Stage fright and blinding lights

"If you are not very careful, Your possessions will possess you, TV taught me how to feel, Now real life has no appeal"
I love Marina & The Diamonds :)
I'm watching the first episode of the new season of t4's 'frock me' on demand atm, and she's featured in it :D

Once again, another shot using slow shutter speed, wandering through the city streets at night...

I was in a play last night. Anyone who knows me well would be like "You?! In a play? I think not..." but it's true! The girl who used to be afraid to speak actually spoke... aloud... infront of people! Lots of people... like 40. Fourty warm moons beaming out towards me, listening to what I was saying! Atleast I hope they they were....
I was soo nervous because I had the opening line and I was shaking so much backstage. I spoke waaaaay too fast at the beginning but then I got the feel of it and let the stage lights blind me, my vision blurred and I relaxed into it and then finally ... wait for it.... I started to enjoy myself.

Here's Shannon and me in our costumes. Glamourous right? It's the sort of thing you'd see girls wearing down the high street
.... a few hundred years ago.

I went to the circus on thursday night. It was stunning! Loads of acrobats and ninja men.

Me and my friends are planning a bike polo match (even though none of us have ridden a bike in the past year, so there'll be alot of pre-match tyre pumping!)
For those who've never heard of it, bike polo is like polo (posh people on horses with mallets)except we'll be on bikes with our make-shift mallets (most likely brooms or hockey sticks). We're also having a funny hat theme, to shake things up a bit... Alice's has confirmed that she's wearing her sombrero. I'm thinking of wearing my 1920's flapper hat. It's a bit big for my head tbh so it's probably gona fall over my eyes. Oh dear. Well I'll try my best to remain perfectly poised.

I won't be posting much atm becasue I've got so many cwk dealines and exams going on right now, just like the other zillion teenage bloggers out there. So good luck everbody!

I'm off to, well, go fail my Alevels...


  1. I look sexy in that orange dress.
    Also, I WANNA JOIN IN WITH THE POLO. But i'll take the horse. I dislike bikes.

  2. I looove marina and the diamonds! Such a shame she's not very famous around here..

    I'm now a follower of yours :-) follow?
    thecharmingthings.blogspot.com Cheersx