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Agggh, hey guys, soo Google reader effectively dies tomorrow and it would be absolutely ace if you followed me on bloglovin' to keep up with future posts. I don't know how badly it's gona affect everyone but I guess it's better to be safe. To everyone whose already followed me on there thank you so so much, I love you and I promise this isn't the end (of blogging... the universe may still cave in on us and whatever but if it's any consolation you can blame the economy or something.)

Soo anyway for more terrible puns ands awkward wardrobe poses go ahead and click the link below, or if reverse psychology's your thing then do absolutely anything other than click that link, go on I dares ya...  


  1. Followed you! Such a big transition for all of us!

  2. reverse psychology gets me every time lol, following. so glad I found ur blog great the blog for me to read. :-)

  3. lornaaaaaaa you're blogging! i've missed your posts :( i thought i was already following on blog lovin'- but i definitely am now! let me know when you're free, we'll have to meet up or something! xx

  4. love this photo!
    Emma xx