light me up

Oh is this a ghost I see? Nope, just me, although with my ice white skin I might as well be... Sorry for bailing on the blog once again, I've been uber busy with cwk lately and really haven't done anything of interest (other than having a concussion after getting caught up in a club fight - you know, the usual). Anywhoo, I wouldn't usually talk about my design work on here but seeing as this is all my life's been about lately I thought I'd give ya a sneak peak of what I'm currently working on....

I'm designing my first capsule collection, featuring prints inspired by tesla coil sparks. I've been doing some research into fabric development as I want to produce a specialist holographic material, but it's turning out to be a bit of a run around - and I'm presenting my 2D designs on friday so I gots to get a shuffle on...

Thank you to all the loyal readers who still follow my silly little blog, I know I don't post an awful lot but it means so much knowing that there's even a few people out there interested in my maverick brand of madness. Have a fab week lovlies!

x x x


  1. Gorgeous photo!
    I love the sequiny like material too :)


  2. Love that photo, and your collection looks amazing, that dress would be a stunner! xo

  3. Amazing photo and your collection is gorgeous! xxx

  4. Love the photo and your collection looks amazingggggggg


  5. This projects are amazing ! You're so talented ! :) Kiss x