Do you ever feel like a plastic bag?

Myself and Abi went to town today, I wanted to attempt some street style shots but only had the courage to ask one person, haha. This can be my mini photo diary for the afternoon; (1) standing in the freezing cold waiting for stylish people to appear, (2) fairylights emerging in the town centre, (3) chillaxing in Starbucks.

I'm a little lost for words at the moment as I'm supposed to be wrting a 2000 word essay for my photography cwk and so far I've reached the grand total of 75. "Huh, 75,000?!" Nope, just 75. It's clear to say it's not going well...

Ohhh dear, TTFN lovlies!
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  1. pretty pretty scarf :)
    and fairylights are always good! hope you pluck up the courage to ask some more people next time (though saying that i would never have the nerve to)

  2. oh cool. i can't wait to see some street style pictures. how do the stylish people react when you say you want a picture of them? :D

  3. thanks for stopping by my blog :)

    and i know how you feel about word counts: i'm currently dissertation-ing it! dun-dun-dunnnn.

    following now :)

  4. oh starbucks!

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  5. beautiful shots! and ohhh, you've gotta love starbucks, hehe. xx

  6. Wow! Your outfit is absolutely perfect one more time! Please, upload more outfits of you! I want to be more inspired! I love the shot of the Starbucks. Oh yes, I do.

  7. I hope you managed to write 2000 words in the end! Sending you a cyber hug, and I love those shots!

    Have a nice weekend,
    Froso from Style Nirvana

  8. All the best with that essay! Hope you get a good pace going soon

  9. I hate having to ask people things in the street, they never have time for you! Well done on getting at least one person!

  10. Street style IS so scary. I started doing it some more for my Foam blog, but I get so scared now hahah. mmm starbucks though, what did you have? Thanks for the sweet sweet comment! So sorry for my late reply, I've been ill! I juts did a new post though, so it's all good. haha. Panda xo

  11. Thank you for your comment. I love the photos especially the fairy lights one x

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  12. Thank you! And good luck with your essay! You can do it! ;)

    xx Marije

  13. these are really nice pictures, I especially like the first one :)
    good luck on your essay.