I've been counting on the wrong things, to make life feel alright

Ohhh, I am immensely miffed off right now (that's the nice way to put it anyway) I bought a new coat yesterday, overjoyed and basking in it's utter perfection, I happened to stumble onto the website this evening and see they've halved the price! *sighs in exasperation*
Uhh, still, I adore my coat in all it's oxblood glory, it's just frustrating... beautiful, but frustrating.

Rant aside, I've gota admire the aesthetics of the coat; the colour contrast is just glorious (conveniently enough my two favourite colours at the moment), the double breasted gold buttons (which hold a certain resemblance to the doorknobs on my wardrobe... aha, it feels like this coat was made for me ;) oh and not overlooking the coat's general structure, which is in my view, utterly endearing. It's a swing coat; the style of which was very popular in the late 50s / early 60s, it's classic shape and generous fit (brilliant to go over layering in the cold weather) and the gentle swinging motion it makes as I move actually makes me want to skip with childlike glee, tehehe.

...Ahh, you know what? I don't regret a thing, I love this coat!
In the words of Jessie J' "Why is everybody so serious? Money can't buy us happiness!" ... maybe not, but clothes sure can ;)

(p.s. comments are turned off for this post 'cuz I'm still so backlogged, but I plan on posting again tomorrow, so until then, TTFN!)

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