose it's me haha)

  4. good luck good luck! you'll be fine (: little bit jealous that you're doing a foundation, make the most of it! xxx


  5. I really like this photo.
    Hope you got on ok yesterday. I did art at college too, seems like a million years ago.
    Thanks for your comments on my blog , what sort of stone animals would you have? I think I'd have some squirrels...

  6. Good luck! First days are difficult - I had such a panic about what to wear to uni because I knew I had to move my stuff in (heavy lifting) but I also wanted to look good! I'm sure you pulled it off...

  7. good luck with the college and i wish to you the best :) and the library bag, just great :) following you*

  8. good luck with college! i've just left college but i loveeeed it. :)


  9. ohhh you'll adore your foundation course! i did one two years ago (just entering my second year of uni tomorrow!) and i adored it so much! just appreciate every second of it, because even though you might think it's stressful and a lot of work.. it's not! haha. and so many people told me it would be the best year of my life, and i thought they were mental.. but i SO want to repeat it! don't worry about being nervous though, everyone is in the same place as you! enjoy your day! xx

  10. What I noticed in college is that not a lot of people get that fancied and dressed up (heels, dresses, etc) and the ones who do seem to look uncomfortable the whole day. So just relax, and I'm sure you'll do just fine! :)
    Aesthetic Solar Falcon

  11. oh i hope you do well on your first day. its so worth it when you finally graduate :)