10 things I love.

I was tagged by the lovely Purdy from Kittenish Behaviour to post a list of "10 things I love", and these are the things I chose...

1. My Canon EOS 500D - it helps me to take some amazing photographs and the quality's way superior to any other camera I've used in the past. I would definitely recommend it to any aspiring photographers out there (who just happen to have a fair amount of cash to spare... but trust me, it's well worth the money!)

2. (500) Days of Summer. The more I watch this film the more I love it. In a way I feel a lot like Summer Finn, and in a way I don't. There are many characters I've felt connected to in the past from books I've read or films I've watched. I suppose I just love the escapism of it all.

3. Polaroids - there's something about them that feels a little more sincere than modern photo practices, which can be edited in excess, whereas Polaroids have that raw sense of nostalgic sentiment behind every shot.

4. Tights. I love decorative pairs soo much right now but it breaks my heart when they get laddered. Either way I don't think I could live without black opaque tights - they're a wardrobe staple for me, especially in winter.

5. Red hair - I've never dyed my hair before (except for one summer when I was 13, my hair got sun bleached and I ended up with blonde streaks, haha) But I really want to dye my hair red, just slightly, I fancy a change...

6. Topshop - I don't care if it sounds cliche, but I love topshop! I don't buy clothes from there all the time, sometimes I just go in too look around and gather inspiration, ('cuz lets face it, as a student I'm not made of money...) but oh their clothes are just so pretty it's hard to resist! Here are my current faves from their website...

7. Bokeh filters. I want a set for Christmas! They're a type of camera attachment, that create a really pretty effect by contorting blurred lights into fun shapes, such as hearts, stars, butterflies, etc.

8. Outer space. I look up at the sky at night and the stars remind me of how small I am, of how much more there is out there and that however I'm feeling there's probably an alien somewhere who's miffed off because he's forgotten where he parked his spaceship and he wants to get home before Planet-X-Factor starts, haha... I don't care if it sounds dorky but I'm fascinated by the stars, those unexplainable moments when science and magic seem to collide, and the whole idea of finding my place in this universe.

9. That there's still magic in the world. It happens at the wildest moments, in the unlikeliest of places. If you search for it too hard you might just miss it. Sometimes you just have to stop looking and let it find you.

10. Giles Deacon S/S 2010 collection. I know this was launched over a year ago but it's always in my heart. I absolutely adore his metallic dinosaur bags - they embody a whimsical sense of youthfulness; taking inspiration from the past and incorporating visions of the future to create something bold, quirky and ridiculously awesome.

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...and of course any of you out there who want to have a go at this, I tag you too! If you create a post of your own be sure to drop me a comment 'cuz I'd love to learn more about the amazing people who read my blog.

(Images 1,4,9,10 were taken by me, 7 via topshop.com, 11 & 12 from my google reader, 2,3,5,6,8 found via weheartit.com and are linked back to their sources.)

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  1. I've got red hair, so thank you! Haha. Love the stars and space too. It's amazing and indeed magical. love


  2. aww I love these 10 things too.. a lot :)

  3. What a coincidence! I was reading your old posts when you wrote a comment to me! Darling, honestly, you are the biggest inspiration for me this period... I love each and every outfit of you... I wish I had a style like yours... :( Of course, I will post about 10 things that I love... I really love photography too and I hope that someday I will learn more about it... Keep being unique... ;)

  4. Some nice picks in your list! I also love Polaroids. There's just something about the colours that you can't capture with a digital camera. And tights! What would I do without tights?

  5. love all your answers! thank you for tagging me :D x

  6. Fab post! 500 Days of Summer is one of my fave films too! I could watch it over and over. And I think you should go for the red hair - it would look pretty on you x

  7. Love all your picks! Red hair is awesome you should definitely try it out at least once in your lifetime ;). Thank you too for lots of lovely new blogs for me to read x

    Kittenish Behaviour Blog

  8. This is a great list. Summer is one of my favorites as well - you're so right about the escapism feel of the movie!

  9. Hello! :D Passing by your blog. I hope we can be good friends. Can we follow each others blogs?? (><♥♥♥)

  10. i'll buy a decent camera for myself soon.haha
    and i'm itching to dye my hair red. thanks for sharing your list. :D

  11. Love this list - I want a polaroid camera! and I have watched 500 Days of Summer so many times I've lost count!!

  12. We have a bunch of similarities :) I LOOOOVE Tophop, I LOVE your camera, I LOVE tights, and I LOVED watching 500 Days of Summer, what a great movie!!! And this is a great post!! :)

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  13. thanks for tagging me :)

    oh dear, I think my list won't differ much from yours, ha. seems like we've got a lot in common! love polaroids, gotta love topshop, wish I had (Florence Welch's) red hair...

