Currently Coveting #4

Hey guys and dolls, soo with less than a week before I start uni I've been busy stocking up on some snazzy new autumn apparel. I've acquired everything above - aside from the blink cat shoes since they're out of stock :'( and the bag on the lower right (changed my mind cuz it's too small). Pretty much everything (aside from the shoes - New Look, and the cardigan - H&M) came from topshop, surprise surprise.
I know most people love summer but I'm definitely much better at autumn dressing. Is it bad that I'm actually a little psyched for the cold weather to come along? I want to wear my bobble hat without looking like a crazy person... aw who am I kidding, I don't need to be wearing a hat for people to realise I'm crazy :P 
I actually screamed when I saw the 'London' belt - mostly because it's modelled around the infamously reblogged 'Moshino' belt, which I've secretly been coveting for the past two years, but to no avail since I can't justify spending £120 on a belt, I don't think I've spent that much on any single item to be honest. I never really buy this much stuff at once, but I found some birthday / christmas money hidden in cards from last year which I forgot to spend, so I thought I'd splurge now before I have to worry about important adult stuff like food and electricity bills, ugh, being grown up is gona suck.


  1. love the wishlist! x


  2. Love the darker colours, and i have the h&m cardigan and love it! How do you get your fringe like that?? Its gorgeous! x

  3. Such a lovely wishlist! I love love love nude and lace top :) I can't wait for the cold weather, autumn/winter dressing is the best!

    Julia x

  4. The cat shoes are amazing... you definitely need to snap those babies up as soon as they're back in stock!
    I'm sharing your excitement for autumn dressing- as much as I love the sunshine I can't wait to be reunited with my jumpers and bobble hat. Eeeeep.
    Kaz x

  5. Now is definitely a good time to snag autumn apparel. Love all the stuff you picked out. They are good for mix and matching.
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  6. hello pretty hair woman! Love what you've bought, hope you can get your hands on the kitty shoes soon! xx

  7. oooh lovely purchases! The London belt's my favourite too! xx

  8. love your wishlist! those kitty flats are adorable! xx

  9. Wow, you bought so many lovely things. I'm in love with your hair, it is gorgeous!

    Carmen Ri.

  10. oh sweetie! you look stunning, this look is awesome, i do love black <3