Where people are pleasantly strange

I've been volunteering at a youth theatre today painting sets etc, with my darling friend Grace. It was ever so slightly tedious because just when we thought the job was done, random splotches of black paint started appearing out of nowhere! It was as if some pesky stage faeries were playing tricks on us... or theatre gremlins, or is it painting pixies?? I swear it's a real theory!
Maybe, sort of... perhaps not.

Anywhoo, I found some stop animations on YouTube, which I can only describe as utterly captivating! The amount of time and energy and creativity which must have gone into making these videos is just amazing.

I rather love this first video; it's such a beautiful concept and the sequence is so well put together. I wish I was even half as talented to create something this serene and magical...

This second video is especially incredible; the vibrant pool of colours, and the almost enigmatic dreaming world seems so bold, vast, and impossibly alive! As if the character's imagination was so strong she suddenly became immersed in her own dreaming reality, tehe.

Aren't they amazing?! Hope you've all had a lovely weekend!

TTFN x x x


  1. omg those videos are absolutely extraordinary! i could literally watch them over and over again!

  2. I love that Target commercial! It's so amazing! :)

  3. I love this song and video by oren lavie <3

  4. Thanks! These two videos are so cool.

  5. YES! I love those!! I like the original video like this for the kindle or something that came out before these too :)

  6. Both these videos are completely enchanting! Thanks so much for introducing me to them!

  7. that last one is really good!
    nice post :)