Just because you know my name, doesn't mean you know my game

Me and Abi went to the art gallery today and popped down to the 'world's biggest photo booth' (which has it's own exhibit in the basement space) because it's leaving this week :( nawww, I'm really gona miss it.
Mr. Zebra joined us too - he's a total legend. You can see him at the back of most of the shots... tehe, I think he's supposed to be like the art gallery's mascot of something. He's a zebra of very few words, but I like to think he's just a good listener.

Afterwards we went round the vintage shops and I took some photos. If I didn't I think my camera would have felt a little neglected... sitting in my bag all day whilst myself and Abi posed and pouted for a bigger camera. It's like I was cheating with a bigger, flashier camera - seduced by it's smooth exterior and flashy hardware... ahaha.

We went to COW Vintage and found these pretty epic jackets. I had to show you this photo - purely because that level of awesome-ness just needs to be unleashed unto the world, or some fancy hoopla like that...

Sexy much? ... yeah, the jackets are nice too ;)

What's the craziest vintage find you've come across? I think these jackets are pretty high-ranking for me, they're totally ah-dorkable, hehe.

x x x

(p.s. 3 words... 'Chanel Mademoiselle Paris' << I need that fragrance in my life)


  1. love the jackets and those beautiful white dresses.xx

  2. those dresses are really beautiful :)you are soo pretty!

  3. Wow those white lace dresses! I'm wearing something smiliar to my year 11 informal!

    Wow I love the photos and I wish there were vintage stores like that where I live!

  4. looks like you had a fun time! those vintage shops and photo booth look great1!

    Vintage Stop at www.vickileestyle.blogspot.com

  5. The photo with all those dresses is gorgeous.

    Cute photos.

  6. haha wow looks like a great day (:
    loving the jackets!!

  7. Those jackets are really awesome.
    Nice pictures! :)

  8. Haha, great jackets :)
    I love LOVE the pictures of the vintage shop!

    Yeah, school sucks, right? Summer always goes way to fast. Anyway, good luck next week!

    I'm gonna start following you again, with my new google account!

  9. OOOOHHH I love the white dresses!! They are beautiful. I almost teared up in their beauty ;)

    School...nay. Summer...yay! Good luck with school :)

    The craziest thing I've found? G-string leotard.

  10. i really like that picture of the white dresses and cameras. :)

  11. ohh that shirt you gave me the link to is amazing!
    thanks, your blog is cool too!:D
    and coco mademoiselle paris is one of my favourite fragrances as well right now, i don't own it though, hehe :p
    i'm following! follow me back if you want to? xx