The world you're looking for only exists from the outside - Chuck Bass.

It was my bloggerversairy this week! I can't believe it's been an entire year since I started blogging, my readers / followers mean the world to me (it goes without saying ;) but I don't want to patronize you guys, I know my blog's not brilliant. I may be quirky, pretentious and inconsistent, but I'm trying to improve this, once real life straightens itself out that is... hence the recent hiatus. Sorry I haven't been around or replying to comments properly. I could rant about how my so-called life feels like it's hanging by a thread, but hey I'm a teenager, whose world isn't falling apart, right? At least if no one else knows then I can pretend it's not happening. Simple as.
Wow, so, onto other news; FASHION WEEK. Yeah, I'm not cool enough to go, I'm not informed enough to structure an opinion, but should that stop me? ...mmm, no way matey! So here goes, the run-down on my fave aw.11 collections - enjoy!

Giles Deacon (via londonfashionweek.co.uk)

Giles is a definite favourite of mine (I have an undying love for those epic metallic dinosaur bags from his SS10 collection). I find his fall shows tend to maintain a more sophisticated tone in contrast with his quirky & colourful spring collections. On first inspection I didn't find it to be anything particularly groundbreaking and to be honest, the mow hair suit kinda reminded me of this.
After letting it sit in my mind for a while (the collection, not the badass gorilla), I found the sultry glamour to be vaguely reminiscent of the underground bar scene in 1920's Hollywood; dark, seductive, yet classy, with opulent embellishments. The high necklines and exposed arms (in the form sleeveless dresses and sheer embellished sleeves) evokes an air of mystery and a subtle nod towards sexuality. I must therefore commend his refinement of thematic design, and his movement towards creating more timeless and marketable pieces.

Behnaz Sarafpour (via elle.com)

Presenting an elegant and classic sillouette, with a put-together aesthetic that in it's simplicity seems pretty laid back; following on nicely from last years "the focus should be on the woman not the outfit" mantra. Some of the pieces struck me as the expected attire of a heroine in a classic James Bond movie. In this case it's not entirely dependant on the outfit making the statement, but rather the character of the woman herself.

Michael Van Der Ham (via style.com)

I watched Michael Van Der Ham's aw11 collection streamed live via topshop.com on Tuesday. Which in itself, was a brilliant experience, because even though I wasn't there, I could watch what was happening as it was happening, all from the comfort of my own home (wearing my unstylishly plaid pjamas might I add... probably wouldn't get away with that outside Somerset House, aha.)
In short, the show was just incredible. His designs are both innovative yet functional; striking the perfect balance of quirky sophistication, conveyed through interesting mixes of fabric and his exquisite use of draping.
The velvet dresses in particular struck me with a level of space-age sophistication; I was just captivated by the way the light streamed along the wondrous reams of jewel tone fabric. Though the feather light fringing on the leggings aren't something I'd wear myself, I had to admire his creative angle; seemingly of a lighter, more feminine take on summer's 70s 'festival fringing' trend. How true this is I don't know, it's just my interpretation. But after watching this show I looked back at his previous collections and I was truly inspired, more so then I've been in a long time, he's definitely one to watch in my opinion.

Also check out Jason Wu's collection here. Masculine meets feminine, black lace, sharp tailoring, monochrome colour pallet... it's striking, sophisticated and incredibly versatile. I would write endless paragraphs of how utterly perfect this collection is, and how I would in fact wear (almost) every garment for the duration of the season, but I shall spare you my mellifluous ramblings for another time...

Wow, so that was a long one ("that's what she said!" << ok, terrible inuendo, but I couldn't help myself...) but seriously, congrats on getting through this post! I'd say give yourself a pat on the back, but I feel that term in itself is a little overused, so let's try something a little different...
That may sound lame, but seriously try it! What have you got to lose? (apart from your dignity if you're in a room full of people, haha)

Ready? - aaand GO!

...Ok so, if you actually did just throw your arms up in the air - with genuine enthusiasm (s'all I'm asking for people) then you are officially awesome. End of. And if you won't put your hands up for me then maybe a bit of Flo Rida can change your mind??

Today's Anthem; "Club Can't Handle Me" by Flo Rida ft David Guetta.

Until next time...
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  1. Happy bloggerversairy! Gorgeous designs.

  2. Happy Blog Anniversary! Yay for you! And ha Flo Rida, love it hehe x

  3. Thanks for your lovely comment! That video is wonderful :) gotta love a bit of Friends dancing.
    Happy Anniversary! That's so great, and I always love reading your posts.

    Rosie x

  4. Happy Anniversary! I love your descriptions of all three shows! Jason Wu's collection was one of my favorites so far..and you have just found my new favorite music to dance to! xoxoxoo

  5. woahh that christopher kane top is AMAZING!but the price however.... haha. OH WOW myyy lovely vivienne westwood shoes <3 ahhhh they look so beautiful more so than they did in hte shop and actually i dont think the price is too bad considering they smell of bubblegum :D hehee. thankyouu for the links i like to have a good old browse :)
    xxxx p.s NEW YORK ...thats all im gunna say

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  7. Happy 1 year blogiversary (or whatever they say :p)! I love the look of Behnaz Sarafpou- the colour palette and that detailing that looks like tree branches (to me anyway). Hope life calms down a bit for you! xx

  8. Happppy blog birthday! I can't wait for mine:) Three more months! Meep! I love the second collection- it's just so elegant and darling!

  9. Hahha. I love how you quoted Chuck Bass. But he's my favourite. SO YAY.



  10. wooo congrats :D you have such an amazing blog and sense of style :) x