    I hope I'll get round to do my list sometime over the weekend - have such a busy week ahead of me, boo.

    hope yours is less stressfull. xx

  14. i love your 1o favorite things. think i need to watch that movie,too :)


  15. Love this post! Such cute answers!

  16. perfect post! And great choice of photos <3

  17. i agree with so much going on here! speshly (500) days, i spent yday writing a love letter to joseph gordon-levitt...x

  18. love this post, 500days of summer is perfect and as for the hair dying you should totally do it!! xx

  19. Thanks for tagging me :)
    &Also thanks for your lovely comment ofcourse,
    yeah I understand what you're pointing at, I would also love to have one if there's a story or meaning behind! Though I also love some funny ones, just like a tear on your finger, so it looks like you're crying. Or like Rihanna the 'Shhh' on your finger! But it's also a bit of a waste or something, hm dunno ...

    Haha yeah what a philosophy!

  20. Love all of these awnsers! I love 500 days of Summer, mainly because of the beautiful beautiful Joseph Gordon Levitt. Oh, and tights, and outer spaces, and Giles, and ahh everything. I'll try and do a post reply, thank you so much for tagging me! Oh, and Im back posting! Sorry for the delay in reply, thank you so so so much for your sweet comment! Panda xo

  21. Thanks a lot for your comment!
    Great blog :)

  22. I'm freaking loving Deacon collection the dinosaurs purse made my heart stop oh i want/need one now! Mmm it's time for me to update to a REAL camera but that my sister's job haha but great camera it looks good too...I love red hair but at the same time I'm scared of it because I want it but I dont want to look like Rihanna lol

  23. This is a wonderful post, i agree with so many of these! I love my camera and tights especially too and i'd love that red hair! Wow to those filters by the way, i'm going to look them up :D xxxxxxx

  24. Ah sorry for my incredibly late reply!
    But Ilove this post idea! Might have to jack it :)
    The one about mgaic really did inspire, and beaut images. 500 days of summer made me weep a little :(

    Though out ofall of those, I love the camera the most!! -Mine is like a necessity.

    P.s I've finally got a new post up!


  25. love that collection!xx


  26. What a superbly lovely list! We have a lot in common, you and I...
    Tights, polaroids, Bokeh filters, Zooey...

  27. I still believe in magic. Awesomeness. :)

  28. I love your post. :) 500 Days of Summer is my favorite movie. Great photos!


  29. hey lorny, thanks for tagging me, i will get on with this brand spanking new post :)hope ur ok xxxxxxx

  30. thanks so much! i´m glad that you like my drawing! ^___^

    oh, i love 500 days of summer too! and also polaroids (they really have that nostalgic feeling ^^)and tights. and i´d love to get some bokeh filters, although first i need a camera! hehe

    have a lovely day, dear!

  31. Oh I love all of these things too! <3

  32. Topshop and Giles Deacon how could it go wrong?! hehe! Thanks for the comment! Hope you visit/follow back :D

  33. what beautiful things! i love topshop too




  34. thank you so so so much for tagging me in this, it has honestly made my day. i shall make sure to do the '10 things' post in the next few days.
    i love your blog.
    thanks again, xx

  35. I agree with everything on this list! Except number 1 because I don't have it, but I wish I did haha, I need an SLR camera so badly!

  36. I adore these things too. Ahhh I think this post has reignited my love of those dinosaur bags.

  37. Thanks so much for tagging me! I'll try to do it this weekend :)

    + your 10 things rock!

  38. I like your list a lot! I agree with everything I think :)

  39. Thank you for your comment :)
    Love your list, especially the magic one and, of course, 500 Days of Summer!

    Rosie x

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  41. What a lovely post!
    I'm happy I've discovered your blog,I'm your newest follower!


  42. such a beuatiful blog you have! I love the tights!

  43. Thanks for your comment Hun, I love the idea of a crime fighting/cocktail drinking duo! I shall have to keep a look out for a single superhero! x

    Kittenish Behaviour Blog

  44. I would've had over half of these in mine too! Thank you so much for the comment on my blog.

    Helen, x

  45. OMG THOSE DINOSAUR BAGS!!! :P So amazing! If only we could get these! hahaa ♥ and I think you should suit red hair but I just love your hair the way it is! But ya know what, I incourage taking risks because I bet you could pull it off! :)

  46. Very nice photos and nice choice of a camera :)
    I have 350D + 50mm f1.8 100-300mm usm and 18-55 is :) pretty nice :) Regards for the nice blog :)