I escaped through a keyhole before they erased me

Forever Unique dress, Birger et Mikkelsen Night Balanchine velvet blazer, Vintage bowler hat, Rianna Black shoes, Mandy Coon bunny bag.

I'm going to a masquerade ball in a few weeks and I have come across THE perfect dress. Yup, that beauty up there is from Forever Unique (love the name ;) although it's a fair bit outa my price bracket...
Oh but what is money when I can imagine an entire night of magic in that dress?? With it's smokey lavender layers floating amidst the winter winds, the black crystals shimmering like starlight, the beautiful yet dark velvet vines creeping out from my waistline, enticing my spirit to a night of wanderlust and mystery... ahaha, getting a little carried away there, but it's all in the magic of the masquerade ;)

Ohhh, but despite my whimsical ramblings money is tight and I've already got a perfectly good outfit which I can wear. I've settled on the dress I got for my birthday - it's a simple black shift, but there's a touch of glamour in the sequin flowers around the neckline. Oh and I have a mask to match too but it makes my eyebrows itch, haha.

I spent too long on polyvore and came up with these other two outfits, which I thought I might as well post because I love the idea of wearing a black sequin dress with Doc Martens. It's classy, edgy and ever-so quirky at the same time ;)

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Today's Anthem - "Plastic Jungle" by Miike Snow.


  1. I love them all! That first dress is especially gorgeous x

    Kittenish Behaviour Blog

  2. thank you for your sweet comment :)

    absolutely in love with the second outfit




  3. Those are gorgeous! Love the addition of the hat and pocket watch necklace.

  4. the first dress is stunning! i adore your style and blog, i'm following you, *waves* x

  5. verrry pretty! love your blog :)

  6. im in love with your first look !! Love your blog ! is super fashionable ;) Love it ! u have lot of style !!

    XOXO from spain


  7. Wow those dressses are amazing!
    &The BetM blazer is lovely as well!

  8. Couldn't comment on your last post! :/ But I NEEDED to express my complete, utter and total adoration for the 60s. There's something so refreshing and fun about the period!

    And I desperately want those sunglasses in the last picture. FABULOUS.


  9. Thanks for your comment.
    Lovely blog.

  10. the sparkly shoes are amazing! i love anything with glitter on!xx

  11. great selection! im really loving doc martens right now

  12. You made that skirt! You are quite the designer! :P