Sometimes I think, sometimes I don't

1 - terrible picture but my ombre's looking uber blonde for once,  #ohyeah
2 - if I were five inches tall I'd totally live in this shop window
3 - topshop bat socks and glittery nails - 'cuz apparently halloween came twice this year
4 - ooh what's this? ohai crazy expensive but still totally awesome new boots... i.regret.nothing

Time for a life update guyz, what-up?! I've just realised I haven't done an outfit post in a super duper long time, but there is a very verrry good reason for this... I moved into halls last month and my bedroom walls are..... what? Covered in mold? Torn open to reveal a rift in the fabric of time and space? WHAT??!
They're yellow.

Okay so it's not a good reason but yeaaah... I've tried to take photos but they come out all yellowy and I don't think my eyes could take it if I blind myself with the flash again. But whilst I'm not posting outfits I thought I should just reassure you that I am, in fact, still wearing clothes and haven't retreated to a nudist camp somewhere (as if that was every one's first suspicion :P) but I am back in my hometown this week (oh yeaaaah) so I'll try to get some outfit shots up soon as I can - until then lovlies, have an amazing week!


  1. where are those boots from? so pretty <3

  2. Hair - gorgeous.
    Nails - amazing.
    Boots - gimme!

    Rosie x

  3. yes i agree that boots look so amazing!

  4. I absolutely adore those boots! Amazing :)



  5. Those boots are amazing, so nice! the bat socks are cute too. My uni room walls are yellow too, ew!

    Julia x

  6. Amazing boots, loving the cute bat socks too X

  7. loove the boots they look similar to mine, i.e. ace. Your hair looks fab too!xx

  8. I swear every halls EVER has yellow walls. In first year I had lovely yellow walls with blue highlights around the window and the noticeboard. Classy. Last year, even in a rented house, my walls were yellow, with mould. This year, they're meant to be cream, but it's more yellow because they're so grubby. I love student housing...(: xx

  9. im totally in love with your socks and shoes <3 yay!

  10. I have such a crush on those boots! x

  11. These are so cute - and I am getting those amazing socks!!

    Thanks so much for the comment on my blog - I really appreciate it. I'm following you now - would you be kind enough to follow me back? I'm new to blogging and would be so grateful! Thank you - and love your blog xxx


  12. I love your hair and those socks are so cute <3
    ablogbyabbie.blosgpot.co.uk X