What's new pussycat?

Thanks for all the super lovely comments on my previous post! I'm still impossibly back-logged on replying to comments - sorry dears, you're more precious than stardust. Seriously, you light up my world in the darkest hours, aha, I love the universe.
...Ohh please excuse the uber cheesy tone of this post, sometimes I get so hyper I actually convince myself that I'm somewhat humorous, then reality strikes and I remember how ridiculously dull I am... oh how I love being me, and then I don't.
Wow, I need sleep.

I've gotta say this new Paul & Joe lipstick is beyond adorable! I don't wear lipstick myself but if I did I'd definitely buy one of these babies... then wouldn't use it because I'd be too afraid of smushing the poor kitty's face, tehe.

It comes in 3 shades (pink beige, pearl orange, and exotic pink) and costs £16 at asos.com (EDIT: currently out of stock ):

... So whadd'ya guys think? Is this the purrrfect lippy for you, or an utter cat-astrophe?
(yep my cat puns are terrible... you could even say they're rather clawful, hahaha... ok I'll stop now)

TTFN lovlies!
x x x

(p.s. I do not claim ownership for this image, I found it on my google reader)


  1. i love these lipsticks but i just wouldn't be able to bring myself to use it. at all. it's just too adorable for words (:


  2. that's definitely too cute to use. pooor kitty is going to dieee haha
    don't worry - you sound really funny. I get this strange humor myself when it's too late and you know your brain stops working ^^^ cheers

  3. I do love the tube and the cute cat, but like you said I wouldn't want to use it and for £16 you gotta use it.

  4. That lipstick is so cute!! Haha. But I wouldn't want to kill the poor kitty by using it :p

  5. omg that is too cute. i can't imagine how difficult it would be to apply though... but it's pretty to look at. i'd buy one!

  6. Your lipstick is so cute!:) I didn´t see something like this...:)

  7. That's a lipstick? It's cute, but I doubt I would dare to use it. Lovely present though!

  8. I never thought I could fall in love with a lipstick shaped like a cat... but I have.

  9. I don't wear lipstick either, but I would buy it if I did. But like you, not use it. Just too cute. And it looks a bit difficult to apply(:

  10. that lipstick is so cute! i'd be too scared to use it though

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  11. hehe same, it's super cute but i wouldn't actually use it because that would wreck the cuteness + i'm not sure how well it would go on haa ;)

  12. the cat is so cute but the lipstick case is so unique!:)

  13. eeeee i want :) I'd just stare at it all day
    great blog!
    loving the posts
    stop by some time xx

  14. Love these, I wouldn't want to ruin its face either!

  15. But who could use it? I mean it's too cute, I wouldn't want to destroy it hahah!:)