OOTD: Grey Expectations

Grey cardigan & Basic hoody: H&M  | Dress: Topshotp | Pearl collar: Primark | Tights & Bobble hat: Topshop | Boots: New Look

Layering up different shades of the same colour - cuz who said dressing like a Dulux colour chart wasn't sexy?
No one, that's right. Because let's face it why would you.

I've been dressing to match my mood recently, which, with all the stress at uni has been pretty dull. I've had this post in my draftsbox for the longest time and cuz I can't deal with odd numbers I'm dating it to november or else I'll end 2012 with 37 posts instead of 38 and my world will quite literally implode, that is unless the Mayan calendar's wrong, which it won't will be.

Studying fashion at university's been uber intense, so if I don't post for a while that's why. Truth is I haven't been enjoying my course and it's kind of ruined blogging for me, I'll get my motivation back eventually but right now it's at zero. I just wanted to reassure you I haven't quit blogging, nor do I intend to, but thanks to all of you who've put up with me this long and those of you who've stayed with me over this bleak blogging period.
Til then you can keep up with me on twitter or drop me an email, or follow me around a shopping centre until you figure out where you know me from (cuz that happened and it freaked me out, so yh don't do that). On that note I've had quite a few messages off people who've seen me places but were too shy to come over, if you do randomly see me somewhere seriously feel free to come say hey cuz that actually makes my day / week / life *delete as appropriate* ... unless you're a serial killer, then maybe not. Okay, byeeeeee.

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  1. Hey,
    super cute pics and a sweet outfit :)