Oh fascination it's been in my frustration

It's my birthday tomorrow! Gaaaaah, I've been dreading it all week and suddenly I'm soo excited! "It's the big 1-8 mate!"

Onto other news... I've been oh so very good and I haven't been clothes shopping in over a month so I've saved up all my pennies to go on a 'lil old spree in topshop (I'm helplessly addicted to that place - I swear if I was rich I'd have a mini topshop store in my closet)...

These are my current "topshop must-haves" - I've already acquired the first two which I'm super pleased about. I went to go visit the baseball jacket 4 times before the petite version came out but I'm soo glad I waited because the petite jacket fits soo much better. Oh and the dress is a little masterpiece... the sequin flowers around the neckline reminded me of the current season Miu Miu dress embellishments (but obviously not reaching that same level of perfection) so I do believe after a few wears the sequins will starts to disperse and disappear but I don't really mind because the dress itself is still undoubtedly fabulous. It's a shift style with a sheer top layer, which makes an amazing bell shape when I spin really fast. I feel just a little magical when I wear it, so it's the perfect thing to wear to my birthday meal tomorrow night.

The cream cable knit jumper is oh-so cosy, but for £48 I think it's pretty steep so I'm gona hunt for a vintage one instead *fingers crossed*. The velvet leggings are really nice too, but I could only find the red version in store so I'm gona have to go check again soon.

I'm sure you all wana hear about my shopoholic-ism... I swear I could re adapt Alice in Wonderland and call it 'Spence in Spendsville' - a less successful, heavily clothes related ripoff of the classic tale, ivolving; adventure (wandering through new realms of fashion), love (of the clothes of course... and the attractive Topman shop assistant ;) and not over looking the endless series of death defying stunts (such as squeezing into a dress two sizes too small for me and bargaining an extra 10% off from the scary lady behind the till).

Personally I think it could be a best seller... maybe?
Ok, never.

- - - - -
This is what I wore today; sorry for the bad quality but due to the weather (and general laziness) I couldn't get any better shots. And yeah you guessed it, I'm in a changing room, but it was a spur of the moment idea and I do honestly already own the clothes I'm wearing, aha.

The bowler hat (folder over to look like a 20's style cloche hat) is from H&M, stripey cardigan from Topshop, lace crop top from New Look, and the skirt was thrifted.

Arghhh, I still can't believe I'm turning eighteen tomorrow! :O

TTFN sweethearts!

(p.s. you're utterly amazing is you read all that - like the Snoopy to my Charlie Brown ;) x x x


  1. oooh love that post, and happy B!!!

    Gossip In has FB.

  2. Happy birthday! I love the 3rd item (chunky knit sweater) I think Topshop is great this season! xo


  3. Happy Happy birthday to you!!! 18, how exciting :D
    (so funny, it was my bf's bday too today)

    Virtual hugs and kisses (haha),

    PS: I think you have great style, love all the items in this post.

    also those items are so cute
    and im in love with that jacket
    ohh and your outfit is adorable

    thanks for the lovely comment on my blog sorry im so late in replying back :)

  5. i love that varsity jacket! and happy birthday to you lovely <3

  6. i agree.. if i have so much money, topshop will be first on my list to go to.
    loving that varsity jacket. :D
    i am loving your blog. you are adorable. i am now your new follower.

  7. Happy Birthday sweety.
    uuh I dont know, but the christmas tree was really big. I think it was plastic and the tree was split up in many parts to built it up in magna plaza. :)
    If I'm in Amsterdam this year I will look carefullier what it is.

  8. Lovely pieces and have an amazing birthday!! xx


  9. Happy Birthday belated!:)
    I love your hat in the last Picture.
    I'ts a very lovely Blog you have here!
    Thank you so much for the comment on my newest Post. xx, Alice from bells and whistles.
    Ps: I would be glad if you want to follow my Blog.

  10. i'm so sorry this is late comment spence! happy birthday, you lovely thing! i hope you had the most wonderful meal, i'm looking forward to your birthday posts! :) the topshop jumper is just perfect, but i do hope you can find a cheap secondhand one, though! plus the dress is beautfiul, i love the picture of you spinning :) xx

  11. Happy belated!! AND u hab a lovely blog..Topshop definitely hab amazing stuffs and im loving ur must habs frm them

  12. I know I already commented on this post :), but I wanted to let you know you've been tagged on my blog!

    Check it out ;)

  13. oh happy birthday!

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  14. happy bday! hope you had a great time.xx


  15. Happy bday! Hope you had a great day :)
    x robine

  16. I love your outfit!!! And the choices you've made thus far. Happy birthday!


  17. thank you for the really lovely comment you left me. your blog seems great.

    i would love to follow each other, i'll follwo you :)

    hope you had a fab birthday




  18. happy late birthday gorgeous! hope you had a fab day. wow 18, so jealous lucky girlie x

  19. Haha, love that changeroom shot x

  20. Aww hope you had a good birthday sweetie! Love what you did with the hat, very imaginative!