Nothing seems as pretty as the past though

Romwe pullover & chiffon vest, Missguided wedges, New Look perspex collar necklace, Topshop leigh jeans, Fluro Cambridge Satchel, Storets raincoat.

Polyvore is my go-to procrastination station - my brain's like "Hey any chance you're gona do that cwk you've been putting off for over a week now?" And I'm all like "Brain, please, I've got more pressing matters, like eating biscuits and making polyvore sets full of clothes I can't afford, gosh." Obviously got my priorities set straight (she says as she slips into education limbo)

Apparently it's spring or summer or something, I really can't tell since it's freezing outside. This is just my pessimistic outlook for summer dressing... a jumper? Yes, trust me. But I also thought about trading it in with a light weight raincoat on the off chance it got warmer and then rained. So it's functional fashion, yaaaay. I tried on topshop's version of the clear raincoat last week, and you all know how much I love topshop, but honestly I've never been more disappointed. I tried it on with bare arms and it just clung to me really awkwardly, the sizing's off so whilst it was really big around the body the armholes / sleeves were really tight so I couldn't move my arms properly. For a plastic coat it's just not worth the money. Sorry topshop, I still love you, but as for the coat, it's a definite thumbs down.
You can get the cambridge satchel's from ASOS I think, which is great cuz I just checked and it's on sale now. I thought for someone like me who practically lives in monochrome, working in this summer's fluorescent colour trend is probably best done with accessories, and this particular one makes an ace statement piece. There we go, every cliched sentiment in the fashion handbook.

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