OOTD: All we know is falling

Skeleton Tee - Topshop | Chiffon Skirt - Missguided | That infamous Primark Parka [that everyone and their gran seems to own] | Assorted Jewellery

FERJGVFNVFJSZICX whaaaat?! Is it a ghost?
No, but this t shirt makes me look dead cool right.
Oh yeeeah, I'm back and the puns are worse than ever.

Hey friends, soo by now I've probably earned the rap of worst blogger in the history of the whole world ever ever everrer... I've been away from the blog for quite a while, which fuels all number of questions such as; where have you been? what are you doing? and are you gona get a haircut any time soon? *just sayin* The answer to these is, um, well, and yes, I've had my ombre re-done since taking these but by the time I get round to taking newer ones my hair will probably have grown back out to the same length, agh such is life... This part of my garden reminds me of the magic maze (magic hedge sounds waaay less dramatic) in Harry Potter during the Triwizard Tournament where it tries to, I duno, 'eat' Fleur Delacour, anywhoo I'm nerding out but that's what crossed my mind with the second photo. Mm wow, cool story bro, so anywaaaay...

I still hate uni, and it hates me so it's a mutual kind of hate, but I'm getting used to it. I've been acting more outside of uni though, which has been so much fun, I actually can't even begin to describe how happy it makes me. I'm back home for a few days and then it's off back to London again, busy busy bee. I've even started taking a contemporary dance class / module which is completely random, but since I hate my course so much I've been turning up to other people's classes. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to do this but nobody told me otherwise so yeah, that's happening. I'm just trying to make the most out of being in London now and not let the whole "whaaat, I can't do that!?" mindset stop me. Geez I'm sounding way too optimistic right now, it's scary.

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