The professor will see you now


Last week I received these rather specsy (geddit?? yes yes, we all know how funny you think you are) glasses courtesy of Firmoo. I'm actually supposed to wear glasses full-time, but I don't because I used to get picked on at school, (I was a nerd, what-up). I was gona go for classic hipster frames but I picked out these clear ones instead to try something a little different - 'granny cool' meets 'biochemistry chic', killer combo right?
I think I make it work :P
For those of you who haven't heard of them, Firmoo's basically an online optical store - selling a wide range of stylish and affordable frames which you can get whether you need to wear glasses or not. One thing I found quite cool about their website was the 'virtual try-on' app, where you have the option to upload a picture of yourself to get a better idea of what they'd look like on. I got distracted and ended up playing round with this for ages, fashioning myself out to be anything from a secretary to a celebrity (I'm a keen procrastinator, don't ya know). Something that I found pretty spec-tacular (oh yeah the jokes just keep coming) when the glasses arrived was that they came with a free case and a teeny tiny screw driver along with spare screws, in case they come loose. Speaking of a screw gone loose, no clue what was going through my mind when I took the photo below... Mmm, anywhoo, I found them to be really comfortable to wear and they fit my face perfectly. Firmoo are currently running a scheme offering free eyewear to first-time customers, all you have to do is pay for shipping, and viola! you too can look as specsy as me
(which let's face it, isn't hard really).

In other news I am now officially living in London  *que celebratory cheer* I won't go into avid detail just yet but it's definitely been an adjustment... I've been at war with the kitchen all week; currently the score is Kitchen: 6 - Me: 4, which isn't too bad really, although I have up to this point broken the oven, a knife and two can openers. I very almost burnt the place down last week, the only flipside was that I got to pretend I was a superhero running through smoke with a tea towel cape on my back. I wasn't even cooking anything, I just turned the oven on to check it was in fact a functioning oven, which it was, at the time... I used to think only smart people wear glasses, clearly I'm an exception to the rule.  Laters lovlies!


  1. the glasses look good on you! and congrats for living in london now:)


  2. they look really cool, definitely remind me of the ones we wore in chemistry.. nerd cool! woop welcome to London! xx

  3. you look very cool wearing glasses :)

  4. These look so cool and really suit you :) Good luck with the rest of your kitchen wars! ox

  5. You are definitely rocking these glasses! Hope you manage to win the war with your kitchen :) xx

  6. Oh I love virtually trying on new glasses... hours of endless entertainment! These look great on you.
    I've lived away from home for 5 years now and I still have the occasional (ok... quite frequent) kitchen disaster... I managed to set fire to our electric hob a few weeks ago, I didn't even know that was possible! Not sure if that's going to make you feel better that you're not alone or make you worry more that no matter how long you've lived on your own you'll still be having the same battles.
    Kaz x

  7. Love them!!! Looks great on you, i wouldnt be able to pull those off!

  8. i always wish I had glasses because I Think they make people look smart! you look adorable in those!